what to if website gets hacked

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How to prevent your personal website from being hacked through experience sharing

Reference: Many Webmasters have experienced this experience: Website Hackers intrude into the web page, and the web page is completely invisible. To help everyone prevent hacker intrusion, I have written out the preventive measures I have

How to prevent your personal website from being hacked

I. Prevention of SQL injection attacks Currently, SQL injection is the most common method for hackers to attack websites. Because SQL injection is accessed from normal www ports, it is no different from general web page access, therefore, the

10 Methods of website operation

The appearance of the leading personalities The favorite of some "cyber heroes". You do not see, now as long as it is with the IT company or even do not touch the meeting, there will always be some of the site's leading personalities to the pass

Analysis and Handling of Website Security Vulnerabilities

Analysis and Handling of Website Security Vulnerabilities1. Analysis and Handling of vulnerabilities in Web website programmingAuthor: Lu YuCurrently, there are many network security industries in China, from anti-virus software and software

If one of the nine forum administrators

The development of a community has roughly gone through the following stages: creation, promotion, maturity, and decline. There are three groups that are often active in the community: Netizens, bamboo, and community management, these groups are a

How much do you know about hackers? ----Hack Starter learning (common terminology +dos operations)

How much do you know about hackers? ---- hack starter Learning ( Common terminology +dos Operations )      · 1.1 · PrefaceHackers were once translated from English "Hacker", referring to computer enthusiasts who specialize in research and

Reprint-What happened to the TrueCrypt? -What happened to Truecrypt-may 2014

Truecrypt, the popular disk encryption software has recently changed it website to a security warning that States truecry PT is not a secure anymore, and to switch to BitLocker for Windows, or No encryption for MAC. It does not even mention

What is XSS

1. What is cross site scripting? Cross Site Scripting (or XSS) is one of the most common application-layer Web attacks. XSS commonly targets scripts embedded in a page which are executed on the client-side (in the user's web browser) rather than

Joomla plug-in constructor backdoor Analysis

This article describes a backdoor that we found in the Joomla plug-in that has a (wei) Fun (suo. Although it seems a bit unintuitive, but because the code is well organized, we didn't realize it contained a backdoor at first. The plug-in code is as

Web security Development from "black-out GitHub"

Egor Homakov (Twitter: @homakov personal website: egorhomakov.com) is a web-safe monk who has given GitHub black for the last two days and has reported 5 security bugs to GitHub, in his blog-- "How I hacked GitHub again" (wall) explains the 5

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