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Windows 20: 20 secrets unknown to Windows 1.0

Believe it or not, it's exactly 20 years since Microsoft released Windows 1.0. and, although the company is being fairly low-key in its celebrations of the event (could t in Japan), I think it's worth commemorating. to celebrate the 20th, Here are 20 facts about Windows 1.0: Bill Gates wanted to call windows 1.0 "interface manager." marketing exec Rowland Hanso

Windows System Eight Secrets techniques

it's a good idea to turn off the feature. In Word or Excel, choose the Tools menu, select the Options menu item, and then go to the General tab, and in general Options, remove the check mark for the checkbox before the list of recently used files (R). This step is to eliminate the traces left by the most recently deleted files, and to do this, clear the list of files from the File menu in Word, Excel, and other commonly used applications. 3. Hide Document Contents You should hide the traces

Hidden Secrets in Windows 10 Start menu and Taskbar "Exit Explorer"

1. Secrets from the Start Menu: "Exit Explorer". Open method: Open the Start menu--Press "Ctrl+shift"at the same time, right click on the Start menu blank: You can see the following secret: 650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image001 "style=" border-top:0px; border-right:0px; Background-image:none; border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px; padding-left:0px; margin:0px; border-left:0px; padding-right:0px "border=" 0 "alt=" clip_image001 "src=" http://s3.51ct

Unveil the secrets of 64-bit windows

compatibility center also specifies whether there are available 64-bit drivers for thousands of hardware products and whether there are 64-bit versions of thousands of programs. Precautions for installing hardware and programs in 64-bit windows. For more information, seeLearn about the hardware and software for 64-bit windows.Back to Top unveil the secrets Since we have uncovered the mystery of 64-bit

Use Windows with its own features to protect secrets from leaks

Windows comes with the function, in order to facilitate our use, there is automatic recording function, but these features some things also put our "whereabouts" to expose, this time should do? Please look at the eight ways that this article introduces you, so that you can use the computer without trace. 1. Delete Files completely at once First, you should remove files from the system that you think are definitely unused, and here we are referring t

Secrets of Windows notepad

Secrets of Windows notepad Address: Enter q33ny in Notepad (uppercase is required) (it is said that this is the flight number of the Saudi Arabia who hit the World Trade Center by 9.11); convert the font to wingdings. change the font size to 72. Finally, what do you see? Open notepad, enter the word "move", save, close, and then open it.

Illustrated installation secrets for the Windows 7 RC version

Over the past week I have installed and upgraded rc--laptops and desktops in a number of different systems, some with compatible touchscreen panels, some without, some with TV modules and Blu-ray drives. Both new installation and upgrade, there are x86 version, there are x64 version. These steps are all recorded. In this article, I'd like to share 7 lessons I've learned all the way, including some of the windows experts who don't even know the inst

TIPS: 20 secrets hidden in Windows XP

1. systeminfo: Allow XP to list more useful information Windows XP is always showing off how long it can work stably! To learn more about this information, you can access the "Start Menu" of windows, enable the "command prompt" in the "attachment menu", and enter the "systeminfo" command in it. The computer will show you a lot of useful information, including the initial installation time of the system and

The Seven Secrets of Microsoft Windows Blue Unknown

Microsoft publicly acknowledged its presence after the release of the ISO installation image file for Windows Blue build 9364. In those who have tried the leaked version, the view is not uniform, some criticize it, others praise it. The leaked version reveals some of the changes that will occur in the Windows ecosystem, Sandro Villinger, a technology media it world contributor, said after digging into it, f

Quweicunzhen Secrets Windows Server 2008 optimizing pseudo Tips

Windows Server 2008, a server-based operating system, is now optimized, streamlined and tailored to make server 2008 a personal version of the operating system. There are a lot of optimization techniques on the web about server 2008, but there are some pseudo tips. Some of the communicators did not pass the rigorous test of the erroneous assertion, and the user unknown blindly use. The result is that not only does it not lead to improved system perfor

Windows Runtime (winrt) secrets

after reading a build PPT, Windows Runtime (RT) is not as self-waste as some news websites say. net martial arts, but on the contrary, winrt is a modern version of WIN32API, which has a deep understanding. net gene, which belongs to Metro UI.. net. If you evaluate the metadata changes, the metadata defined by the winrt API is based on the standard ECMA 335, that is.. Net standard. winrt is also a sandbox environment designed for the appstore environme

Secrets of Windows Vista #11: delete undeletable things

Address: By Tim Sneath Translation: Tony Qu (from the BluePrint Translation Team) Most of us are switching from early Windows XP or Windows Vista to final RTM. I think this tip is suitable for us. You know that Windows

CPU anti-virus Windows XP SP2 DEP technology secrets

As we all know, DEP (Date Execution Prevention Data Execution Protection), a new security function added in Windows XP SP2, can protect computers from viruses. Intel and AMD have developed anti-virus CPUs to work with Microsoft's DEP technology. Anti-Virus principle of DEP If your system is upgraded to SP2, enable the DEP function of SP2 to prevent virus destruction. This is because DEP can monitor various programs and prevent viruses from running har

Secrets: How to create Windows sharing _windowsxp

File sharing is the work of local area network users often deal with, although it is easy to say, in fact, it is not easy to do. This paper gives a detailed solution from the aspects of creating sharing mode, managing sharing and file sharing stealth Dafa.    First, how to create a share: There are two ways to file sharing for Windows XP systems: Simple File sharing (easy files sharing) and advanced file sharing (Professional files sha

Many people do not know Windows XP secrets

1. systeminfo: Allow XP to list more useful informationWindows XP is always showing off how long it can work stably! To learn more about this information, you can access the "Start Menu" of windows, enable the "command prompt" in the "attachment menu", and enter the "systeminfo" command in it. The computer will show you a lot of useful information, including the initial installation time of the system and the duration of this continuous operation. If

Understanding Windows 7 system security secrets

Windows 7 is Microsoft's latest Desktop client operating system. It is a new system developed based on the advantages and disadvantages of Windows XP and Vista. All services are enhanced, the new security features make it more reliable. In addition to basic system improvements and new services, Windows 7 provides more security functions, enhanced audit and monito

Secrets of MySQL policies and products running on Windows

Recently, Oracle held its first ever online MySQL on Windows forum. Tomas Ulin, vice president of Oracle MySQL engineering design, will unveil this forum, it also describes in detail how enterprise users and independent software developers can continue to invest in MySQL from Oracle and make it more profitable to run on Windows. This activity will focus on the latest version of MySQL 5.5, the world's most p

Secrets of four Windows Backdoors

A backdoor is a channel for attackers to access the system. However, it is concealed and dangerous. It is a shame for users to exploit the backdoor technology. There are many backdoors for Windows systems, and they are also well known for common backdoors. Below I will reveal four very dangerous Backdoors that we may not know. 1. sniffing and spoofing, the most dangerous Backdoor Attackers can steal the Administrator's password by installing a sniffer

Pretty. Windows 7 official 20 theme secrets

1th page: First page Microsoft last weekend released the Windows 7 Beta version of the public download, I believe many readers have already downloaded a taste of taste. Although the Windows system has long supported personalized desktop theme features, the real Microsoft official themes are few and far between. This time, Microsoft finally learned the lesson, in the beta version provides up to 20 different

Windows Vista secrets 1: Open the command line here

Address: Tim SneathTranslation: Tony Qu (from the BluePrint Translation Team) As a programmer, I don't know how your workflow works, but I always switch between the resource manager and the command line window. For example, sometimes I find a project in the file system that I have created for a while, and then I want to build the project in the comman

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