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Solution for real-time synchronous backup of Enterprise Linux server data

Data is the most valuable property! The company's servers are required to have a complete backup strategy for the data, using scripts, planning tasks, open source software, and so on, regardless of that way, to real-time synchronization of data, is

The configuration of real-time automatic synchronization for LSYNCD and rsync

First, rsync is a Unix-like system of data mirroring backup tools, from the name of the software can be seen-remote sync Features are as follows: 1, can be mirrored to save the entire directory tree and file system. 2, it is easy to maintain the

INotify a script that automatically monitors and synchronizes to the server

Function: Monitor a directory on the specified server and automatically sync to another server #!/bin/bash # author:honway.liu # date:2012-07-04 r1= r2= r3= desthostdir=/dat A/mp3 srcdir=/data/music/mp3/song1

Installation configuration for rsync+inotify under Centos 6.3

What is INotify? INotify is a powerful, fine-grained, asynchronous file system time monitoring mechanism, which can replace Crond with rsync trigger file synchronization, thus monitoring the file system to add, delete, modify, move and other

How to use Sersync to implement multiple server real-time synchronization files

I. Introduction of SERSYNC Project Project Address: We often use Rsync+inotify to synchronize the server in real-time, where inotify is used to monitor file system events, and rsync is a widely used

INOTIFY+RSYNC+MUTT+MSMTP implement Linux file or directory automatic Update

INOTIFY+RSYNC+MUTT+MSMTP implement Linux file or directory Automatic Update and implement email to admin Implement real-time synchronization of files and monitor directory to send mail to admin requirements, need to update multiple servers, manual,

Simple application of rsync in Linux and Rsync+inotify real-time application

This article System Centos6.0 Server: (Centos) Client: (LV2) Rsync is a data mirroring Backup tool under Unix-like systems, and--remote sync can be seen from the name of the software. Its characteristics are as

Centos 6.3 Rsync+sersync Installation Configuration notes

Recent unit live more, so very little update, at night the internet happened to see an introduction about Sersync, personal feeling more standard than rsync+inotify configuration, just recently preface, summed up under, share to everyone. The

Real-time backup of data through Rsync+inotify

In the previous blog, I talked about using rsync to achieve data mirroring and backup, but to achieve real-time data backup, independent of rsync can not be achieved, this article describes how to achieve real-time data backup. First, the

Rsync+inotify How to implement real-time synchronization of files

Environment Description: Existing two servers, to achieve real-time synchronization of MP3 files. You can use rsync to do synchronization, but not real time, in order to achieve real-time synchronization, we use INotify to monitor the changes that

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