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PHP Batch Check whether the domain name is registered and obtain the registered name of the registered company

A small task, to a containing thousands of domain name of Excel, to detect whether it has been registered, register to obtain a registered company, and to obtain the corresponding website can open normally, and finally to excel file rendering.1. At

Stationmaster must see: Cai Wen wins 5G talk about domain name cheats and webmaster Dafa _ website operation

265.com President Mr. Cai in 5G for the first time to the industry to talk about his domain name and webmaster career, Mr. Cai talked about the origins of hao123 and 265, the history of Chinese personal webmaster, will FM365 sent back to Lenovo, 265

Windows. DNS. How do I use my own server for DNS domain name resolution and how do I create a Domain Name Server?

Many people do not know how to resolve public domain names on their own DNS servers. Now let's announce the steps. 1. You must have your own domain name. Therefore, go to the domain name registrar to apply for a registered domain name. Try to find a

The new domain name is included in the 9th day of the keyword ranking experience sharing

Today to share with you some of the experience of Baidu, the recent idle boring, I have done a lot of websites, because I often see some of the recruitment programs, such as you do not belong to the post, so have an idea. Television ratings are said

Magento -- steps for implementing multiple domain names and multiple online stores

  Http://www.crucialwebhost.com/blog/how-to-setup-multiple-magento-stores/#addon-domain-method Address Source     How to setup multiple magento stores By Kyle on December 28,200 8. posted in howto, magento · 78 comments There are numerous ways to

How to register the top SJ domain name suffix

The domain name big guy again scold millions of yuan, from overseas acquisition Acura 2 letter domain name sj.com. To say now the domain name Circle most scenery, the most remarkable is afraid not "SJ" Mo belongs to, and "SJ" The meaning also was

Quickly locate and attack the SQL Server in the domain

Quickly locate and attack the SQL Server in the domainDirectly locates and attacks the SQL Server in the domain without scanning Share a novel PowerShell script. Instead of scanning, it uses the sps-service Principal Name in the Active Directory to

Construction Experience: Domain name, space, search engine optimization

In fact, when I was a freshman in college, I felt that the Internet would be a part of our generation's life. This part is like the television for our parents, the newspaper for our grandparents. In the information age, the network undoubtedly plays

PHP Tutorial: Cookie and session implementation cross-domain

We all know that the session is not to cross the domain, that is to say: A.wemvc. COM This domain executable file can not access to the b.wemvc.com session, this is the characteristics of the session, but also for security reasons.In general, a site

Internet 40 year biggest change Chinese domain name attracts much attention

Internet - The biggest change of the year Chinese domain name attracts much attention Internet - the biggest technological change of the year has begun this week, with the Internet name and address distribution

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