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Ubuntu under Xilinx Platform Cable usb/altera usb-blaster/seed XDS-560

Under non-root permissions to run the IDE, such as VIVADO/QUARTUS/CCS, need to use JTAG when the issue of permissions, almost all USB debugging devices under Linux will encounter this problem. Here is an example of how to solve this problem with Xilinx Platform Cable USB.After plugging in the USB, view the deviceLsusb0

Samsung d908 uploads and installs Java software/games with a USB cable (attached to anyview/Moto-TXT download)

Download the following four software. For installation instructions, refer to the following tutorial. (1)D908 driver Samsung PC Studio 3(61.0 MB). The link is invalid. Find it online!(2) softtick PPP (3) Samsung XXXX Java Uploader Chinese edition (4) jadwizard 1.0 (drag the jar to it without a JAD file) If the downloaded Java game only contains a single. jar file, download the Jad generator and drag the. jar file directly into the Jad wizard.In the 1

Why the computer USB plug data cable on the panic

compatibility is poor, when using a partial USB device crashes, reinstall its driver try. 3, the USB interface is artificially corrupted, or the connection is incorrect. 4, in the actualIn the process, the USB device, in turn, plugs into the USB connector, of course, bu

Connection to the Internet using a USB cable to a computer using the mobile phone of the d700

The premise is that your computer must be able to access the Internet.1. Enable the "file"-"connection settings" option in the synchronization software "Microsoft ActiveSync", remove "√" before "allow connection establishment through USB", and press OK.2. In the "Start"-"other"-"other"-"attachment" of the mobile phone, select "modem link", select "USB" in the "connection" column, select "Activate" in the "m

Computers connect tl-tr761 series via USB cable

The answer is yes, through the USB data cable to achieve! Below we introduce the computer through the USB Data Cable Connection tl-tr761 series sharing Internet usage method. When a computer is connected to a device through a USB ca

Use minicom and USB serial cable under Fedora

First, minicomFedora is not like the previous redhat, can not directly input minicom Enter, because there is no modem in the directory/dev/sub-directory, and minicom run by default is the directory, so the direct knock is not. But you can enter Minicom-s carriage return, so you can set the path of Minicom,/dev./modem to/dev/ttys0, and then set a soft connection, ln-s/dev/ttys0//dev/modem enter, you can. Then you can enter the minicom.Second, USB seria

Hardware driver in Linux-USB device

Hardware driver in Linux system-USB device (on) There are more and more USB devices, while Linux is still not completely plug-and-play in hardware configuration. how to configure and use Linux is becoming a major problem for us. This article describes how to use and configure the driver and how to compile the

How to use the USB cable interface to log on to the campus network on the MacBook

Looking forward to, looking forward to, the new computer MacBook came, but the thin Mac does not have a network interface, and the school campus network wireless speed is very slow, how to do?Had to buy an external USB adapter (I would say that the MacBook built-in lightning adapter is too expensive?) ), the hardships received goods, plug in the network cable ... The results show: "

Remove the USB cable without a wireless router. Use a laptop (Win7 system) to quickly connect to your Android phone (requires Wifi support)

Are you still using a USB cable to connect your mobile phone to access sdcard ?, You are out. This article will tell you that if you connect your laptop to your mobile phone through wifi and quickly access sdcard, you certainly do not need a wireless router. Prerequisites The laptop system is windows 7, and the wireless network card is normal and the driver is

Use the USB data cable to install the j2_program to the Moto

Installation requirements: 2. Program Jar, Jad 2 Moto SDK for j2-midway upload software 2 USB data cable + driver Installation steps: 1) Open midway and configure the interface. Find the Motorola usb modem in Device Manager/modem/on your computer to view its properties and find the interface information. 2)

Analysis of USB Bus Driver Under WinCE

There are a lot of readily available information about USB. I will summarize some of the basic information here. I. Advantages of USB (1) easy to use. Supports hot swapping. (2) wide application scope. The USB system has less additional information and high bandwidth utilization. Both synchronous transmission and asynchronous transmission are supported. (3)

Driver Implementation of USB devices in Embedded linux

Introduction The embedded linux system environment is widely used in the embedded field because of its ease of transplantation and cutting, small kernel, high efficiency, integrity, open source code, and excellent performance. Linux USB device source code mainly includes the massive storage devices of USB device, serial devices, network devices, and other device drivers and drivers of various

Linux USB Driver Development (iv)--hot swap that thing

Learn some USB hardware knowledge before learning USB Hot swap:First, the USB basic concept1, hardware knowledge (USB socket and plug)In the initial standard, the USB connector has 4 lines: power supply, d-,d+, ground . Let's call this a standard

Connect your computer to your phone and install your phone driver usb-driver

Setting up a real-world development environment requires the following steps:1. Declare the application to be debug in the application's manifest file;2. Open the application debugging support;For apps created through Eclipse, you can omit step 2, because debugging support for your app automatically opens when the Eclipse IDE launches the app.Note: In the application development process, to manually enable debugging support in the manifest file, it is best to turn off debugging support before th

USB device driver debugging

removed from the system. -ExdevSynchronization occurs only on the urb and means that the transfer is only partially completed. To decide what to send, the driver must view the individual frame status. -EinvalThis urb has a very bad thing. The USB Kernel documentation describes what this value means: If this occurs, exit and go home. It can also happen. If a parameter is incorrectly set in the urb structure

AT91 USB Composite Driver Implementation

AT91 USB Composite Driver Implementation1. Introduction The USB Composite device is a general-to-integrate, or more functions-to-one single Device.It is defined in the USB Specification Revision 2.0, as "A device which has multiple interfaces controlled independently of Each of the other ".This document introduces basi

Linux Device Driver Subsystem IV-USB Gadget__linux

1. Foreword 2. Source Code Architecture 3. Enumeration process 1. Foreword Gadget, small ornaments. USB Gadget, refers to the development of electronic devices to USB from the device mode through the USB connection to the host. For example, when a mobile phone is plugged into a PC with a USB

Analysis of wince6.0 USB driver architecture

connected to the PC using a USB cable, it may take multiple forms: large-capacity storage (mass storage), a network adapter (rndis), or a serial device (Serial class, therefore, a control system is required to separate this part into a layer-driven controller, which controls the form in which the wince device is represented, including detaching the old client and loading the new client. The MDD folder impl

Win7 System USB wireless network card driver how to install

the UBS Wireless card driver, need to download, so also need to insert a network cable, so that desktop computers can access the Internet, easy to find drivers. Of course, if the desktop computer has no network cable, you can also look at the purchase back of the UBS wireless card brand model, and then go to other computers to download the corresponding model dr

Intel & amp; #174; Android * USB Driver Installation Guide

This article is intended for intel? How to install the Android USB driver package. With this package, you can connect a Windows *-based machine to an Intel Atom? The Android device of the processor.System Requirements Hardware requirements:Android mobile devices with the Intel Atom processor Z2460 are installed.One USB-USB

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