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How to automatically or manually turn off an unresponsive program in Windows7

How to automatically close an unresponsive programAutomatic shutdown of the unresponsive program is automatically completed by the system, because Vista/windows 7 in the program execution efficiency, many of the unresponsive program is actually not dead, but because the operating system caused by the "pause" state, especially many computer veteran, mouse operatio

General-linked routing broadband dialing prompts "server unresponsive" what to do

resolve the general routing broadband dialing prompt "Server unresponsive" method I. Check physical link When setting up the router to surf the internet, the router WAN port broadband dial-up is unsuccessful, in the router management interface common settings >> Internet Settings page appears "Server unresponsive" prompts, as shown below. Resolve the general routing broadband dialing prompt "S

Window ghosting (You can still drag the unresponsive windows, because our real window has already replaced the system with the ghosting window.) Using Ishungappwindow probing)

The recent work encountered window ghosting this question, feel very interesting, here simple record. In the XP era our program is not responding and can only be forced to kill by the task manager, but after Vista has changed, we can still drag the unresponsive window, and even try to minimize and close the window, we call this feature window ghosting.First, let's consider how to tell if a window has lost its response. In general, we think of SendMess

Use the shortcut key to forcibly close the Ubuntu unresponsive Program

As you know, there are many ways to force close unresponsive programs in Linux. For example, you can press the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + T to call Terminal or press Ctrl + Shift + F1 to enter the Console, then, kill, killall, or pkill commands are used to kill unresponsive processes. The following Tips can help you quickly force the unresponded programs on Ubuntu through the shortcut key. This Tip As you

Win10 in the QQ video when the camera does not open and unresponsive solution

We in the WIN10 system computer use, there are small partners in the use of WIN10 system, QQ is our most commonly used software, we can do a lot of work directly on the above, QQ video camera video is also we often need to use, Today's small series to share with you to our win10 in the QQ video when the camera can not open the solution of no response.For specific methods and detailed steps please add the links described below:1, click Open Start Menu-PC settings, open the Computer Settings windo

What if the computer is often unresponsive and the program cannot be closed?

The computer often has no sound mainly divides into two kinds of situations 1. Software issues. The system itself has problems and needs to be replaced with a CD-ROM system. There is a virus, need to antivirus 2. Hardware problems. There is a problem with the memory of the computer, Reseat. The motherboard is dusty and needs to be cleaned. CPU and other hardware aging. causes the computer program not to respond: 1, computer programs open too much, causing the processor to run heavier burden,

How to turn off the unresponsive program under the Win7 system

In the process of using the Windows 7 system, inevitably encounter no responder, such programs can not operate and can not be closed, through the task Manager to end the process, but for the rookie, so many processes, do not know which is, if the end of the wrong, may cause other problems, how is it good? Don't worry, little system. Share the following introduction a method that quickly closes unresponsive programs. Right-click in the desktop space,

[iOS advanced] UIButton workaround for unresponsive or delayed response to Uicontroleventtouchdown events

Uicontroleventtouchdown the method that should be triggered when the button is pressed. The actual use of the process will be delayed response or intermittent unresponsive, but release the finger will respond directly to Uicontroleventtouchdown, UIControlEventTouchUpInside two methods, in which case, press the button does not respond to any events, When you move your finger, it responds to Uicontroleventtouchdown.1. Delayed response: This is

Windows 7 driver installation time is too long unresponsive solution

Windows 7 driver installation time is too long unresponsive solutionsuch as: Keep still.650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/6F/3A/wKioL1WVDiTy-0EuAADxVPaUUKU580.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" Driver installation time is too long. jpg "alt=" wkiol1wvdity-0euaadxvpauuku580.jpg "/>haha, my way is to kill the process directly. rundll32.exe650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/6F/3C/wKiom1WVDF6DFt3NAAOe0_1c7e

After opening the Opcache, WordPress completely unresponsive?

My WordPress used a period of time, developed a theme, after installing a number of plug-ins, the performance of the site declined, so it is intended to open the Opcache, but after the opening, the site is completely unresponsive (after the request immediately empty response), The Apache server also does not log any error logs.Server Software versions: CentOS, php5.4, wordpress4.5, apache2.2Web Server Runtime Environment: Apache runs PHP using the mod

Eclipse starts unresponsive, stays in loading workbench state, or does not always load revert resources

Do the development of the students more or less will encounter eclipse boot to a certain extent, into the gray unresponsive state no longer move. The splash screen always stays in the loading workbench state. Repeated restarts, the state is still.In most cases, it should be caused by an unhealthy file status error that shuts down the Eclipse workspace.In the workspace directory, there is a. Metadata directory, which is the workspace and plug-in inform

The "Go" server is unresponsive (or the local MySQL server socket is not configured correctly)

The server is unresponsive (or the socket for the local MySQL server is not configured correctly) The first case: (Deep cleanup garbage causes host.) MyD lost) Like many netizens! With Wamp (or XAMPP, speedphp) It is easy to quickly build a server environment on your XP, Win7 system so that you can test the drift lit php+mysql site locally, start Wamp, The browser opens the Http://localhost/phpmyadmin, can open the database normally ... All righ

One-click to turn off unresponsive programs in the Win7 system

Compared to the Windows XP system, the WIN7 system requires a higher configuration of the computer, running Win7 in a low configured computer, and not properly shutting down some special effects, often encountering a program unresponsive phenomenon. Understand the computer is OK, know in the task Manager to turn off the corresponding process, but those who just touch the computer, do not know which process to close, below, I will teach you to create a

Create shortcut, clean unresponsive program

Most of the time the computer is about to crash, what is the crash? That's when you feel something is not responding, and then the more points you get. Finally lead to die, or wait a long time computer or point anything useless, and this article is to pay you how to clean up the unresponsive program. 1   Why do I create a shortcut to clean up a unresponsive program Most of the time, our computer is almos

Eclipse Boot unresponsive, stuck in loading workbench state

Do the development of the students more or less will encounter eclipse boot to a certain extent, into the gray unresponsive state no longer move. The splash screen always stays in the loading workbench state. Repeated restarts, the state is still. In most cases, it should be caused by an unhealthy file status error that shuts down the Eclipse workspace.In the workspace directory, there is a. Metadata directory, which is the work area and the informati

Tomcat is unresponsive because the Redis thread pool hangs

Last week, a sudden error on the online server, the Tomcat service inexplicably unresponsive, view memory and CPU, everything is OK, view Nginx log, found that always return 499 error code, it appears that there is an error in the program, resulting in Tomcat hangs. There's no good way. After the thread, heap dump comes out, restart the Tomcat service and the app returns to normal.After analyzing the dump heap, we found that there were more than 500 r

Eclipse is in the unresponsive status after it is opened

After eclipse is turned on, it is in the unresponsive state, and the change is not reflected, and the CPU usage is 0. It should be caused by abnormal shutdown and incorrect file status in the eclipse workspace. Solution: In the workspace directory, There Is A. Metadata Directory, which contains information about the workspace and various plug-ins. Deleting this directory can solve the problem. For the sake of insurance. you can restart eclipse a

Do not drag the title bar. Double-click the title bar to make it unresponsive.

1 Using System; 2 Using System. Windows. forms; 3 4 Public Class Test: Form 5 { 6 Test () 7 { 8 Text = " Do not drag the title bar. Double-click the title bar to make it unresponsive. " ; 9 Formborderstyle = Formborderstyle. fixeddialog; 10 Maximizebox = False ; 11 Minimizebox = False ; 12 } 13 14 Protected Override Void Wndproc ( Ref Message m) 15 { 16

IE unresponsive solution after upgrading WIN10 (9879)

As a procedural ape, of course, there is a new system to taste fresh, there are WIN8 when the elder brother is the first to use the circle of friends, WIN8.1 when the elder brother is also the first upgrade.Now WIN10 come, of course, also have to hurry to taste fresh. Download the 9879 version of the preview version of the installation directly.To say WIN10 installation is very powerful, the existing system I did not back up, direct installation, and so on after the installation, and then found

Right-click with vs time-out-unresponsive issue

Previously because of the forum, later because of work, found that has been a long time did not come to Baidu space. Also for a long time no one to leave a message or comment, update yourself today.about using the VS point-of-time right-click or not respond to the problem, I encountered in VS 2008, do not know the other version has no, specific reasons I am not clear, but I found a solution, but also more useful, to share.Operation steps: First turn off vs, find the solution (engineering) root d

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