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[JVM] JNI's last question: prediction_access_violation (0xc0000005)

Write a Java program in myeclipse and try to call the encapsulated DLL. the following error occurs in the console: # An Unexpected error has been detected by hotspot virtual machine:## Prediction_access_violation (0xc0000005) at PC = 0x10005301, pid

Strange unhandled exception in 0xc0000005 *.exe:access violation error

Recently encountered a very strange error: Unhandled exception in 0xc0000005 *.exe:0xc0000005:acess violation. Puzzled by the solution. Very depressed. The cause is to debug a book called "Visual C + + 6.0 Enterprise Management System Instance

First-chance exception at 0X782260EC in xxx.exe:0xc0000005:access violation

The developed software can create subforms via buttons, test normal under Win7, and crash under WinXP. So search the following post, did not talk about the direct solution, because there seems to be no direct solution to the way.You can catch the

The ShowWindow function generates the following error: "unprocessed exception at XX: 0xC0000005: Access conflict occurred when the read location is 0 × 00000020"

An unhandled exception at XX: 0xC0000005: Access conflict occurs when the read location is 0x00000020. This exception is often encountered during the debugging of the mfc program. At the beginning, I didn't know how to deal with the problem. Later

VC debug program output first-chance exception.

Debug in VCProgram"First-chance exception in xxx.exe..." is sometimes displayed in the output window. In general, this is because an exception occurs in the program and the output is captured by VC. When running a program in the debugger, if the

JVM crash log information analysis

From: thanks to the author Shi Yang A jvm crash error was reported during JNI the other day. The error message is as follows: ## An Unexpected error has been detected by hotspot

The cause and resolution of the JVM crash!

The cause and resolution of the JVM crash!A few days ago, when I was doing jni, I reported a bad JVM crash. The error message is as follows:# Unexpected error have been detected by HotSpot Vsan: # # Exception_access_violation (0xc0000005) at pc=0  X0

Code obfuscation with SEH

These days in the re-look at the SEH mechanism, harvest quite abundant. Conveniently wrote a code to jump with SEH affixed to this mark as a souvenir.When an exception occurs and the exception is caught, the exception filtering function is entered

Solution to JVM exception problems when using Xmlbean

xml| solve the problem in the program there is a need to manipulate XML where I personally prefer to use Xmlbean. For this reason, I have a xmlbean project in my Eclipse project list for a long time to generate Schema.jar (Xmlbean). But today, after

Throws an exception of type "System.ExecutionEngineException"

This problem occurred yesterday when the function was debugged Throws an exception of type "System.ExecutionEngineException". The function prototype is: public struct Cdmlastdispense{public byte Last_cmd; Command last Sentpublic byte Last_error_cd;

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