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Expand All Tree nodes of a Treeview control in WPF

In the Windows form application, it is very easy to expand all the Tree nodes of a Treeview control. Microsoft has provided the expandall Method for us. We only need a simple line of code TV _qtree.expandall (); you can. That is, the Treeview. expandall method of the system. Windows. Forms namespace. In WPF, The expandall method is unavailable in system. Windows.

The WPF TreeView throws an exception when executing Expandsubtree system.nullreferenceexception

_isrepeat000007fef505c858 40018be System.Int32 1 instance _scancode000007fef505d688 40018bf System.Boolean 1 Instance 0 _isextendedkeyYou can see from above that the key key value is 84, by looking at the enum type key source code, found that 84 is *namespace System.Windows.Input{[ValueSerializer (typeof (Keyvalueserializer))][TypeConverter (typeof (Keyconverter))] Public enum Key {NumPad9 = TheMultiply = A,Add =.Separator =,Subtract = TheDecimal =.Divide = TheBy looking at the code of the

WPF gets the TreeView and the ListView's method of getting its own scroll bar, enabling self-tuning of the Scoll scrolling position (you can get the internal scroll bars in any control accordingly)

for the TreeView: Treeviewautomationpeer LVAP=NewTreeviewautomationpeer (TreeView); varSVAP = Lvap. Getpattern (Patterninterface.scroll) asScrollviewerautomationpeer; varScroll = Svap. Owner asScrollViewer; //////////////////////////Add here what you want to do with the TreeView itself scroll bar///////////////////////////Scroll. Scrolltoverticaloffset (scroll. v

Create a Treeview control for the crystal animation effect in WPF

Navigation menus such as Treeview are often used in software development. How can we make our menus more visual and Dynamic? WPF can help us easily implement them, next I will use blend to create a Treeview animation effect resource. First, create a Treeview in the blend Control List, create a multi-layer treeviewitem


bool? isChecked = false; public bool? IsChecked {get {return IsChecked;} set {if (value! = isChecked) {isChecked = value; raisePropertyChanged ("IsChecked"); } if (this. Children.Count > 0this. Children[0].ischecked!=value) {foreach (var item in). Children) { Item. IsChecked = value; }} if (This.parent!=nullthis. Parent.children.count==this. Parent.Children.Count (Item=>item.ischecked==value)) {this.

WPF-MVVM's TreeView

The simplest example of using the OnPropertyChanged method in a project:Private event PropertyChangedEventHandler propertychanged;protected void OnPropertyChanged ([callermembername] String name = ""){PropertyChanged?. Invoke (this,new PropertyChangedEventArgs (name));}private int myVar;public int MyProperty{get {return myVar;}set {MyVar = value; OnPropertyChanged ("MyProperty"); }}For an instance of the TreeView two layer structure, the following cod

[Common Considerations for WPF series]-treeview

Introduction Projects often use the TreeView to organize some hierarchical data, and this section summarizes the projects using the common questions in the TreeView. DataBinding Data BindingDataTemplate CustomhierarchicaldatatemplateDataType="{x:type Viewmodels:fieldviewmodel}"ItemsSource="{Binding Subviewmodels}"> StackPanelOrientation= "Horizontal"> TextBlockText=

Using the TreeView to display XML in WPF

=NewXmlDocument (); Xd. LOADXML (rootfolders); Xdp. Document=xd; This. TreeView.Items.Clear ();//items and Itemsource can only have one effect, want to use one, the other must be empty, but why items are not empty? This. Treeview.datacontext =XDP; } Private voidTreeview_expanded (Objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e) {TreeViewItem Item= E.originalsource asTreeViewItem; if(Item! =NULL) { if(item. Hasitems) {foreach(varChildIteminchitem. Items) {

WPF binds a data source to a TreeView control when the interface is stuck in a dead state

specifically explained, ItemsSource specifies a subset of that class of data, the next layer ( Hierarchicaldatatemplate.itemtemplate) Displays those data, which requires special attention. After you have completed these basic operations, you are adding a data source to the background code.Here I am in two ways to add the data source, the first read the database after the data into the generic list, in this way there will be the interface card dead, here we define a data source propertyPublic li

How WPF implements TreeView node renaming

treeview.itemtemplate, it is not possible to find the current control through this, and if the current control cannot be obtained, the following operation is not possible, so this function is also very important. And the mouse click is to look up along the visual tree, here we need to look down the visual tree, until we find our TextBox control, and finally return to the TextBox control object, which is exactly the opposite of the above process, but this process is also very important, You can

WPF TreeView Extension

(NODE3);Lists. ADD (node);MyTreeView. ItemsSource = lists;}}public class Mytreeview:inotifypropertychanged{Public MyTreeView (String Content,bool ischecked,int level){This. Content = content;This. IsChecked = IsChecked;This.level = level;Nodes = new list}public string Content {get; set;}public bool IsChecked {get; set;}public int level {get; set;}Public listpublic event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;}Width conversion:public class Leveltowidthconverter:ivalueconverter{public object

WPF TreeView Binding

Bind Treeview in WPF TreeView Xmal More Wonderful content: http://www.bianceng.cnhttp://www.bianceng.cn/Programming/net/ ViewModel Private observablecollection Entity public class MenuItem {public Guid Id {get; set;} public string Name {get; set;} public string Oriname {get; set;} public bool Hasoutstandingtask {get; set;} Pu

Application of the "C #" ADO. Net entities framework in the WPF TreeView

}). Distinct (). (c = c.year). ToList ();Return (from R in data. RacesSelect New Class1// {Year= R.date.year// }). ToList ();}}}}The CLASS1 code that is used to produce the collection used by the TreeView controlUsing System;Using System.Collections.Generic;Using System.Linq;Using System.Text;Using System.Threading.Tasks;Namespace WpfApplication73{public static Class F1datacontext{public static formula1v2entities Data {get; set;}}public class Cl

The entire row selection effect of WPF Treeview

WPF native Treeview can only select contentpresenter Effect The main point is that 1. The template structure of treeviewitem is modified to a uniform background color and fill length. 2. the background color is not filled enough due to the right offset of the child node, This is because the itemspresenter in the template is in the second column of the layout. Because the initial position of the item cont

In the TreeView of WPF, right-click and select

In WPF, TreeView does not support right-click selection by default. That is to say, a node cannot be selected when right-click a node. When we want to implement the right-click menu in TreeViewItem, we usually want to select this node while the menu is popped up, so that the menu takes effect for the selected node. Figure 1: although the shortcut menu is displayed on the GNU node, the selected node is stil

Msdn tutorial short film WPF 21 (binding 4-treeview, menu)

We introduced how to bind data to ListBox last time. Today we bind data to Treeview and menu. The difference is that datatemplate. Instead of datatemplate, hierarchicaldatatemplate is used. This is a layered data template, and hierarchical is a layered data template. Datatemplate is a data template. This is easy to remember. We still use the last data. Let's look at. XAML. Code ODP "Objecttype =" {X: Type SRC: leaguelist} "/> {X: Type SRC: L

How does WPF expand all Treeview Tree nodes?

Generally, the treeviewitem in the Treeview can be generated in two ways: 1. directly use the treeviewitem label in XAML (use C # code to do the same, in short, explicitly use treeviewitem) 2. Data Binding, such as binding to XML or arrays. Solution to the first situation: Add the expandall () method to the Treeview. Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter

WPF _ Drag any XML structure to generate a Treeview

Use hierarchicaldatatemplate, ririgger, multibinding, and converter. The data source is any drag-and-drop file or string text with XML standard structures (such as HTML, XAML, and mxml. Use the checkbox option to display the name or attributes of the xmlelement. Example Create a new Treeview. In order to drag and drop operations, you need to add code to the Treeview:AllowDrop="True"PreviewDragOver="treeView_PreviewDragOver"PreviewDrop="treeView_Pr

[WPF] wpf3.5 SP1 Treeview bug

TreeView in WPF3.5 SP1 has a Bug. When you select a tree node, the node moves up or down to the top or bottom of the tree area. Reproduction steps: 1. Select a node with the mouse. 2. Select other visual controls to ensure that the TreeView loses focus. 3. Move the selected node in step 1 to an invisible position with the mouse scroll. 4. select another node with the mouse. The cause is that there is

WPF recursive spanning tree data binding to the TreeView

}, NewDepartmentmodel () {id=3, deptname="Main Department 1_1", parentid=1}, NewDepartmentmodel () {id=4, deptname="Main Department 1_2", parentid=1}, NewDepartmentmodel () {id=5, deptname="Main Department 1_3", parentid=1}, NewDepartmentmodel () {id=6, deptname="Main Department 1_4", parentid=1}, NewDepartmentmodel () {id=7, deptname="Main Department 1_5", parentid=1}, NewDepartmentmodel () {id=8, deptname="Main Department 2_1",

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