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Zune xNa development (1, hello Zune)

Buy a Zune, Zune 1 generation, 2 generations can be, 4G, 8G, 30g, 80g can be. Download and install zunesoftware from www.zune.net, and upgrade Zune to firmware. For how to upgrade Zune, see related documents. Install Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition (or later) or Visual C #2008 express Edition Download xNa

XNa 3.0 preliminary -- deploy your xNa 3.0 game to Zune

Problem After creating and testing a 2D game on a PC, you want to upload it to Zune and run it. Solution A major new feature of xNa 3.0 is to support 2D games on Zune. Obviously, Zune cannot run xNa 3D because the graphics card on Zune cannot be compared with that on your PC.Program. However, the complete spritebatch

WP7 debugging error: Zune software is not installed.

I just learned windows phone7 development and encountered this configuration error. Record it here. Error message: Zune software is not installed Zune software is not installed. Install the latest version of Zune software. In this case, I tried to download and install Zune on the Microsoft official website as instru

Tutorial on deleting Zune synchronization settings and history

Tags: http OS AR for SP data Div HTML BS If your PC is synchronizing data to multiple WP7 mobile phones and you do not want to keep the synchronization information and settings of the previous WP7 mobile phone, let's take a look at the tutorial on deleting Zune synchronization settings and history. With this operation, you can quickly delete various settings, history records, and other information during synchronization between

Welcome to the new world of Game Development-Zune game and micro game

(This article is a piece of idea, which is a personal record. But to share this with you, I will share it with you) Game development has always been my favorite field of exploration. In the past, C ++ was the primary condition for game development on Windows, and familiarity with DirectX was essential. The development of games on the console also had a series of specific APIs and engines. With the popularity of. net, some windows games are also being developed using. net. At this time, we can

Solve the problem that Windows 8 cannot install Zune

Dism.exe/online/enable-feature/featurename: netfx3/Source: X: sourcessxs CopyCodeRun the command as the administrator cmd. Some preparation work is required to run this command: 1. Insert an installation disk for Windows installation.2. If you are not installing a CD, specify the path. You need the initial installation media, which can be a USB flash drive, a virtual optical drive, or a hard drive path. Right-click the "command prompt (Administrator)" in the lower left corner, and we don't h

Zune download installation using graphics and text tutorial

zune Download Installation Tutorial: 1. Double-click the installation package, install, pop-up Microsoft's Copyright window, click Accept to enter the installation interface 2. Prompt installer to be ready, click on the Installation button, you can automatically start the installation (Zune does not support the custom installation directory) 3. The program starts to install automatically. 4. Insta

iOS and accessories to communicate [turn]

and accessories for communication On the iphone OS 3.0 and beyond, the External accessory Framework (Externalaccessory.framework) provides a plumbing mechanism that allows applications to be used with the iphone or ipod Touch the accessories of the equipment to communicate. With this pipeline, application developers can integrate component-level functionality into their programs. Please note: The following

How to release static electricity before contacting computer accessories?

Computer accessories are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), and should release the static electricity before contacting with the hand. You'd better wash your hands in advance and dry them with cotton cloth. The operation of the first contact with a hand computer chassis bare metal surface, and then use the other hand and computer accessories electrostatic protective bag contact, at least

Apple 12-inch MacBook Accessories buy the most money strategy

Apple Watch the debut of the 12-inch MacBook, light thin, really can be called home travel, pick up the necessary x artifact, and there are space ash, silver and tyrants gold three-color optional, and finally changed the MacBook always monotonous color. However, if you are not fully accustomed to wireless life, then, buy 12-inch MacBook Accessories Raiders, presumably you will need. Because the MacBook's fuselage has only one usb-c connector, wa

Canon IXUS240 HS camera accessories Details

Let's give you a detailed explanation of the accessories of the Canon IXUS240 HS camera.Analysis and sharing:Canon IXUS240 HS accessories have digital camera solutions, battery charger CB-2LDC, lithium battery NB-11L, power cord, USB connector IFC-400PCU, wrist strap.All right, the above information is the complete explanation and sharing of the accessories o

1.05. Experience-cisco uc-basic Function v1.1 (please-download-Accessories (Baidu cloud Disk)! Have a surprise!)

1.05. Experience-cisco uc-Basic functionsLearn Cisco UC deployment in action with beginners-real-combat training-features implemented-show!v1.1LearningDate: Produced on June 19, 2016 (lunar calendar: May 15, the author is 36 years old!)qq:3313395633 (!!! Welcome to INQUIRE!!! )1.05. Experience the basic functions of-cisco uc-v1.1.pdfLink:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pKFmifT Password:q66eAttached: (36 years old birthday gift!) )650) this.width=650; "Width=" 582 "height=" 772 "title=" img_20160619_1239

Use the most effective accessories to improve PC office efficiency

Whether your PC is new or has been in use for a few years, some of the most effective accessories can improve the efficiency of the Office to varying degrees, such as a comprehensive high-speed USB docking dock, or a more reliable mobile hard drive, here are a few examples. Choose a USB docking dock with faster transfer speed The USB docking dock is the preferred computer accessory for many users, because it can effectively increase the number of la

imac Update New Accessories

Apple today updated the entire imac family with a new Retina 4K display for the first time for the 21.5-inch imac, while each 27-inch imac features a Retina 5K display, along with a range of new wireless accessories. Includes the new keyboard magic Keyboard, trackpad Magic Trackpad 2 and mouse Magic Mouse 2. These Magic devices have been redesigned to provide a more comfortable experience. They are equipped with rechargeable batteries and do not requi

Canon IXUS245 HS camera accessories Details

Let's give you a detailed explanation of the accessories of the Canon IXUS245 HS camera.Analysis and sharing:Canon IXUS245 HS accessories have digital camera solutions, battery charger CB-2LDC, lithium battery NB-11L, power cord, USB connector IFC-400PCU, wrist strap.All right, the above information is the complete explanation and sharing of the accessories o

Computer Accessories True and false identification graphics and text tutorial

The school season is coming, and more and more gay guys are doing it themselves, Feng also enough to eat, their choice of products in the x Po, y East, or the entity to buy their own assembly purchase, but to deal with the problem is also coming, many small white bought accessories will always worry about their purchase is not a new authentic accessories, online shopping This thing itself will be in believe

Hardware Accessories Industry ERP Solutions

that enterprises calmly deal with a more competitive environment and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.Common management problems in hardware industry(a) The breakdown of the hardware industryHardware industry can be divided into: tool hardware, building hardware, daily hardware, kitchen equipment and stainless steel products, smoke hood, locks, cooking utensils, zippers, stainless steel sliding hinge, process door flower, hinge series, throat hoop series, door and Window

What to do if the drawing tools in the WinXP computer accessories are gone?

There is no classmate used a period of time of the computer, suddenly found that "start/All Programs/accessories" under the "paint" disappeared, although not commonly used, but really need to use when still very catch. I have just come up with similar problems, so we can share the solution, hoping to help us to catch the urgent. Method One: In the control Panel there is an option to add a removal program, add Windows Components Select

Use webresource. axd to access the built-in resources of accessories through a URL

[Reprint] Download the original English version and code:Http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/080906-1.aspx Use webresource. axd to access the built-in resources of accessories through a URL Introduction: Many ASP. net server controls all require additional external resources to implement certain functions. for example, use any ASP. net validation controls, a series of JavaScript Functions are required to perform their client verification. althou

Rattan furniture is both accessories and Ornaments

Today, I want to tell you about the accessories of the floor and the decoration at home. Nowadays, many high-rise floors generally prefer to use wooden floors in warm winter or cool summer. Therefore, the color of wood floors is generally 10 points tall, some deep-colored things have become indispensable in our lives. It may also be because these floors are dark, which makes people more impressed with their visual effects, temperament and other factor

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