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Why is the LLC sublayer not reflected in the packet? What is the specific role of the LLC sublayer? How does Ethernet_II represent the end of a frame?

Introduction: The LLC sublayer read and forget, write in here convenient memory.Mac won't say it. LLC format Baidu.LLC Sub-layerThe LLC sublayer in the IEEE802.3 frame adds some other useful features in addition to defining traditional link-layer services. These features are provided by the DSAP, Ssap, and control fiel

What is the technical architecture of Amazon?

different software. You are trapped! Message-oriented middleware, data persistence layer middleware, Ajax, and so on. They are too complicated. If middleware can be provided as smaller components, more like a tool rather than a framework, it may be more attractive to us. Soap-Related Web solutions seem to want to solve all the problems of distributed systems again. Amazon provides soap and rest Web Services

What is the difference between the user experience of Amazon and Tencent?

interprets the "User experience": "Internally, customer service is a component of the customer experience," he says. "Customer experience includes has the lowest price, has the fastest delivery, has it reliable enough so Don ' t need to contact [anyone]. Then You save the customer service for those truly unusual situations. " The above is the words, there are three keywords "low price", "Delivery efficie

What is a Digital Signature? (What is a digital signature?) )

2012-07-14 WCDJ The concept of digital signature is easy to understand, and the details are discussed in detail in the commentary. English Original: http://www.youdzone.com/signature.html (by David Youd) Chinese version: http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2011/08/what_is_a_digital_signature.html (by Nanyi) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Graphic explanation: What is a digital signature? graphic explanation: Digital Signature

Graphic explanation: What is a digital signature? graphic explanation: Digital SignatureGraphic explanation: what is Digital Signature introduction By David YoudPreface Recently, When I

What is digital formatting and digital formatting?

What is digital formatting and digital formatting? It is to convert a data type to another type. For example, to convert an integer to a floating point type, formatting means to convert several types of data into one type. Different types of storage have different lengths a

Excel Services Overview Series 1: What is Excel services

above two components. It is responsible for loading, computing, calling UDF (User-Defined Functions) and refreshing external data in the Excel worksheet. When you use ExcelWhen Services accesses an Excel worksheet, this component maintains the session between the user and the Excel worksheet How are these components organized? Take a look at the figure below. id="_x0000_t75" coordsize="21600,21600" o:spt

What is a digital certificate?

the validity period of the private key associated with the public key in the certificate. It also consists of not before and not after. If this item does not exist, the validity period of the public/private key is the same.◆ Certificate policy-consists of object identifiers and delimiters. These object identifiers indicate that the certificate is issued and used according to the policy.◆ Policy ing-indicat

What is a Digital Signature?

key and generates a digital signature. Finally Bob puts the digital signature at the end of the message. Send both the information and the signature to Susan. After Susan receives the message and the signature, the digital signature is decrypted with the public key to get the message digest. The hash

Graphic explanation: What is a digital signature

graphic Explanation: What is a digital signatureA brief introduction to digital signatures by David YoudPrefaceRecently in the Internet Browsing SSL protocol encryption related articles, the more sense of "digital signature" produced a little confusion. Search directly for "

Graphic Commentary: What is digital signature

graphic Commentary: What is digital signatureIntroduction to digital signatures by David YoudPrefaceRecently in the Internet Browsing SSL protocol encryption related articles, the more sense of "digital signature" produced a little confusion. Search directly for "

What is the study of digital image processing based on examples and codes?

also know is a fusion, the other is to hide for the purpose of similar embedded fusion, the third is matting. Matting sometimes anti-righteousness into a cutout, in fact, its most original meaning is fusion. If you understandi = AF + (1-a) b This fusion formula, you should understand

What is Web Services?

the specified foreign exchange price. Because these web pages are for people to read, and the response speed of human eyes and brain is fast, they can quickly locate what you want from the whole page of information, and no matter how the web page changes or the revision, it will not have a big impact. The application is too far away from doing the same thing. Th

What is the difference between analog KVM and digital KVM

Hello, everyone! Later KINAN article by me to write [ steal laughter ], leadership early arrangement down, a week an article hard task, but small series has been slow to hands, why? The article does not write well leader let me go away [ uppercase embarrassment plus grievance ] ... plan after weekly KINAN Public number for the general attention KINAN Reader friends to provide KVM basic knowledge of the popularization,KINAN the latest activity and so on, so there

Graphic explanation: What is digital signature?

Graphic explanation: What is digital signature?Graphic explanation: What is a digital signature Preface Recently, When I browsed articles related to SSL protocol encryption on the Internet, I became more confused about "

What is the digital currency--Bitcoin development

Now many people are concerned about the development of digital money, the development of this currency is very good, foreign countries have begun to issue such a virtual currency. If you want to know what the digital currency, small series can tell you some, the most popular is

Schema Web service: What is Web services?

Web|web Services | Architecture This article is the second of a series of articles on architecture Web services, starting with the technical definition of Web services to explore what Web services are. First of all, the author ana

What is Web Services?

generally use Java and J2EE resources, such as bean, EJB, and so on. They also have their own characteristics in the programming environment, syntax structure, and management configuration. The inet Web Service uses Java to implement the Web Service APIs provided in the. NET class library. It can port web services developed by users using. Net to Java that is not related to the platform. Because it

WebService reference: What is Web Services? (AMT Research Institute yuan lei)

enterprises through web. They provide a consistent programming model that allows both inside and outside the enterprise to utilize common infrastructure and integrate applications in a common way. What is Web Services? From a technical perspective, Web Services is a new tec

What is the role of Oracle Multiple services (RPM)

. Oracleorahome92snmppeerencapsulator and Oracleorahome92snmppeermasteragent, handling secure network Management protocol services. Oracleorahome92pagingserver a warning via a digital pager or email using a modem.Oraclemtsrecoveryservice is optional and allows the database to act as a resource manager for transactions in a Microsoft Transaction Server, com/com+ o

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