wii remotes work with wii u

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How to configure wireless routing on the Wii online (1)

Readers who like electronic games, especially football games, must have heard of the name of live football. His history is very long and every new work is a masterpiece, while Wii is the next generation of game consoles launched by Nintendo, he also made a revolution in electronic games. Under the Wii, we can play a "play" game and draw an equal sign for game ent

The father of Kinect was dug by Google and used to be a famous Wii hacker.

The father of Kinect was dug by GoogleUsed to be a famous Wii hacker Google also got a talent from Microsoft. He is the developer of the Kinect and the famous Wii hacker Johnny Chung Lee. He announced the position transfer on his blog. Lee designed human tracing for the company at Microsoft's application science team three years ago when the company was also called the project Natal.AlgorithmHe holds

Wii and my gaming mood

Last Thursday, my family suffered the largest vicious event in parenting history. When I was playing a Wii tennis game, my four-year-old son's nose was right behind me in the backhand position, and suddenly lost blood. Ten minutes later, I handed over the game handle to my son. Five minutes later, His tearful face gradually began to smile. Nintendo, who knows how to make Wii game consoles, was still in the

Whimsy: Using Wii Remote controler to create an interactive whiteboard

Whimsy: Using Wii Remote controler to create an interactive whiteboard No one will buy a normal interactive whiteboard in the future. You must have used or heard of the interactive whiteboard system. How much is a normal whiteboard? If you don't know the price, you can check the quotation of daheng. The most common price is 20000 yuan. What does this system include? The whiteboard and driver. Note that computers and projectors are not included. Of

Wii game started to pull (Baidu 07 competition question 2)

In order to make it easier for employees during intense work hours, massage chairs, CD, golf sets, and Wii game consoles are placed in the Baidu Lounge. Leisure products. Of course, the most popular among them are game consoles. Two batteries are required for each handle of the Wii Game Machine (these two batteries can be of different brands ). Engineers are play

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