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New Install APACHE2,PHP5,MYSQL5 under Win XP

APACHE|MYSQL|PHP5 See Php,mysql, all out of a new version, want to taste fresh, try to install a bit, and then the installation process down, hope to learn some of the novice PHP help, the owner can consider fine A simple process for new

Win7 cannot browse Web pages offline

Symptom: You want to browse the Web pages that you have opened offline, although those sites have been set up to allow offline viewing, opening always prompts "This web page cannot be used offline." Troubleshooting: resulting in the inability to

Make Windows 7 temporary folders out of the system disk

Now many people in the computer installation software, have developed a habit of modifying the installation path, the software installed to other hard disk partitions, can save a lot of space for the system disk. But the computer used for a long

How to transfer Win7 temporary file storage location, where is the Temp folder

  found that the system disk partition has issued a red alert, the space is almost full, what is the file to take up the C disk space? In the Win7 system, the temporary file is a big one to eat hard drive, is also the system running the most

Win8 system IE browser temporary file storage space how to set up

Using IE browser to browse the Web site or download resources will also produce a variety of temporary files, these records will occupy the system disk space, in the previous tutorial also described the deletion of the Win7 64-bit version of the

Five optimizations required to install Win7 flagship system to improve system performance

User Account Control (UAC) settings User Account Control, called UAC, is a new set of infrastructure technologies in Windows Vista and later operating systems, although this UAC is for security purposes, but users are prompted to run many programs,

Win tips on how to stop unfamiliar U-disk startup

Use a personal computer must always use a U disk, as a convenient temporary storage device, u disk is our indispensable means of file exchange, set as a temporary file storage equipment, but also on the personal computer data has a great threat, not

What if there is not enough virtual memory?

Virtual memory function: The virtual memory technology in Windows, is to take out a part of the hard disk space to act as memory, when the memory footprint, the computer will automatically call the hard disk space to act as memory, to ease the

All about Win XP's optimization tips

Collect all the optimization tips on Win xp Windows XP is known by Microsoft as the most perfect operating system in its history, with all the features and faster speeds that dazzle you, and of course all of this puts a higher demand on the

Let Windows XP run faster and more steadily

Microsoft's XP system is known by most netizens as the most outstanding operating system in history, with dazzling features, faster speeds, and of course all of these have higher requirements for computer hardware, if you want Windows XP to use as

Re-install the required settings for win 75

Windows 7 System "Check for updates" setting The "Check for updates" setting in the Windows 7 system is critical to the user because the system that has just been reset is relatively pure, but it is also a system with the least amount of bug

Win7 temporary folder path Win7 The temporary folder of the system.

When we operate the Win7 system computer or browse the Web page, will generate some garbage stored in the temporary folder, if the larger the temporary folder will occupy the system disk space, thus affecting the system running speed, so the

How does the win7/win8.1 system disk grow smaller?

win7/win8.1 system disk gradually smaller method one: 1, the system sleep function in the C-packing directory to generate hidden system files: Hiberfil.sys, this file size just and their own physical memory is consistent, when you let the computer

How to change cache temporary file storage path under Win7 system IE browser

1, click on the lower left corner of the screen Windows icon, and then select the "Control Panel" option; 2. After opening the Control Panel window, click on the "Internet Options" icon. You can also open Internet options in the

How to adjust virtual memory?

Memory is very important in the computer, all the programs running in the computer need to go through the memory to execute, if the execution of the program is very large or many, will lead to memory consumption exhausted. To solve this problem,

Implementation of file uploads using Apache FileUpload components

1, you can implement one or more files upload, you can also receive ordinary form form data. 2, a simple test, the memory of the occupancy can be tolerated, and speed can also. Occasionally it can cause memory usage to rise and will not drop,

Two ways Photoshop modifies the location of temporary files

When we use PS, the computer will generate some temporary files of its own, when you turn off PS, these temporary files will be closed. But when the location of your storage space is not big enough, then how to version it? The following network

Five optimizations necessary to install Win7 system

Win7 system in the blink of an eye as one of the user's favorite operating system, market share also with the title, then the most concern for ordinary users than the installation of the system how to stable, safe, fast use, After installing the Win7

Description of main directory features in Linux root directory

/bin: Store The most commonly used commands; /boot: Start Linux core files; /dev: Equipment files; /ETC: Storage of various configuration files; /home: Directory of Household heads; /lib: The most basic dynamic link sharing library; /MNT:

Reload win 75 initial settings that have to be done

Now that the use of Windows 7 systems is quite common, with more people, Windows 7 reload the more opportunities, then for the newly-installed Windows 7 system, pure system, the problem of system optimization is what we first to solve it? For the

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