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What is a process, and what is the main difference between a process and a program?

A process is a running activity of a program with certain independent functions about a data set.The difference between a process and a program:1, the program is an ordered set of instructions, is a static concept, its ability doe

Simple description of what is recursion? What is the use of? and use Java to implement a simple recursive program.

static void Main (string[] args) {Permute ("abc");}public static void Permute (String str) {char[] Strarray = Str.tochararray ();Permute (strarray, 0, strarray.length–1);}public static void Permute (char[] list, int. Low, int.) {int i;if (low = = high) {String cout = "";for (i = 0; I cout + = List[i];System.out.println (cout);} else {for (i = low, I Char temp = List[low];List[low] = List[i];List[i] = temp;Permute (list, low + 1, high);temp = List[low];List[low] = List[i];List[i] = temp;}}}}Simp

What kind of program is considered a good program?

What kind of program is considered a good program. Simply put: Correct, efficient, sophisticated procedures. A program, if able to function correctly, good performance, at the same time has a good maintainability, scalability, portability of the

The next line is $ sql2's value assignment, but an error is reported during the running of the program, prompting that $ sql2 is not declared. what is going on?

The previous line is $ sql2's value assignment, but an error is reported during the running of the program, prompting $ sql2 not declared. what is going on? $ Sql2 = quot; selectcount (id) fromemp quot; $ sqlHelper- gt; execute_dql_fenye ($ sql1, $ sq12, $ fenyePage ); $ s

The previous line is $ sql2's value assignment, but an error is reported during the running of the program, prompting that $ sql2 is not declared. what is going on?

The previous line is $ sql2's value assignment, but an error is reported during the running of the program, prompting $ sql2 not declared. what is going on? $ Sql2 = "select nbsp; count (id) nbsp; from nbsp; emp"; $ sqlHelper- gt; execute_dql_f

"Crazy Program Ape"-What is the real program ape?

What is the real program ape?The Crazy program Ape book says1. The real procedural ape is, respectable. The hands of the ape are the hands of the magician. They turned the dull code into a rich variety of software.2. The real program

What is this open source program, and what to do with it

What is this open source program? Want to make a website for themselves, but they do not understand the program, the first to take someone else's website to study how to do, with what procedures to do, I belong to beginners that kind, bulky don't take offense ha. I would lik

Win7 flagship version of the Aliapp.exe is what process, what program?

There are Win7 flagship www.xitonghe.com users in the Task manager found a process called Aliapp.exe, many users do not understand this is what the program in the run only, the following small series to explain. Aliapp.exe is a key process for Ali Wangwang, when we install the Ali Wangwang boot, there will be t

What kind of ASP. NET program is a good program?

ASP. NET ProgramMore, you will have your own ideas. What kind of program is a good ASP. NET program. I think the following are mandatory for good ASP. NET programs: 1. User-friendly: Programs are intended for use by others, and friendly interfaces have a very large impact on users. 2. Robust

What is this open-source program? what should we do?

What is this open-source program? I want to build a website for myself, but I don't know the program, so I will first take others' websites to study how to do it. what programs do I use? I belong to the kind of beginners, don't be surprised when it comes to bulky items.

[Original] What is a program? The algorithm is king!

What is a program? The algorithm is king!Lewislau-May 13During this time, I am finishing my college graduation project. I want to emphasize "Junior College" in order to explain that I am actually very good and have a limited level. Therefore, it should be regarded as an official reader. If you think you are writing wel

With the Phpweb program, is now hanging code, check out 2 days to find out, we help to see what is the reason! Thank you

read and write of the file I suspect is hanging code into the database inside, because JS and compiled have been checked, can not find! Find out where the data is coming from.You wrote the website yourself ... Find out where the data is coming from.You wrote the website yourself ... Too many tables, more trouble Find out where the data

What is the role of program files under the Win7 system?

What does the Program Files folder mean? Program Files folder is an application folder, such as you need to install the software, his default installation path is the Program Files folder. If there

What is the block chain principle? How to develop block chain program

The block chain can be understood as a distributed database, read data, and store data. Features are: durability, robustness, transparency, not destructive. At this time there are alumni asked: "Teacher, other people said that the block chain is a distributed ledger, there is an incentive mechanism, can be dug to get rewards, how different." ", the question is ve

For an example of this: reference to the code in the third edition of the Advanced Program This is more complex than what is described in the ECMA. A lot of me didn't read it.

return this function, the ECMA said that this function object is not a value like a reference type, so its base object is null, Its value is implicitly converted to a global object, and then the value of this is determined with this base object. However, this value is undef

It is said that everyone should learn to program, so what language is good to learn?

also have to write some automated scripts for the needs, Visual FoxPro is good, with SQL statements, intuitive, timely feedback, at that time also can greatly improve work efficiency (then the XLS can be easily imported into). The following personal views: For potential job needs: VBA in Excel (tools to drastically reduce repetitive labor), Visual FoxPro (Low priority, after all, too old, though it's hard to say that there's no old data to handle wi

What is BS structure, CS structure, RIA structure program

b/S structure b/s structure, that is, Browser/server (browser/server) structure, Web application, that is, the program running in the browser for the Web application. Programs that run in a browser are BS-structured programs. BS application does not need to have its files locally. Just use the browser to enter the ULR address. client/server or client/server mod

In what capacity is the PHP program read and write data? Is it another user?

In what capacity is PHP program read and write files? Is it another user?

What is the iOS program startup principle?

returnWhat is UIApplication class ? We don't tangle, what you need to know is that uiapplication objects are symbols of an application, so each application has its own uiapplication object, and is a singleton (that is, there is o

What is the real meaning of "I want to learn to program"?

apps. That's because, for them, that's what it means to write code and what they want to do with code. The problem, however, is that they don't know how to express their ideas correctly. So we can't just look at the surface meaning of language. Understanding the true meaning of the lines is also one of our work as edu

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