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Nginx Newspaper 504 Gateway Timeout error Resolution __nginx

Reprint article Source: http://www.111cn.net/sys/nginx/90669.htm (if invasion delete) Nginx Newspaper 504 Gateway Timeout error caused, one is the file configuration problem, the other is related to the length of processing, and finally there may be insufficient resources,

Solution to Nginx 504 gateway timeout error

Recently in the work, the need to do Excel import function, because of the Excel data is more, and our server program needs to check the content of the data, will call a lot of external service interface, so no suspense import Excel interface call more than a minute, and error: 504 Gateway Timeout Here are two ways to

Nginx quoted 504 Gateway timeout error 2

Yesterday, a program needs to export 500 data, the results found that 150 is, Nginx reported 504 Gateway timeout errorIt was observed that time-outs of about 30 seconds were found, and the execution times in php.ini were 300 seconds:Copy CodeThe code is as follows:Max_execut

504 Gateway Timeout Error resolution record in Nginx php-fcgi due to PHP execution time _nginx

Yesterday, a program needs to export 500 data, the result found that 150 is, Nginx reported 504 Gateway timeout error After observation, it was found that about 30 seconds timed out, the execution time in php.ini is 300 seconds: Copy Code code as follows: Max

This code always appears around 2m 504 Proxy Timeout exception, for what reason

This code always appears around 2m 504 Proxy timeout error, what is the reason? This post was last edited by Helloqhq on 2010-12-23 10:03:26 This code when $fucknum relatively large, such as 1000, will appear 504 Proxy timeout err

Nginx page is not loaded or prompt 502bad Gateway,nginx reverse proxy port number lost bad gateway what does it mean le 502 bad gateway DNF 502 Bad Gateway

In the Nginx reverse proxy mode, the page loading is incomplete or the 502 bad gateway appears directly. There are many cases of 502 bad Gateway, most of which are related to the setting of the Nginx timeout problem. The following is a discussion of a situation that

How the default gateway is set, what is the default gateway

Network B's forwarding of packets to network A. Therefore, only if the IP address of the gateway is set up, TCP/IP protocol can realize the communication between different networks. So what is the IP address of the machine? The IP address of the gateway

What is a gateway? Common Gateway Types

  1, what is the gateway According to different classification criteria, there are many kinds of gateways. The gateway in the TCP/IP protocol is the most commonly used, where we speak of "gateways" that refer to the TCP/IP protocol gate

What is a gateway? What is an AP? What is AC?

The gateway is a kind of AC, manages the terminal equipment, the terminal equipment connects to the gateway through the wireless protocol such as Loura WiFi, the gateway device allocates the memory space to store the related device letter, then escalated to the controller. After the terminal

What is a WAP Gateway?

1. What is a WAP Gateway? WAP Gateway is a software. It connects to the Internet or Intranet, so that WAP phones can access resources in it. Some gateways may be able to convert HTML files to WML pages. the WAP Gateway provides

Go What is a WebRTC Gateway anyway? (Lorenzo Miniero)

Go What is a WebRTC Gateway anyway? (Lorenzo Miniero)https://webrtchacks.com/webrtc-gw/as I mentioned in my ' WebRTC meets Telecom ' article a couple of weeks ago, at Quobis we ' re currently involved In30+ WebRTC field trials/pocs which involve in one or another a telco networ K. In the most cases service providers is

What is gateway?

Suppose your name is Tom. You live in a big courtyard. Your neighbors have many friends. At the door, there is another Uncle Li who looks at the door. Uncle Li is your gateway. When you want to play with a friend in the yard, as long as you shout out his name in the yard, he will respond to you when he hears it and run

What is a gateway

A gateway is a computer system or device that acts as a transformation task. The gateway is a translator between two systems that use different communication protocols, data formats or languages, and even architectures that are completely different. Unlike bridges, which simply convey information, the

What is a gateway IP address?

So what is the gateway? A gateway is essentially a network that leads to its IP address. For example, if Network A and Network B exist, the IP address range of Network A is " ~ 192. 168.1.254 ", The subnet mask

Ultra-classic: What is gateway

What is the role of the Computer Host Gateway? Suppose your name is Tom. You live in a big courtyard. Your neighbors have many friends. At the door, there is another Uncle Li who looks at the door. Uncle Li is your

jquery Ajax timeout is not limited by default, what is the limit?

Usually when the Ajax access server, from the sending request to establish a connection, to the server processing and return the data time is not too long, depending on the server set session time. Once the server is processing data slowly and may time out, the AJAX client will need special handling to handle the response. Example:$.ajax ({URL: "Export-base!getzip.shtml",Type: "Post",Data: "Seid=${seid}",An

What is the UTM security gateway?

Unified threat Management (Unified Threat Management), in September 2004, IDC first proposed the concept of "unified threat Management", which is to put antivirus, intrusion detection and firewall security devices into unified threat management (Unified Threat Management, Short UTM) New category. IDC integrates concepts such as antivirus, firewall and intrusion detection into a new category called Unified Threat Management, which has attracted widespr

What is the difference between a bridge, a gateway, a switch, a repeater, and a router?

RepeaterIt is a device that connects network lines and is often used for Bidirectional Forwarding of physical signals between two network nodes. Relay is the simplest network interconnection device and belongs to the physical layer. BridgeIt is a layer-2 (data link layer) device used to isolate conflicts, but not bro

What is the cause of WeChat alarms? Timeout occurred when connecting the WeChat server to the public account developer server.

Specific: Appid: wx... nickname: XXX time: 2015-01-20:07:19 content: the server has timed out when connecting to the public account developer server. Timeout time: 3 seconds: 5 minutes, 39 errors. Example: [ip202.108.5.20.] [MsgText] sae Sina ECs excuse me... details: Appid: wx... Nickname: XXX Time: 22:07:19 Content: a timeout occurs when the server connects to the public account developer server. The

What is a socket timeout ~

For a socket read-write (read/write) operation is blocked by default, if the current socket is not read/write, then this operation will continue to block, which is called the socket timeout;This is unacceptable for a server that needs high performance. Therefore, the time-ou

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