windows server 2012 web edition

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Windows Server 2012/2012r2 Physical and virtual machine licensing instructions

New mode with dual processor licensing, Windows server 2012/2012 R2 In this article, we will consider the licensing characteristics of the next-generation server operating system family. In addition, we will describe the rules and licenses that are

Clear basic concepts of Web server and application server (pure copy)

A common Web server and application serverThe most widely used free Web server on UNIX and Linux platforms is the Web server, NCSA and Apache server, while the Windows platform nt/2000/2003 uses IIS.Some of the features that you should consider when

001 about Windows

                  001 about Windows#Windows Introduction  Windows version History16-bit graphical user interface16-bit and 32-bit hybrid operating systems64-bit operating systemMobile device Operating system  NT Architecture#Windows与编程语言  Windows

WIN8 Standard Edition, WIN8 Enterprise Edition, WIN8 Professional Edition function

What exactly are the Win8 versions? What are the differences, differences and differences between the versions of WINDOWS8? WIN8 flagship edition has wood? What's the best version of Win8? Which version of WINDOWS8 should I use? Before the soft

WINDOWS2012R2 Server Installation and Highlights feature introduction

Recently began to learn hyper-V virtualization technology, and Windows2012 and later R2 inside the integration of Hyper-V so have to contact the two systems.Windows2012 and WINDOWS2012R2 the relevant mirror on the internet has a trial version of the

Web server and Application server

Web servers (Web server)In layman's words, the basic function of Web server is to provide Web information browsing service. It only supports HTTP protocols, HTML document formats, and URLs. Mates with the client's Web browser. Because the Web server

Basic security hardening methods for Windows Servers (2008) _win Server

The United States Cloud (MOS) provides the Windows Server 2008 R2 and the Windows Server R2 Data Center version of the cloud host server. Windows Server security issues require extra attention because of the high market share of Windows servers,

Web Server construction for beginners (1)-IIS Construction

Many children's shoes say they are engaged in mobile development. They want to build a simple Web API, but the server does not work, So Testing becomes a problem. Looking at the tutorials on the internet, I found it was a little difficult to

Reproduced SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7 SR2 (WINDOWS MSSQL Edition) installation instructions

Original by Maple and bamboo1. Installation Preparation1.1. Release NotesThis document is described in a Windows virtual machine, SQL Server database environment, installation of the SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7 SR2 Server, Installation complete virtual machine

Books read in 2011 and books to be read in 2012

Books I read in 2011 the peak of the Tide [Recommended] -The history of the technology industry, including at-and-T, IBM, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo Inc. and Google, is worth seeing. as's program World -Read this book as long as you

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