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What is BitLocker and what exactly is the function

BitLocker only has the function of Win7 flag, and Win7 Other version does not have this function, this function is very useful. Now let's look at what BitLocker is. 1 What is

What should I do if I forget the Disk Password of bitlocker in Win7? Solution to the forgotten bitlocker Disk Password in Win7

Many users use BitLocker to encrypt the disk to protect the security of the local disk. If the disk is opened for a long time, it is easy to forget the password, resulting in the failure to enable the disk. What should I do if I forget the bitlocker Disk Password? The follow

What if bitlocker forgets the password? How can bitlocker retrieve the password?

1. For a disk partition encrypted by Bitlocker, you must have a password or a key to unlock the disk. If bitlocker forgets the password, you can only unlock it through the backup password. Click the Start button on the desktop, and then click "attachment-command prompt ". Right-click the "command prompt" and select "run as maintainer ". Figure 1Figure 12. Enter the following co

Win7 What you need to know before you use BitLocker with your own

In an XP system, if you want to encrypt a file usually use Third-party software, and in the Win7 system, if you want to encrypt the file to consider the system with the software BitLocker, but use this we need to pay attention to some things, the following one by one instructions. 1 Open BitLocker encryption Feature Normal system, right keystroke has enabled BitLocke

After BitLocker encryption, the encryption drive is not accessible after the computer reload

Knowledge Point Analysis: To protect the data, BitLocker is encrypted for the E disk. But after reloading the system, E disk will not be accessible. Double-click E disk and no password input window pops up. Right-click to choose Unlock Drive has no response! If you experience this problem, you may not be able to eject the Password input window and access the data when you reload the system or remove the

What if the memory card is accidentally formatted? Memory card Data Recovery tutorial

A lot of mobile phone users, cell phone memory card generally have a lot of important things, such as photos, videos and so on, if the hand shook, accidentally formatted memory card can do? Don't worry, let's take a look at the memory card is not careful format what to do? Memory card data Recovery Tutorial now! The following

What is the cause of transaction log recovery after the DB2 database crashes?

logging) to ensure that the changes made to the data are always embodied as log files before they are recorded in the database. Because multiple transactions can use one database at any time, a log file may contain logs of several different transactions. To track which transaction a log record belongs to, assign a special transaction ID to each log record and bind it to the transaction that creates it. By using the transaction ID, you can write the log records associated with a specific transa

What is Oracle Auto-recovery operation

looks awful. In fact, it is very simple, only by the system automatically, and users do nothing, recovery work is completely transparent to the user. So what is the specific operation? recovery work

What is a transaction: maintaining data consistency and recovery

1. Definition of a transaction Transactions provide a way to group T-SQL statements so that they can be treated as a unit: All statements in a group are executed, or none are executed. A transaction is a mechanism that ensures that a collection of one or more SQL statements is not treated as a single unit of work, and SQL Server automatically modifies all data-modification commands, including a step-chang

What to do if the hardware Profile/Configuration Recovery menu appears after the Win7 system is powered on

Win7 system is the mainstream operating system of Microsoft Corporation at present. Many users use the Win7 system for work learning. In the process of using the Win7 system, sometimes encountered some problems, such as some users in the boot Win7 system, unable to enter the computer desktop, but the boot appears "hardware configuration File/Configuration Recovery" menu, this

Who knows what the WeChat keyword recovery principle is

Who knows what the keyword recovery principle is I knew I'd get the XML and echo the XML back, but what's the requirement? I can't apply it flexibly. Reply to discussion (solution) The server is the equivalent of a forwarding server, the terminal (mobile phone, pad, etc.) initiates the request to the server, the

What is the difference between shift+ recovery and shift+ update in itunes?

update", the iOS system will not download the update, the system prompts you to link to Wi-Fi network. Click here to view the iphone firmware iOS5.0 How to upgrade the detailed tutorials more easily Let's talk about the click "Update" or "Restore" when you upgrade your iphone firmware using itunes? Many beginners will be puzzled, because a lot of people do not make it clear, in order to help beginners to solve the iphone upgrade firmware problem, here are some of the iphone upgrade knowledge

Recovery How to brush machine, recovery what meaning

What do you mean, recovery? Recovery translation is "recovery" means that after the boot through a special key combination (various manufacturers vary the model) can enter a system (engineering mode), in this interface you can directly with the SD card ZIP ROM upgrade or ba

Free data recovery software which is easy to use? Free Data Recovery Software recommendations

Want to know the free data recovery software which works? The following will be recommended for free data recovery software, in the use of computers or mobile phones will inevitably mistakenly delete files, data, this time need data recovery software to help, the following to see what free data

Ding dong recovery--want to brush what bag to brush what bag

modified Ding-dong Toolbox to operate, I am sorry I did not find a suitable model of the ding-dong Toolbox, so later brush recovery failed, Also line brushes to save bricks once more. But I write this article is to say that some other mobile phones can be used to brush into the rom you want to brush the package, of course, there are many recovery.img, not just ding-dong

What are the photo recovery methods for Nikon cameras?

For the camera to know more about the friends should be aware that Nikon is a more well-known camera brand, its camera by the majority of users love. In order to buy a Nikon camera, I spent 3 months working on the weekend to make money, finally saved enough money to buy my favorite Nikon camera, and every time I go out I will take my Nikon camera, with it took a lot of beautiful photos. As we all know, as an electronic product, the data loss problem

What are the hard disk data recovery software?

1. Orion File Recovery Software Orion, it has a good guide and it can support you in scanning certain types of files. Of course, you can choose to do a regular scan, but if you know exactly what you're looking for, this feature can save a lot of time. 2. PC Inspector File Recovery This software can recover files from common hardware including hard

File loss What data recovery tools are easy to use

A lot of users often use the computer for the file loss must be deep experience, we found, whether it is a computer master or entry-level users, have more or less encountered the computer hard disk stored in the file for no reason lost. So what data recovery software should we use to retrieve these lost files? First,

What does the recovery model mean?

Recovery English words believe many friends will not feel unfamiliar, for those who like to brush the machine mobile phone players, recovery again familiar with. We know that the Android smartphone in the system upgrade process has a common problem is that after the upgrade system can not access the system, then for those small white users,

What about SQL database corruption? Teach you the data recovery contingency plan

continuously fetching data, so the database can not be attached. When this error occurs, the user should try not to use this computer, not to install software and write any data. for the last two cases of database corruption, recovery is relatively complex, some simple command recovery is not up to the purpose of

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