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Securing a Windows 2003 platform-based Web server

Windows-based IIS running Web sites always give people a feeling is fragile. Early IIS does have a lot of problems, but I personally think that since Windows Server 2003 was released, the new security features of IIS6 and Windows Server

Installing the DNS domain name resolution server under Windows Server 2003

-to-IP address mapping, network needs to use host name communication device, first need to DNS server to query the host IP address.The process of obtaining the IP address of the host name through the hostname is called Domain name resolution (or hostname resolution). In resolving the domain name, you can first use static domain name resolution method, if the static domain name resolution is not successful, then use dynamic Domain name resolution metho

Security Configuration for Windows Server 2003 virtual hosts _windows2003

end do not know how to do their own well or other people casually do a good job. Direct installation. If your system is good. I mean, you can access the system and use the CD-ROM. You can choose to install directly on the existing system. Then choose Reinstall. Enter the SN serial number. Direct Next is OK. Notice when installing. If you are an external server, select the system disk as NTFS. partition scheme see above. If you're using it yourself. D

Windows Server 2003 IIS settings full article

First, enable ASP supportWindows Server 2003 is installed by default and is not installed by IIS 6 and needs to be installed separately. After you install IIS 6, you also need to turn on support for ASP separately.First, enable ASP, enter: Control Panel, Administrative Tools->iis (Internet Server)-Web service extension, Active

Maximum recognized memory size for versions of Windows Server 2003 and 2008

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition (Standard English name: Windows Server 2003 Web Edition)Used to build and store Web applications, Web pages, and XML Web Services. It primarily uses IIS 6.0 Web servers and provides rapid developmen

An introduction to the effects of enterprise application Windows Server 2003 R2

Server|window Arcadis is one of the world's largest engineering construction companies with clients in the private and public sectors around the world. Arcadis wants to find a more reliable and inexpensive way to back up its key business data in 118 branches across the United States. Originally, the Office staff are manual processing of storage tapes. The company upgraded the file and print server computer

Find Windows Server 2003 servers in a domain that Microsoft stops supporting with PowerShell

Starting today, Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows Server 2003. Just received a request two days ago to find 2003 of the server: from SCCM can not find all, some servers do not have SCCM agent, I hope from AD to find. This article writes out all my practices for everyo

Windows 2003 Terminal Server Introduction

Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server can be used to manage the resources for each client telnet, providing a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)-based service that makes Windows Server 2003 a

Enhance security for Windows Server 2003

Shutting down unnecessary services, ports, and Accounts makes Windows Server 2003 impregnable. Hackers typically access servers through unused (not configured or insecure) ports and services, such as Internet Information Services (IIS). To limit entry points, server hardening includes blocking unused ports and protoco

Windows 2003 Server Technical topics (12)

Server|window This article describes the general process of startup problems encountered in Windows SERVER 2003. A successful Windows startup includes of the following four phases: 1 successful Windows launches with the following

Setting up an FTP server under Windows 2003

Windows 2003 Standard Edition, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows $ Server, Windows Ad vanced

Windows Server 2003 R2 Beta 2 will be measured _windows2003

Recently, news about the longhorn,x64 system has been emerging. Last week, Windows Server 2003 SP1 was released, and the next updated version of Windows Server 2003 was about to start testing. By the end of this year,

Windows Server 2003 domain control migrated directly to the 2012[history of the most detailed]

Windows Server 2003 domain control migrated directly to the 2012[history of the most detailed]If you have any questions, please contact qq:185426445, or add group Microsoft Unified Communications China (a), Group No.: 222630797, can also contact me, Mobile: 18666943750, non-sincere do not Disturb, thank you!Environment Introduction:First of all, my environment,

Two strokes to fill Windows 2003 DNS server vulnerabilities

DNS is the abbreviation for the domain Name System. Everyone in the Internet input URL, is through the domain name resolution system to find the corresponding IP address to access the site. But the recent Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 DNS services have a very high security vulnerabilities, if hackers successfully exploited, then our internet operation w

Detailed configuration and use of Windows Server 2003 wins

a "push/pull" partner of other WINS server, two-way replication, each WINS server database will contain all replication partners database records(2) One-way replication. Deploying WINS replication over a slow network connection between different physical locations can take a one-way replication policy. In real-world applications, the pull partner is configured to perform WINS replication at a specific time

Using Windows 2003 to construct campus network server firewall

window| Firewall | Server in the daily management and maintenance of campus network, network security is getting more and more attention. Whether the campus network server is safe will directly affect the normal education and teaching work of the school. In order to improve the security of the campus network, the first thing that the network administrator thought is to have a hardware firewall or a software

Windows Server 2003 Practical Tips Seven

server|window| skills Once the computer is restarted for unexpected reasons, such as a sudden power outage or a crash, the system will take about 10 seconds to run ScanDisk to check for errors in the disk. If you are a treasure, you will not wait in vain. Then come with me and skip this check waiting time: 1, in the Start menu, followed by the "program"/"Attachment"/"Command Prompt" command, the interface to switch to the DOS command line State; 2,

AD Domain installation (install active Directory in Windows Server 2003)

A set of servers is provided as an authentication server or a logon server in Active Directory, which is called a domain controller, or DC. The process of establishing an ad domain is actually the process of installing ad on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 or

Easy to set up Windows 2003 user isolation FTP site Considerations _win Server

The installation of the FTP site seems to be not a difficult thing, we do not need the help of any external tools, only the use of Windows Server system with the IIS features, you can easily set up an FTP site. However, the FTP site installed in this way not only allows any user to anonymous access, but they can also the home directory of the FTP site to "read" and "write", so that the content stored in the

Windows Server 2003 system security Tips Set

login entry, and then add "Delshare.bat" (parameters do not need to be added) to remove the default share for Windows Server 2003. Next, disable the IPC connection: Open Registry Editor, expand the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa] branch in turn, and in the right window, locate the RestrictAnonymous the subkey, change its value to "1".

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