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Optimizing Windows XP SP2 system with Xp-antispy

At present, many friends have installed Windows XP SP2, but by default, Windows XP SP2 will open many services arbitrarily, for individual users, some services are completely unnecessary to start, not only waste your system resources, but also in many cases it will automatically connect the network, Although Microsoft

Geosoft oasis.montaj.v7.51 1cd+ KBC petro-sim Suite v4.0 sp2-iso 1CD

3DTools v10.03 Win32 1CDLandmark openwoks 5000.0.3.0 Linux 1CDMentor HDL Designer 2012.1 Win32 1CDWilcom embroidery Studio v1.5 with ServicePack level 3 1DVDGutherie Arcv2cad v6.0.a.29 1CDGuthrie Qa-cad v10a.13 1CDAMI Vlaero Plus v2.30 1CDAutoForm.Plus.R4.Windows Linux-iso 1DVDCimco Edit 6.20.10 1CDDelcam.Crispin.LastMaker.v2012.R1.SP1 1CDSivan.design.civilcad.v2012.1.0.0.multilingual 1CDanalytical.graphics.stk.pro.v9.21 1DVDgolden.software.strater.v

Vantage. Plant. Design. Management. system. v12.1.sp2-ISO 1dvd for short, it is a famous 3D factory design management system.

Label: des style color use Ar data SP C R Vantage. Plant. Design. Management. system. v12.1.sp2-ISO 1dvd for short, it is a famous 3D factory design management system.(Plant Design Management System) is a 3D factory design system. in the left-side navigation pane of. multiple professional teams can work collaboratively to build a detailed 3D digital factory model. each designer can check the configuration a

XP SP2 "Disguise" becomes XP SP3

In this respect, Adrian kingsley-hughes raised some of the following questions: * First of all, the XP SP2 technical support period has ended, Microsoft has not provided the XP SP2 security patch program. Because these patches are not tested in XP

KBC petro-sim suite v4.0 SP2-ISO 1cd (Refining Process Simulation Software)

KBC petro-sim suite v4.0 SP2-ISO 1cd (Refining Process Simulation Software)KBC's petro-SIM software combines graphical Process simulators with KBC's advanced industrial technology and rigorous refinery and petrochemical plant process models based on hysys. an advanced simulation tool for the refinery interface. Petro-Sim can establish its own test database based on the laboratory data or the available comme

Enjoy official Windows XP SP2 without spending a penny

integrated version is, it cannot be automatically upgraded. So how can I use Windows XP PRO SP2 with a genuine version, and enjoy the discounts of genuine users without a penny (except for electricity and Internet fees? The method is not too "complicated "!! There are about 20 steps (don't be scared, I wrote it in detail ......) 1. Download the ISO disc image of

Neowin Wizard: Create your own Windows XP SP2 Disc

your computer :. Next, match the content under the tab (ISO: You can select the content under this tab. I chose wxpsp2_en as the volume label, but you can replace en with the language of your region. You can also name it wxpsp2. Examples include wxpvol_en (volume) wxpoem_en (OEM version) wxpret_en (retail version. Next, click "new" to add files to the disc using the file browser of Nero. First, set the location to the prepared Windows

Tomato Garden Ghost XP SP2 V3.0 free version provides download address _ Common Tools

unattended installation) A. Automatic installation Please extract all content from the ISO Windows\tvoa (TVOB) \i386\winnt.bat to the hard disk root directory, such as D:\I386, and then run D:\I386\winnt.bat to install it. B. Manual Installation Please extract all content from the ISO Windows\tvoa (TVOB) \i386\winnt.bat to the hard disk root directory, such as D:\I386, and then run D:\I386\winnt.exe to

10 latest practical tips for Windows XP SP2

Now, more and more people are upgrading Windows XP to SP2. In this article, I will share with you the latest 10 examples of Windows XP SP2 Simplified Chinese version.   I. How can I upgrade pirated XP to the official SP2 Simplifi

Vista SP1, XP SP2 performance overall comparison

There have been a lot of tests on the performance of Vista SP1, XP SP3, and the "Mikael" from Futuremark's official forum contrasts Vista SP1 with XP SP2. First look at the test platform: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.2GHz (400mhzx8) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 Memory: 8GB ddr2-800 4-5-4-15 Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB Radiator:

Issues with Windows XP SP2 and ArcGIS 9.x Products

ArcGIS products General License Manager issue Microsoft Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) is enabled by default, in the Windows XP SP2 release. ICF restricts access to ports necessary for communication between ArcGIS 9.x and the License Manager. Workaround: Instructions provided in the ESRI Knowledge Base Article 26134 detail the steps to reopen the correct ports and allow ArcGIS 8.x and 9.x to c

Windows XP SP2 installation settings full Raiders _WINDOWSXP

Windows XP Service Pack 2 has been officially released and many friends may be unfamiliar with the latest system patch Service Pack 2 (hereinafter referred to as SP2) for Windows XP, and I'll talk about my installation process and experience. From the XP SP2 began to researc

Tomato Garden Windows XP Pro SP2 V3.5 Thunderbolt High speed Download _ Common Tools

will be installed according to the default selection! If you miss the waiting time, you can pretend to Then go to add the deletion to uninstall the unwanted components. Main optional items There are some Windows Media player player: Optional 9 or 11 Internet Explorer Browser: Optional 6 or 7 Flash player 9 player: Optional or optional Microsoft Java virtual machines: Optional or optional Tomato Garden Theme Resource Kit: Optional or optional Tomato Garden Favorites series: Optional or optional

Windows XP SP2 activation Q &

Before activating your Windows XP with sp2, let's take a look at several controversial topics on the Internet and the detailed answers I have made to these questions after my experiments. Q1: Why is activation required )? A: Simply put, only after Windows is activated can you get rid of the restrictions on the use of the 30th angel. Only in this way can you update your WINDOWS and remove the annoying activa

Win XP SP2 Installation Setup Practical manual (1)

Because of the new activation technology added to SP2, if you use a genuine burn disk to install Windows XP, you may have problems installing SP2 that cannot be installed or cannot be activated when you install it. How to predict in advance how can your system successfully install SP2? Method One: Open the Resource ma

Use group policies to deploy Windows XP SP2

Source: MSDNIntroductionIf you manage your computer in the Active Directory service environment, you can use the "software installation and maintenance" feature of "Group Policy" to deploy Microsoft? Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2 ). This article describes how to use "Windows Installer" and "Group Policy" on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows Server? 2003 install

Tips for Windows XP SP2 multi-thread access Acceleration

As we all know, to prevent the spread and attack of worms, Windows XP SP2 has a maximum of 10 concurrent threads. SP2 uses the Messages dynamic link library to monitor the number of concurrent threads of each process in real time. Once it finds that the number of threads of a process exceeds 10, it will block Some threads. In this way,

Ghost Windows XP SP2 tornado version v1.2 download address

package, PE and DoS Iii. Burn description:First, use Hash v1.04 to check the MD5 value of the ISO file. After confirming that the MD5 value is correct, run the latest ultraiso version-tool-burning the disc image-write speed: 16x-write mode: one write-image file: D: \ ghost_xpsp2_v1.2.iso-burn the disc. Iv. Installation instructions:First, set the boot priority for the optical drive in the bios, and the

Nine problems to learn before activating Win XP SP2

Source: Tianji Blog 1. Why is activation required? Simply put, only after Windows is activated can you get rid of the restrictions on the use of the 30th angel, you can update your WINDOWS, and you can remove annoying activation bubbles, you are not a legitimate genuine user (not completely, not after-sales service ). 2. Is the activation of the Russian version the same as that of the genuine version? Different !! The former modifies XP activation aut

Ghost Windows XP SP2 tornado Pure version V1.2 download address _ Common Tools

check the MD5 value of ISO file with hash V1.04, after confirming MD5 correct, run UltraISO latest version--Tools--burning disc image--write speed: 16x--write mode: CD-ROM Write-image file: D:\Ghost_XPSP2_ v1.2.iso--burning.Four, installation instructions:First in the BIOS set the CD-ROM drive priority, then put the disc and restart the machine. When the CD-ROM boot menu appears, there are a number of opti

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