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What is the SIP protocol? What is the working mechanism?

With the development of the network, VoIP services and unified communication platforms become more and more important. The SIP protocol is an exciting focus. Some may ask, what is the SIP prot

Basic explanation: What is the SIP protocol?

In the process of establishing a session, we must apply it to the SIP protocol. Some friends may not understand this agreement. It doesn't matter. Here we will explain the content of this Protocol. You may be familiar with the SIP protocol. The Session Initialization

What is the SIP protocol?

In many popular network technologies, we can see the content of the SIP protocol. So many people will doubt what the SIP protocol is? Let's take a look at it. SIPSession Initiation Protocol

Understanding sip-the most popular communication protocol today

Address: http://www.sipcenter.com/sip.nsf/html/Chinese+SIP+Overview Introduction Next-generation services Historical Review Advantages of SIP: Web-like scalable open communication SIP session Composition Introduction Communication providers and their partners and users are increasingly eager for a new generation of IP-based services. Now we have

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Conversation Initiation Protocol

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Conversation Initiation Protocol is an application layer control (signaling) protocol for network telephony and conferencing. It is mainly a multimedia communication

What is SIP?

Haha, if you have never touched network programming, don't look down. Give a definition first: SIP (Session Initial Protocol) is a signaling protocol that is used to set up, modify and terminate sessions, like Internet phone calland multimedia conferences between two p

SIP protocol (Chinese)-1

1. Introduction to the SIP protocol Many applications on the internet need to establish and manage a session. The session here refers to the exchange of data between participants. Considering the actual situation of participants, the implementation of these applications is often very complicated: Participants may move between agents, they may have multiple names,

[SIP Protocol] learning notes for beginners

Author: gnuhpcSource: http://www.cnblogs.com/gnuhpc/ 1. How is the SIP coming and how is it constructed? In general, SIP is a lightweight signaling protocol, which can be used as a signaling for audio, video, and timely informat

SIP protocol Detailed (Chinese)-2

and established the session. A called party from receiving invite request, to terminate invite established dialogue end, is called the callee. Location Service: Positioning services. The location service is used for SIP forwarding or proxy servers to determine where the caller might be. It contains a table that is b

SIP protocol (Chinese)-2

the attributes of a session. Finally, section 15th describes how to terminate a session. Section 8th, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 describes the complete UA core (section 9th describes cancellation and is used in UA core and proxy core ). Section 16th describes proxy servers, which are used for message routing between two UA instances. 6. Protocol definitionThe rankings described below have additional signif

Relationship between network Video transmission protocol--RTP/RTCP/RTSP/SIP/SDP

, which then forwards the SIP session invitations to the SIP Proxy server in domain B. The SIP proxy server in domain B sends the invitation information for user A to User B. User B forwards the information that accepts the invitation along the same path as the invitation message.7. SDPThe SDP is used to describe multi

Sipana a distributed sip analyzer (analysis) Open-Source SIP protocol analysis tool

This tool is a real-time analysis of the SIP Communication Protocol, which is the main function of the Communication Engineering of zhongzheng University. In addition, the distributed design can be used to analyze cross-domain sip packets, draw a complete signaling flowchart

Network integration of video surveillance services based on Ngn/ims (SIP Protocol) communication Platform

I. Overview Review the video surveillance market, the monitoring platform system used by the signaling control protocol is not unified, resulting in the interconnection of the technical threshold. This is a bit similar to the 80 's China's switch market eight system of the situation. These reasons hinder the network era of large-scale carrier-level video surveill

Core Protocol of NGN-Details of SIP protocol

I. background and functions of the SIP protocolSIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is developed to help provide advanced telephone services that span the internet. Internet telephone IP telephone) is evolving to a formal business telephone model, and SIP

Cisco Unified Communication Based on SIP Protocol

A technology, especially network-centric and communication-centric technology, has its own transmission protocol. Now we will introduce some knowledge about Cisco Unified Communication Protocols. So what is SIP when Cisco's unified communication protocol

Voice and IP communication: Support for SIP protocol in Cisco Unified Communication (1)

new devices will be released for technological innovation to provide new methods and addresses for people's connections. In many cases, it is discovered that the convenience of these new devices is greatly reduced by the complexity of managing various addresses, messages and tools with different features, or even overlapping tools. The use of new devices also raises the question of how to contact others in

Questions about the SIP Session Initiation Protocol

the IBM BladeCenter HT suite. This suite is compatible with Network Equipment Building systems (NEBS ), it provides industry-leading SIP Performance Indicators for 1296 calls per second. It uses a 13-channel message SIP call model (with a holding time of 80 seconds ), this is equivalent to an attempt to call more than

VoIP in-depth: An Introduction to the SIP protocol, Part 1-2

Document directory Registering multiple user devices The via header, forking, loop prevention An example using proxies User location Let's step out of the SIP layers and see what we have so far: using the layers, we can now create and receive sip transactions. One basic requirement in SIP

SIP for the standard protocol of peer communication

For multi-user communications, there are also common protocols for standardized management, such as the previously mentioned SDP and SIP (Session initiation Protocol), which is a control protocol belonging to the application layer, primarily used to create, modify, and abort sessions between one or more participants (

Research on combined application of sip sap and SDP protocol

1 Introduction SIPSession Initiation Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol), SAPSession Announcement Protocol, Session notification Protocol), SDPSession Description Protocol, Session Description Protocol) are three sessions) rela

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