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(1) Q: What kind of product is Windows Installer?A: Windows Installer is a system service used to install and manage applications in the system. It provides a standardized method and means for application development, customization, installation and

Common problems with XP and Win7 dual systems

First, repair Windows 98/XP dual system boot Menu 1. Before repairing, set boot from CD drive in BIOS. Start your computer with the Windows XP Setup disk, and after you load the necessary drivers, the installation interface for Windows XP appears.

How to transform your Windows XP Professional Edition into Media Center Edition-Application Tips

I've seen a lot of articles about creating the "Ultimate Version" of Windows XP on the Internet, and I've tried it myself, but I've always felt that the Tablet PC's components aren't working very well, so I've been experimenting with it to simplify

How to convert your Windows XP Professional edition to the media center Edition

I have seen a lot of articles on creating "release version" Windows XP on the internet, and I tried it myself, but I always think that the Tablet PC components are not very easy to use, so I tried again to simplify the process of creating the

Which folders can be deleted in windows?

Files in Windows folders that can be deleted After the following settings, your system will be more fresh, concise, and efficient!1. Open "my computer"-"Tools"-"Folder Options"-"View"-tick-"OK" before "show all files and folders" 2. Delete the

Windows XP CD Start installation process detailed Illustration _ Installation tutorial

First, the preparatory work: 1. Prepare the Windows XP Professional Simplified Chinese version of the CD and check the optical drive for support from boot. 2. If possible, scan all hard drives with ScanDisk before running Setup to check for hard

Create custom components for windowsxpembedded

From: recommendationJiazhengod 20071015 IntroductionThere are multiple ways to create custom components for Microsoft Windows XP embedded. For example, you can directly import the import

XP SP3 cannot install IIS system version IIS 5.1 IIS 6

XP SP3 cannot install IIS. The solution is as follows:Choose Control Panel> add and delete Programs> add and delete Windows Components> accessories and tools> details> games> details,Remove the check box before zinternet games and then install IIS! -

Prohibit installation of programs in XP

  AboutXPDisable Installation Setting Method: 1. Right-click my computer, choose manage> local user and group> User> administrator> set password. 2. view the attributes of other users in sequence-affiliated to the tag-if there are administrator or

Ubuntu 10.10 dual-system diagram for Windows XP hard disk installation

MaverickMeerkatUbuntu10.10 enables the new installer, which makes the entire installation process a new look and easier for users who are not familiar with the Linux environment. During the installation process, you can download software updates,

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