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The playbook of 3.3 ansible

: [u ' cen7 ']Hosts (2): what tasks are in Playbookerror! You must specify a playbook file to run[Email protected] ansible]# Ansible-playbook test.yml--list-tasksPlaybook:test.ymlPlay #1 (CEN7): Cen7 TAGS: []TasksInstall package TAGS: []Start s

Ansible Playbook Detailed

The previous article introduced the installation configuration and example of Ansible: http://msiyuetian.blog.51cto.com/8637744/1748143The following article mainly introduces Ansible's playbook, playbook is equivalent to the module or function written into the configuration file, and then we execute the configuration f

Ansible-playbook how to judge and interrupt execution

Meet a demand today when using Ansible-playbook after executing a script, according to the content returned by the script to determine whether to continue execution or break execution, query official website found using Register Register can be used to achieve the recording script output, using when+ Fail module to determine whether to proceed or break down, here is

Ansible Playbook API Development Call test

Ansible is a lightweight batch configuration management tool for agentless, because of the relatively late (13) development based on ansible less relevant documents, so here are some small experiments, combined with the existing data and source code, explore the Ansible two times development.The contents of the essay a

Automated O & M-ansible (Part 3: playbook Introduction)

Preface Two previous articles talk about ansible deployment and use of ansible modules respectively. They have an initial understanding of ansible. This article focuses on introducing playbook.For details about ansible deployment, click ansible first: DeploymentAnsible modul

Ansible playbook component, ansibleplaybook

Ansible playbook component, ansibleplaybook Core elements of playbook: Tasks: Task Variables: Variable Templates: Template Handlers: Processor Roles: Role Organization format: YAML (also known as a Markup Language) Syntax: (the list is represented by a horizontal bar. Key-value pairs are separated by colons, and other

Ansible series (5): Playbook

execution, one responsible for planning, Nice.A simple playbook A simple playbook should be as follows: --- What did the above playbook do? Explain the task section. People who are familiar with Linux may be able to guess 78:1. Use yum to install the latest apache version.2. overwrite the httpd. conf configuration fi

Ansible Playbook Callbacks

Pulgin.How to do it? First confirm the path of the ANSIBLE.CFG, Pip installs the ansible is the default not ansible.cfg this file, should be so, we go to GitHub to download this configuration file to local, [Email protected]:/etc/ansible# Tree ├──ansible.cfg├──callbacks│├──jastme.py│└──jastme.pyc├──hosts└──play

Variable definitions and references in Ansible playbook

There are many ways to define and reference variables in Ansible playbook, which are tested in the local environment and collated as follows. test Environment: Using your own Mac notebook to install Ansible as the control server, the VMware Fusion virtual machine runs on a CENTOS7 virtual machine ( as a remote controlled host tested with

Linux Nine Yin canon of nine yin Bones claw fragment 5 (ansible usage two playbook and YAML syntax)

Playbook is a list of one or more "play"The main function of play is to dress up a pre-set host as a role defined in advance through the task in ansible. Fundamentally, the so-called task is nothing more than a call to Ansible's module. By organizing multiple play in one

Ansible Value Playbook

}};{ if Num_cpus = = 2%; { elif Num_cpus = = 40100 0010 0001; { elif Num_cpus >= 800000001 00000010 00000100 00001000 00010000 00100000 01000000 10000000; { Else %0100 0010 0001; { % ENDIF%}worker_flimit_notifile {{max_open_file}};Executive PlaybookFormat:Ansible-playbook playbook.yml (playbook file, customizable name) [parameters]Cases:# Enable 10 concurrent processes number execution

Ansible study record five: Playbook study

0. IntroductionPlaybooks is the language of Ansible management configuration, deployment applications, and orchestration, and you can use playbooks to describe the policies you want to perform on the remote host or the set of steps that you perform.Similar to a set of task sets, defining information such as projects, organizational structures, profiles, and so on, the task

Ansible-playbook manual compilation and installation of nginx

-RF/opt/nginx.tar.gz // Delete the previous compressed package Vim/etc/ansible/roles/install/tasks/Main. yml Include: Copy. yml Include: Install. yml// Create a total main. yml file under the install role, and call copy. yml and install. yml Vim/etc/ansible/install. yml Hosts: AllRemote_user: RootGather_facts: TrueRoles: Common Install// Create the nginx installation script nginx_install.

Python-ansible api2.0 Multi-Process execution of different playbook

multiple Ansible objects, different inventory different playbook Create multi-process, execute program Precautions The Ansible api2.0 is much more complex and more flexible than the 1.0. This needs to read the original code, need to spend a little more time and patience Before using mu

Ansible Study Notes 7-playbooks implementation of a playbook

Perform a playbookThe above sections already have a preliminary understanding of Playbook's syntax, so how do you run a playbook?This is very simple, here's an example of running playbook in parallel, the level of parallelism is 10Ansible-playbook Playbook.yml-f 10Ansible-pu

How to extend playbook with the lookup_plugins plug-in ansible O & M tool

, you should updateIt (ie. yum update GMP).Play [web] ********************************************************************Gathering FACTS ***************************************************************OK: []BlogTASK: [lineinfile dest=/root/b regexp= ' Nima ' line= "xiaorui.cc" Owner=root group=root mode=0644] * *BlogChanged: [] => {"Backup": "", "changed": True, "MSG": "Line added"}Play Recap ********************************************************************10.154.252

Ansible automated O & M playbook explanation and experience (1)

Playbook-Introduction: Playbooks is a mode different from the ansible command line execution mode, and its functions are more powerful and flexible. In simple terms, playbook is a very simple configuration management and multi-host deployment system. Unlike any existing mode

Get a new version of the Java project in Tomcat from the test environment to the production environment using Ansible-playbook

need to send the key to the production environment host2. Upgrade and RollbackUpgradeAnsible-playbook/home/app/api.yml-vRolling backAnsible-playbook/home/app/api-rollback.yml-vAnsible-playbook followed by the Yml file path written earlier,-V is to display detailed execution information3. AttentionIf you perform an upg

Get a new version of the Java project in Tomcat from the test environment to the production environment using Ansible-playbook

I. Description of the EnvironmentServer with Ansible installed: environment server: a new version of the war package location for the test environmentProduction Environment server: for production Environment War package location/HOME/APP/API-TOMCAT/WEBAPPS/API for production environment Project location/home/app/tomcat.bak/ api/webapps

Operation and maintenance Automation Ansible Playbook installation of MySQL

/tasks/install.yml-name:install mysql Shell:/bin/sh/r oot/mysql_install.shCreate an include file[Email protected] roles]# Cat/etc/ansible/roles/mysql_install/tasks/main.yml-include:copy.yml-include: Install.ymlThe final playbook structure is[Email protected] roles]# tree/etc/ansible/roles/mysql_install//etc/

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