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Get started writing PHP extensions in one step

1, written in the firstWith the rapid development of the Internet, the popularity of lamp architecture, the expansion of PHP support is more and more, so that directly promote the development of PHP.But PHP also has the inevitable problem of

Step-by-step preparation of PHP extensions

Step-by-step preparation of PHP extensions 1. PrefaceWith the rapid development of the Internet and the prevalence of lamp architecture, php supports more and more extensions, which directly promotes the development of php.However, php also

Steps for writing PHP extensions in C Language

Follow these steps to write PHP extensions using the C language and PHP extension writing format (Zend API: To the PHP installation directory [Root @ test1 ext] # cd/root/PHP/php5.2/EXT [Root @ test1 ext] #./ext_skel-extname = cltest Modify config.

Using rust to create PHP extensions

Last October, my colleagues at Etsy and I had a discussion about how to write extensions to an explanatory language like PHP, where Ruby or python should be easier than PHP. We talked about the hurdle of writing a successful extension is that they

In-depth understanding of php kernel writing extensions I: Introduction to PHP and Zend

Techbbs.zol.com.cn19_2116.html write EXTENSION I Http://techbbs.zol.com.cn/1/9_2116.html programming extensions I-PHP and Zend get started: http://devzone.zend.com/public/view/tag/Extension Part I: Introduction to PHP and Zend

Use rust to create php extensions

In last October, I had a discussion with Etsy about how to expand writing for an explanatory language like PHP. Ruby or Python should be more current than PHP. We have talked about the obstacle to writing a program that successfully creates

Write php extensions in c on windows (encrypt and decrypt php source code)

In windows, use c to write php extensions (encrypt and decrypt the php source code). first try helloworld. Download the php source code package. the ext directory contains two important files: ext_skel and ext_skel_win32.php. download cygwin. with

PHP extensions memcached and Memcache installation configuration method: Reprint

This article reproduced: http://www.jb51.net/article/56999.htmPHP connection memcached Cache Server client has two, one is Memcache is a relatively low-level development library, Memcached is a relatively new development library, PHP installation of

PHP Kernel Learning-Creating PHP Extensions

PHP Kernel Learning--Creating PHP extensions Start looking at the PHP kernel for a while, and now start learning to summarize, today to summarize how to create your own PHP extension. My environment is as follows: System: Ubuntu 14.04 PHP Version: 5

10 articles about creating extensions-php Tutorial

Because the extension is used by third-party developers, some extra efforts are required to create it. Below are some general guiding principles: * expansion should be self-contained. That is to say, its external dependencies should be the least. If

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