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SQL injection vulnerability in a website under Zhongguancun online

SQL injection vulnerability in a website under Zhongguancun online Zhongguancun online under a station SQL injection vulnerability POST/H/action /? Act = order HTTP/1.1Content-Length: 75Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencodedX-Requested

Trojan Horse code example (inside the file is a vulnerability scanner, hehe) _ Trojan Related

For a friend who often surf the internet, the Trojan horse will not be unfamiliar, open a website, inexplicably run a trojan, although the "Internet Options" in the "security" settings, but the following code will not pop any information directly run the program, do not believe that follow me! (Hint: just understand the technology and methods, do not do damage, Yexj00.exe is a windows2000 vulnerability

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 11.x

AWVS11 use tutorial (less than 150 words prohibit publishing, the first word ~)Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (AWVS) is a well-known network vulnerability Scanning Tool that uses web crawlers to test your website security and detect popular security vulnerabilities.My Love hack download:Http://

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Python helper script

wvsscannerqueue.pyVersion:python 2.7.*Acunetix the first version of the Web vulnerability Scanner Auxiliary python script.Function:Scan all URLs in the URL.TXT fileThe scan completes a URL immediately after the report is filtered, and the title of the vulnerability is sent to itselfProblems that exist:Scanning some websites is slowAfter all, this is a direct scan

A simple PHP online Port Scanner

; } // Detection completeEcho " Echo " Echo " Echo " Echo " Echo " Echo " Echo " Echo " Echo " Echo " // If the form is empty, the IP address submission form is displayed.?> All rights reserved. Postscript This scanner is simple. An array is used to define the port information. The principle is to use the fsockopen function to connect. If the port can be connected, the port is opened. Otherwise, the po

Dahne Training: PHP online port Scanner

Dahne Training: PHP online port Scanner[Source] Dahne [edit] Dahne [Time]2012-12-21This scanner is very simple. is to use an array to define the port related information, the principle is to use the Fsockopen function connection, if you can connect, it means that the port is open, otherwise it is closedPHP is a powerful web development language. The development o

Webpage Trojan code example (the file inside is a vulnerability scanner, haha)

For those who frequently surf the Internet, they will not be unfamiliar with webpage Trojans. When a website is opened, a Trojan is run inexplicably, although the "Security" setting is included in the "Internet Options, however, the following code does not pop up any information and runs the program directly. Do not believe it, follow me! (Note: yexj00.exe is a Windows vulnerability

A simple php online Port scanner

existing Web service. That really saves a lot of trouble. Let's take a look at the source code of the PHP port scanner I wrote: // Codz by angel // Welcome to My Website // Http:// $ Youip = $ HTTP_SERVER_VARS ['remote _ ADDR ']; // Obtain the local IP address $ Remoteip = $ HTTP_POST_VARS ['remoteip']; // obtain the IP address submitted in the form ?> Security Angel-

Listener App "Statistics website number, custom session scanner, kick people small case"

!"); request.getRequestDispatcher("/message.jsp").forward(request, response); List online Users items="${map}" var="me"> ${me.key} href="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/KickPersonServlet?username=${me.key}">踢了他吧 The servlet that handles kicking people String username = request.getParameter("username"); //得到装载所有的Session的容器 this.getServletContext().getAttribute("map"); //通过名字得到Sessi

A preliminary study on online payment vulnerability of cloud Network (graph)--vulnerability research

To understand this vulnerability, first of all, to understand the process of online payment, here is a reference to the official cloud Network flow chart:The normal online payment process, is from the first step to the sixth step!And this loophole appears in the second step, and then bypassing the third and fourth steps, fifth steps, and directly to the return in

Payment vulnerability Summary/Online payment process security Analysis __ Online Payment

control, not like the second step is the Alipay control of the signature verification, so once the application does not have to pay treasure notification information for signature verification will lead to fake Alipay notification information, fraud application to pay the success of the loophole. This type of problem sees fewer cases. Like how I bought Tesla for 1 dollars. This type of problem should also be more common, perhaps the test of this logic is not enough attention. So through the ana

AJAX online music website (5) test and ajax online music test

AJAX online music website (5) test and ajax online music test Requirements, function structure, database design, and function implementation are all summarized. Haha, It's like building a house, feng shui has been seen, the foundation has been laid, the orientation of the house has been decided, the walls have been built, and the paint has been painted. Well, OK.

Research on the vulnerability of online bank security

When we have not had time to lament the fast and convenient internet banking, viruses and hackers have been the success of many users have scared a shiver. Does it mean that enjoying a convenient life must be exchanged with its own safety?   "User Story" Don't Talk to strangers.   Case Playback February 28, 2005, Netizen Yao in a "good Trading network" website, click into the ICBC online payment system, h

Magento has an XSS vulnerability, which allows attackers to manipulate online malls.

executed. Based on the attack principle, this vulnerability can be easily exploited by any attacker.For example, JavaScript code can be used to access cookies. Therefore, attackers can steal administrator cookies and then use them to access websites illegally. Of course, other attacks can also be implemented. The attack method also depends on the technical capabilities of the attacker.WordPress sites previously faced the same problemIn principle, thi

Online cloud payment Vulnerability (figure)

To understand this vulnerability, first understand the online payment process. Here we reference the official flowchart of the cloud network: The normal online payment process is from step 1 to Step 6!This vulnerability occurs in the second step, bypassing Steps 3, 4, and 5, and directly submitting the returned inform

How does a website prevent "Upload Vulnerability" intrusion?

news system, and MSSQL, to use this tool, you only need to enter the website address and Cookies of the upload page to successfully intrude into the website.[Defense method]: to prevent such vulnerabilities, it is recommended that the website use the latest version (for example, the mobile network version 7.1 or later) to build a

MetInfo (mi tuo) enterprise website management system 5.0.2 code audit vulnerability exploitation and repair Summary

Blog has just changed the domain name, and you need to submit an original article... I found a few CMS sets for fun... In the past, the holes dug by some programs were submitted to the official website, and some do not want to remind the official website .... Don't say anything about the gift. At least say thank you... No nonsense... I found a brief introduction on the official

ECStore open-source online shop system Arbitrary File Modification Vulnerability can be shell

ECStore open-source online shop system Arbitrary File Modification Vulnerability can be shell Brief description: The file editing function in template editing does not have strict restrictions on editable files. As a result, any files in the system can be modified. Select the file to be modified in the file editing function. Select the image here (the template file can also be used). Then, when uploading th

Let some website vulnerability scanning platforms be used by me

than 100% cases. First, for example, a single server website can be accessed through a domain name, some can also be accessed directly through IP addresses. If this problem occurs, it is the simplest. Let's resolve a domain name XXX directly. XX. COM to the ip address and then put it in the scan verification. XXX. COM is resolved to our own server, and a txt file is passed. This is the best method, but here, not every site can be accessed through an

PHP Website Vulnerability Summary _php tutorial

From the current network security, we are most concerned about and contact the most Web page vulnerability should be ASP, in this regard, small bamboo is an expert, I have no say. However, in the case of PHP, there are also serious security issues, but there are few articles in this area. Let's just talk a little bit about the bugs in the PHP page.I made a summary of the current common PHP vulnerabilities, broadly divided into the following: including

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