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What is the relationship between the "method area" and "metadata area" in the HotSpot Java virtual machine?

Sun/oracle jdk in the hotspot VM until JDK7 has a "persistent generation" (Permanent Generation, abbreviated as PermGen). Also known as the method area.The Oracle JDK8 hotspot vm is stripped of "persistent generation" and replaced with "metadata area" (metaspace).Oracle announced the removal of the PermGen memory area when JDK7, but knew JDK8 was eventually remov

What is the building area of a house? How is it calculated?

What is the building area of a house? How is it calculated? The building area is also referred to as the expanded area of the building. It refers to the sum of the plane

Win7 system notification area Power icon is missing what to do

In the Windows operating system taskbar notification area Display Network icon, volume icon, program icon and system-related icons, and so on, through the display of the icon so that we better click Management, generally in the notebook system will also show the Power icon, click the Power icon to understand the power status and information, But there are users in the notebook ghost Win7 found that the notification

What should be paid attention to when the website is revised in large area

Many friends in the optimization of time, after doing a period of time, did not achieve their expected effect, so that may be the site has a big problem, think of a new revision, again, in fact, in the site of the big revision of the issue, we still have to hold a conservative attitude as good, not to be last resort, It is best not to change a large area, if really business needs, or other must change the r

What is the computer Activity task area

Active Task Area On the active task area, the button color of the current window is slightly darker than the other buttons, and the other icon button is raised, and it is concave in shape. Maybe now you have to ask, since it is

What is the area of the circle πr²

\ (\sin{x}area relationship is known, the inequality is obvious ~ but the establishment.The question is, what is the area of the sector \ (opa\) for \ (\frac{1}{2}x\)? According to the

What is metropolitan area network

The meaning of metropolitan area network originally comes from computer network. The ITU-T has so far not specifically indicated in the proposal the definition of the metropolitan Area Network in the telecommunication network. At present, the operators began to build the metropolitan area network and different from the usual meaning of the metropolitan

Code review in the area of software development is a good thing or a bad thing

In the area of software development, code review appears to be a controversial, fairly peaceful topic. The prevailing view is that code censorship is a good thing. Some companies or organizations even force the requirement to audit the

What is the taskbar notification area

notification area A foreground program is a program that runs in the current window, and the foreground program responds first to a user's command; a background program is a program that runs when a user performs another task, and the computer's CPU assigns fewer resources to the background program than the foreground program. The right side of the notification

Powerful Tool for code generation-What is ncodegenerate? Powerful Tool for code generation-What is ncodegenerate? Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (1) code generation tool for traversing all tables in the database-ncodeg

Ncodegenerate is a razor syntax based on the. NET platform.CodeGenerate a tool. Main features: 1. Use razor and C. 2. syntax highlighting prompt, which is automatically folded. 2. Enter a smart prompt. The @ model syntax smart prompt is supported. 3. The parameter model is directly customized using the C # cl

Computer Wireless internet Tip "Wireless network is not found in the area" what to do?

Case Study II: Just installed wireless network driver (notebook from Vista reload to XP), wireless network icon also see, but not even on the network, the hint "wireless network in the area can not find", how to do? Then you need to check if it's a book. Disable the wireless adapter, and check the following 2 items in turn: 1 in your wireless connection, right-click to enable. 2 you find in the notebook, with the combination of function keys to

The specified area of the picture automatically scaled the JS code (to prevent the page is the picture burst) _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: It means to control the size of the picture in the specified area, or some large advertising picture will be distorted. picture control code for cloud-dwelling communities: Copy Code code

Determines whether the mouse is in the specified area code

var target = document.getElementById (' target '), if (Target.addeventlistener) {Target.addeventlistener ("mouseout", Mouseouthander,false)}else if (target.attachevent) {target.attachevent ("onmouseout", Mouseouthander);} Else{target.onmouseout = Mouseouthander;} function Mouseouthander (e) {e = e | | Window.event;var target = e.target | | e.srcelement; Determines whether the element that is moved out of the mouse

Fun Android Camera development (4): the preview interface is highlighted in the middle of the dark, and only takes pictures of the rectangular area (with the complete source code)

The miscellaneous has previously written a demo about only taking images in a specific area, but it is relatively simple. It is not very rigorous in the conversion of the subject, and the effect of the dark center around the preview interface is not completed, I am sorry, but I have completed this today. Before proceed

What is C # managed code? What is unmanaged code?

What is C # managed code?Managed code is actually the intermediate language (IL) code Managed. After the code is written, the compiler compi

JQuery1.3.2 source code learning 1: $ what is it? What is jQuery?

JQuery1.3.2 source code learning This source code uses the current jQuery 1.3.2 version. download time:. Click here to download A function 1 /*! 2 * jQuery JavaScript Library v1.3.2 3 * http://jquery.com/ 4 * 5 * Copyright (c) 2009 John Resig 6 * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. 7 * http://docs.jquery.com/License 8 * 9 * Date: 17:34:21-0500 (Thu, 19 Feb 2009) 10 * Revision: 6246 11 */ 12 (funct

What is Baidu alliance's native advertisement? What is the effect? How to place code for native advertisements

Baidu Alliance Primary advertising is what The original ads are different from what we used to advertise in diversity and advertising infinity can be all forms of advertising, as the following official introduction How to put code in native ads We first login to your login or directly open (http://nativead.baidu

Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (2) NCodeGenerate is one of the common code generation tools-What is NCodeGenerate? Code Generation Tool-NCodeGenerate tutorial (1) times

following code 1 @AssemblyFile .\ConvertHelper1.cs2 Okay, the climax is coming. Check the Code in line 2: Use the @ AssemblyFile command to introduce the CS file generated in one step. The following is the relative path of the file. Note that only relative paths are allowed, and absolute paths are not allowed. Okay

Recently, a public account needs to send a red envelope. a QR code is required to correspond to a red envelope and receive it by scanning the QR code. what is the problem about preventing red envelopes from being brushed?

it will be sent.The following methods have been created:Write an encryption method and encrypt it with a timestamp, a random number, and a predefined token (or code). The link to the QR code also carries a random number with a timestamp, and a token, after scanning the QR code, verify the validity of the parameter encryption and the stored encrypted string. This

What is Ajax? An interactive model of Ajax? What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous? How do I troubleshoot cross-domain issues? and the HTTP status code

interaction with the server 3. Support for search engines is weaker by 4. Breaking the program's exception mechanism 5. Not easy to debug troubleshoot cross-domain issues: 1. Jsonp2. Iframe3. Window.name, Window.postmessage4. Set Proxy page two on the server. HTTP status Code Continue continue, usually when the post request is sent, the HTTP header

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