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A security story: Get the ROOT permission of the Belkin Wemo Switch

find a way to GetShell. Get ROOT When I knew that the command could be executed, I knew it was time to get the shell. The switch may have some login services such as Telnet or SSH. First, I tried to set telnet by setting the value of SmartDevURL to 'telnetd '. Then, a quick scan (nmap-sS-vvv is performed to check whether telnet is enabled on the switch. It seems that tenlet is enabled. However, when I try to telnet to a vswitch, I am pr

Belkin adds wemo light switch, looks to tack on Android compatibility later this year

Belkin adds wemo light switch, looks to tack on Android compatibility later this year Belkin adds wemo light switch, looks to tack on Android compatibility later this year ByBilly SteelePostedJan 6th, 2013 at 8: 00 AM 24 At CES 2012, Belkin outed its wemo line of home automation products with the home control switch and moti

Java EE use filter to implement login (user automatic login secure login Cancel Automatic login black user prohibit login) _java

In our lives, automatic login for account is already very common, so use the filter to achieve this function. The main introduction of the user's automatic login and cancellation of automatic login, as well as the implementation of a day automatic login or n-day automatic login

SSH key login, the selected user key is not registered on the remote host; SSH login log, successful login, failed login

The cause of the error occurred. SSH Directory Permissions issuesFile permissions error under. ssh/PathThe client uses a key error to detect if the key is correctCheck the. SSH directory permissions, must be 700LL. SSHdrwx------2 root root 4096 January 16:34 sshDetection. ssh/path file permissions, Id_rsz.pub and Authorized_keys permissions 644, or (ps:.ssh/path can only have authorized_keys files, the client takes the server private key to log on)LL. ssh/-rw-r--r--1 root root 397 January 15:41

How to let the login module display the login screen before login, and display user information after login?

I know it is through the session to judge, that is, after the session through the template how to become a user login information? Reply to discussion (solution) User information is fully written to the session template determines whether the user information in the output session or the login box I usually use the session to judge the corresponding state of the content, if you want to better effect

Ubuntu10.04 setting up automatic login root account (no password login) | | Ubuntu14.04root Login | | Ubuntu12.04root Login

System: Ubuntu10.04 Operation Steps: 1.su into the root account, and then vim/etc/gdm/custom.conf etc/gdm/directory and no custom.conf file, directly create this file2. Copy the following:[Daemon]Timedloginenable=trueAutomaticloginenable=trueTimedlogin=rootAutomaticlogin=rootTimedlogindelay=30 3. Restart the system: Go directly to the root account. System: Ubuntu14.04 Operation Steps: 1.su Enter the root account, and then vim/usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-ubuntu.conf, if the directory doe

Login Verification QQ Login Verification PHP Login

recordsetRs. Open "Select Username,password from Erpuser Where username= '" UserName ""' =================== authentication ======================If Rs. EOF Thenerrmsg= "prompt: User does not exist or password is wrong"ElseIf Userpwderrmsg= "Hint: Login failed! "Else ' Login SuccessfulErrmsg= ""Session ("passed") =trueSession ("UserName") =rs. Fields ("username")' Identify user rights session (' UserID ')

[Django] Login interface and User Login login permissions

Introduction: Simple Landing interface display, as well as user login log out, the last user rights issuesBody:You first need to set the root_urlconf in settings.py, the default value is:root_urlconf = ' Www.urls ' #用户请求django站点页面首先检查这个模块Here's www.urls is my project www under the urls.py fileThe urls.py file mainly sets the Urlpatterns parameter, which is set as follows:urlpatterns= [URL (r ' ^$ ', ' Login.views.login_view ', name= ' Login_view '), #

Unable to open the database requested by login "XXXX". Login failed. User ' NT authority\system ' login failed.

The user ' IIS Apppool\defaultapppool ' logon failed.I have IIS installed in the WINDOWS8Then I added the website I made.Prompt user ' IIS Apppool\defaultapppool ' logon failed after opening.I can run normally in vs2010.Best answer this is a setup issue for setting up IIS application pools.I was confronted with such a problem.For example, my site named MyWeb, will default to you to create a myweb application poolHTTP 404.17 error At the beginning of the reportSolution:1. Right-myweb The applicat

Linux local account password cannot login (shell can log in), always return to login login interface

Today I ran into a problem with my virtual machine test. Login CentOS always return login, account number and password Yes, I also changed two users.1. Description of the problemI normally enter the user name and passwordError tip: Return to login interface, I try again another Oracle User discovery is the same return login2. Error analysisI baidu a bit of error,

Java implementation of micro-blog login, micro-letter login, QQ login Implementation code _java

Micro-letter, micro-Bo, QQ, this is now the most mobile phone APP, we do not have to make products with them, for login, I think who do not want how many account password, can not remember! In order to increase the user experience, users can quickly register the login, the third party account to sign up for registration of the need to be born 1. Micro-letter 1 Micro-Letter

About the project used to Shiro how to login through token authentication, analog login, code direct login problem!

1. There's a tricky problem today, where you write down blogs that remind yourself and help people who are going to be in trouble. In the Shiro framework, you can login directly in your code with a username password. First looked up on the internet, found this way: Subject CurrentUser = Securityutils.getsubject (); Usernamepasswordtoken token = new Usernamepasswordtoken (Username,password, false,request.getremoteaddr ()); Currentuser.login (t

Parse the PHP functions that control user login and determine user login in WordPress. wordpress User Login

Parse the PHP functions that control user login and determine user login in WordPress. wordpress User Login Login function: wp_signon () Function introduction:The wp_signon () function is used to authorize a user to log on to wordpress and remember the user name. This function replaces wp_login. Start WordPress 2.5. Fu

Php+mysql Implement login to verify login and password is correct, MySQL login _php tutorial

Php+mysql to verify that the login and password are correct when logging on, MySQL logon name Straight into the topic, first look at the PHP check the login name and password is the correct code: ' . $row [' STUDENT_NBR ']. '' . $row [' Student_name ']. ' ('. $row [' sex ']. ')' . '' . $row [' class ']. '' . $row [' Major ']. ''; //Echo ''; }} else {echo "does not have the information you want";} $conn->c

Cracked windowsxp/2000/2003 login Password/Remove login password/Reset Login Password Method Summary _ Application Tips

not have access to the system or do not have administrative privileges, you can try the following methods: When you log on, XP generally does not appear to users of the administrator, but to other administrators. Here you can press the Ctrl+alt+del key combination twice in a row. And then there will be the same login interface as 2000/2003. At this time, many users of the computer does not set the administrator password, so here you can directly ente

PHP Sina Pass login Sina Weibo login Demo login (browser version) 2016

Due to the need for project management microblogging platform content, integrated login microblogging management platform features, so in the crawl web based on the browser to explore the simulation login, has realized the login function, using jquery and PHP in a combination of ways, which need to pay attention to Cross-domain access issues, The code is as Follo

Solve the problem: Ubuntu install Caffe appear unable to login graphics interface or cycle login (loop login)

These problems are typically caused by graphics drivers or some incompatibilities with cuda versions. Workaround: 1. First switch to the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + f1~f6 corresponding tty1~tty6) login interface, enter user name and password login; 2. Uninstall the Cuda already installed, the command is: sudo apt-get remove cuda* * For all CUDA related programs, you can use the TAB key to query what CUDA

Java EE--------The use of filters to achieve user automatic login, secure login, cancel automatic logon black user no login

In our lives, the automatic login for the account is already very common, so the use of filters to achieve this functionMainly describes the user's automatic login and cancel automatic login, as well as the implementation of automatic logon day or N-day automatic login, when the user IP is added to the blacklist, direc

Linux disables root login and password login only supports SSH certificate login __linux

1. Generate a pair of key public key ssh-keygen-t RSA obtains two file Id_rsa (private key) id_rsa.pub (public key) private key to the client public key to deposit in/home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys so that the basis for verification is as much as Users who want to save multiple public key management headaches you can combine the generated multiple public keys into a single file, with each public key wrapped between them. 2. Modify the Linux Settings vim/etc/ssh/sshd_config key modification param

Login form is launched in WinForm, login form is automatically destroyed after login successful.

Login login= New Login ();Login. ShowDialog ();if (login. DialogResult = = DialogResult.OK){Application.Run (New Mian ());Login. Dispose ();}else if (login. DialogResult = = dialogresul

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