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YY Live assistant how Hand Tour Live yy Live Assistant hand-live tour

1, open (yy Live Assistant) Tiger Live assistant and then use YY to login 2. We choose our own device type after entering the interface (Figure 2) 3, after selecting the device type after we open the interface to fill out the live information and mobile phone model, click the Start Live button

How to live a wave of live live by a wave guest live broadcast techniques

First, Live technology: Anchor: In the live broadcast room through various methods to communicate with users, to promote users to brush gifts consumption, and to obtain diamonds for the purpose. One of the skills: do a good reception, the host must be enthusiastic, good service can make people happy, live effect can be better. Skill bis

YY Live Assistant How to add Live Room yy Live Assistant Add Live Room method Introduction

If you want to add a live room, you can refer to the following steps to operate. One, if the player already has ow live room, we can click the "Live Room name" drop-down option to select "Add Live Room" Second, there is no OW live between the users, we often say that our n

How does a live broadcast live? Love to Live, open live tutorials

1, we only in the mobile phone we click on the live Home page, and then click as shown in the Picture button, and then open live 2, this if you want to live we need to authenticate the account, so we click on the certification, as shown below! 3, in the mobile phone registration location, enter your mobile phone number, click to obtain the verificat

How to open the beauty live broadcast up live beauty live broadcast open method

1, in the mobile phone we open up live, and then click on the "Live button" and then find "live title" to enter and then find the "Start Live" button to enter the Live room 2, into the live room, you can click on

Easy live broadcast can open beauty live, easy live beauty effect Open tutorial

Easy live broadcast can open beauty liveLive app now has its own beauty function, some need to manually open some have automatically opened, and we want to introduce the direct broadcast need to be in the live interface manually open beauty function. Easy Live Beauty Effect opening tutorial 1, open Easy Live, click

Three points of the world, Wei: A multi-live, one to one live, short video live. Who can eminence?

Three points of the world, Wei: A multi-live, one to one live, short video live. Who can eminence?Today's live broadcast industry, from the original broadcast gradually three points in the world, one side insisted on a one-to-one multi-live; a makeover, a one-on-one

Mobile phone live development Talk about: Live source code +app+ live system Push Stream SDK (Android)

The passionately devoted and the feeling of not knowingThe heart does not know the movement and the Life and death permitRecite two poems to express a good mood, as two verses, my heart slowly also by the media era of the live network stolen, the times of change doomed to this era of culture, the following is my on-stream development of some superficial analysis:The first step: decomposition of mobile phone live

HTTP Live Streaming Live (iOS live) technical analysis and implementation

Http:// found that the big six months did not write a blog, consciously ashamed. In fact, after 2012 half a year, the things in the family happened the same, there is no time. Fast New Year, finally sneak in, the recent technical achievements, summed up into the article, share with you.Some days ago, it was also a project need, spent some time studying HTTP live streaming(HLS) techn

Error Uncaught TypeError: $ (...). live is not a function (...) JQuery 1.9 and later do not support. live (), uncaught. live

Error Uncaught TypeError: $ (...). live is not a function (...) JQuery 1.9 and later do not support. live (), uncaught. live When $ ("# a"). live () is used, chrome prompts Uncaught TypeError: $ (...). live is not a function (...), I searched it online and found that jQuery

Call Live555 receive RTSP live stream, convert to HTTP Live streaming (iOS live) protocol

Live555 receive RTSP live stream, convert HTTP Live streaming (iOS live) protocolThe RTSP protocol is also a widely used live/on-demand streaming protocol that previously implemented a program that received the RTSP protocol via live555 and then converted it to the HLS (Http live

Live time--ios Live Client SDK, glamorous live "open source"

See the article I like very much, in order to facilitate their own view and reference so copy it over, source address: support the original author. If the original author sees you, please forgive me for copying you, purely for your convenience.The current video broadcast is very hot, mobile phone video broadcast is also very hot, PGC, UGC, the video broadcast threshold has been reduced a lot.This article describes a: IOS client

How do you live an elephant Live app? How do you play elephant live?

Preparatory work Install elephant Live app on mobile phone, Apple can go to App Store to download, Android phone can go to official download directly How the Elephant Live live 1, first download the latest version of the Elephant Live, click to open the software 2, click the middle of the video button, click

Pepper Live VR live broadcast how to play? Introduction of Chinese prickly ash live VR stereo broadcast

How to play the Live VR live pepper 1, through the Advisory Pepper Live customer service, found that if you want to open VR live, the need for host computer to open live. VR Webcam link computer. And fans need to wear VR glasses. 2, in addition, if the audience want

Li Fiel a live room ID number of a live Li Fi live to see the room how to enter

Li Fiel Introduction Li Fi son, also known as Li Fi, October 3, 1987, was born in Liaoning, mainland China actress, graduated from the North-South International Performing arts specialized School. 2008 due to starred in the huangxiaoming version of "Deer Ding kee" in a soft corner was known to the audience. 2009 starring Wang directing the film "Rizhao Chongqing". 2010 Starring TV Series "Welcome To Love". 2013 in the TV series "Far Away Love", the same year in the film "Guild Wars." 2014 to pa

How to live a live broadcast of Codoy stars in a live broadcast room

Cool Dog stars live tutorial:1. This live video requires a camera, so we need to connect the camera to the computer and debug it;2. Register stars live broadcast users;Http:// /,3. After entering the room, click [I want to start broadcasting] to quickly access our own live broadcasting room;4. In the

Can Kuaishou live broadcast see others? How can Kuaishou live broadcast query live broadcast?

How can Kuaishou live broadcast see others?Kuaishou live can see others. If you want to see others, you can click the Discover button to watch more videos and live broadcasts. If you want to broadcast live, you can apply, after the application is approved, you can broadcast live.Well, you will find that a large number

A live Alyssa live where do I see a live Alyssa room number?

Alyssa (Alyssa Chia), October 7, 1974, was born in Taiwan Province Taipei City, home of Tianjin, Chinese film actress, host Live broadcast Alyssa Public welfare activities watch address Alyssa is invited to the @ Free lunch, will be in July 19 night 18:00, participate in # Love a bowl of rice # Charity project, all the proceeds will be donated to the poor mountain children. Want to see Alyssa live

Taobao Live is what to do Taobao live show how to enter the view?

What is the live Taobao? Taobao live platform is a new Taobao launch of a function, now "live Taobao" officially online. It is reported that the platform positioning in the "Consumer live", the current female ratio of about 80%, accounted for the absolute dominance. According to the mobile phone Taobao introd

YY Game live between how to create YY Game Live Open method

YY Anchor Game Live application process: 1, first, to ensure that the Channel channel OW, VP to enable the game Live channel template 2: Enter the game Live channel, click on the top of the template to add Anchor button 3: Input to add the anchor yy number, click Add 4. After the successful addition will have the anchor in

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