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Solutions to common WordPress blog errors

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors WordPress is a mainstream Blog building platform. WordPress is the world's most advanced weblog program. Currently, most of the programs developed are based on it. It can better grasp the search engine.

WordPress Upgrade Error: class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 122

Error description: WordPress in the background version upgrade, error, after entering the foreground or backstage, are unable to access the entry, error message as follows:Warning:copy (/home/xxx/public_html/wordpress/wp-admin/menu.php)

Lamp Combination Basics WordPress, phpMyAdmin installation

First, lamp combination of basic knowledge Second, WordPress, phpMyAdmin installation LAMPLinuxApache (httpd)MysqlPHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc. Combination of A and p:Cgi:common Gateway Interface Universal Gateway Interface, which can be understood

CentOS6.6 build the Wordpress open source blog platform

CentOS6.6 build the Wordpress open source blog platform A few days ago, I set up a blog platform with open source Wordpress on my CentOS 6 system, mainly for fun. I can also use this framework to graffiti a few times on my machine. The following are

Troubleshooting wordpress Settings Error URL site cannot access the issue

Through the WordPress background preferences to change the site URL address, the site will appear to be unable to access the situation, generally speaking, the site is not landing on the back, I found from the Internet four methods, the four methods

Nginx supports HTML pseudo static pages with Ngx_cache_purge module cache acceleration

Nginx cache acceleration steps are as follows One, add moduleThe Nginx cache shared by this article requires additional compilation of ngx_cache_purge modules. As for the download module, recompile will be said later.Second, nginx configurationTo

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