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Deep understanding of the Java memory Model (i) Basics

Classification of concurrent programming models In concurrent programming, we need to deal with two key issues: how threads communicate with each other and how threads are synchronized (the threads here refer to the activity entities that execute

PS Channel image processing for temoerature negative punch photo effects

Reverse film after the negative to get the photo color is gorgeous, the contrast is big, the scene of red, blue, yellow three-color especially exaggerated. Temoerature negative punch is more expressive in color, and its tonal exaggeration is color

MySQL 5.7 Enhanced Semisync Replication performance optimization

This article mainly introduced the MySQL 5.7 Enhancement edition semisync replication performance optimization, this article emphatically explained supports sends the BINLOG and accepts the ACK the Asynchrony, the support waits for the ACK before

Data link Layer control in Jpcap-java

A Jpcap Introduction As we all know, although the Java language in the TCP/UDP transmission has given a good definition, but for the network layer under the control, but is powerless.Jpcap expansion packs make up for this. Jpcap is actually not a

High performance MySQL (8) Optimizing Server configuration: I/O

There are some configuration items that affect how MySQL synchronizes data to disk and how to do recovery operations. This write operation has a great impact on performance because it is designed to expensive I/O operations, usually ensuring that

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