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How to query the precise collection of the website

In the optimization of the site, the optimization of the site collection is often the first to be carried out, for the query method we are basically using the Search engine site command or plus inurl, intitle and other methods, but these methods to

Optimization strategy of website structure

The site's internal structure optimization to the site construction to play the role of planning and guidance, the content of the site maintenance, SEO plays a key role. The following mainly from the site structure, page elements, navigation

ASP analysis content automatically save remote picture to local and get first picture create thumbnail

I extracted the point function from the SNA News collection system for 3.62 (program making: Ansir) with simple and easy to use Here is the function Program code '==================================================' Function name: CHECKDIR2'

Website operation: Do four points experience of website SEO

seo| website Operation | SEO is not for search engines and search engines, when you site a good user experience, then this is the best SEO, search engines They want is the result of the search is the user most want a good page, so as long as a good

Google Browser Network Silver assistant how to install

in our country a lot of net silver on the Web page to use the words must have to install ActiveX security control, need to install network Silver Assistant, because Google browser lacks this net Silver assistant all we need manual installation,

Downloading files on the network with VBA code

A few days ago with the MVP old K to discuss how to download a file from the network to the local machine, the code is posted to share with you. In addition, I see Zhang Zhirong before the time needed this code, do not know now still need. Code

ASP save remote picture to local and get first picture at the same time

This is a few functions I used in the SNA News collection system for power 3.62Can be commonly used in collecting or adding articles onlineHere is the function program code'==================================================' Function name:

Let users add functionality to your. NET application through macros and Plug-ins

Program Jason Clark This article assumes that you are familiar with. NET and C # Download the code for this article: Plug-ins.exe (135KB) Overview Most user applications benefit from the ability to be extended by other developers. Extending an

HTML Multimedia page (alternative Inline Elements)

Embed multimedia text (EMBED) Basic grammar #=url This tag can be used to embed multimedia text in the home page, such as:Movie (movie), voice (sound), Virtual reality language (VRML) ...Experience labeling, you need to install the plugin

JSP Application Grammar detailed encyclopedia (ii)

js| (Syntax 8) Tags: Forwards a Request object. The object file must be able to handle parameters. If you use a non-buffer to lose Out, and before using, the JSP file already has the data, then the file execution can make an error. Property: -page=

How to plug a custom font into your application in Windows Phone 8.1 development

Perhaps, the system comes with the font is not enough to reflect the charm of the application, for the performance of extremely strong Chinese characters, especially. At this time, we will think, if you can download the art of the Internet into the

Beaver Nest Video Download How do I download video?

Step 1: First, users need to download the installation of the Fox Nest Video Downloader, after the operation, please click into the "Browser" option window, enter the corresponding video file URL, open into the page, click the play button to

Javawebstudio 2005 Development J2me method

The web Javawebstudio 20052005 supports J2ME development, with the WTK2.2 version, which provides 15 J2ME development project templates. The steps to develop mobile gaming via the J2ME template provided by Javawebstudio 2005 are as follows: (1) Server Control-time Support|server server Control-time Support Have you done your own server control? Is there anything like the DataGrid control: 1. Pull it out of the Toolbox and automatically generate a bunch of code 2. Right click to see

What is a CGI

CGI is a standard for how Web servers communicate with external programs, allowing external programs to generate HTML, images, or other content, and the server is handled in the same way as HTML, images, or other content generated by non-external

ASP saves remote pictures to local and generates thumbnails

The ASP obtains the remote picture stream data through the XMLHTTP, and saves to the local, the first picture gathers the image to generate the thumbnail image. The specific code is as follows: '=================================================='

Install using Tcpdump to count HTTP requests in Ubuntu systems

install using Tcpdump to count HTTP requests in Ubuntu systems Installation Tcpdump installation is still more annoying ... 1. Download online for Libpcap and tcpdump 2. Install the required package for C compilation:

A class of file downloads

Download/// Download files public class Bddownloadfile { private string Url; The file URL address to download private string Savepath; The directory of the files to be saved private string errmsg; Save error message private string Regvalue = @

Anti-Theft chain technology used in ASP

Anti-Theft chain If we know the actual path of a static file such as: Http://, if the server does not have a special limit set, we can download it effortlessly! When the site provides 51windows.pdf download, how to

My O/R mapping actual development experience (II)

Third, the existing O/R mapping product introduction O/R mapping has been a long time, a lot of products: Java has hibernate, JDO and so on. Net has objectspaces,,, Atomsframework,, OPF. NET and so on. 1, Hibernate

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