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SEO is what is the search engine optimization, we look at the interpretation of Baidu Encyclopedia, is a use search engine search rules to improve the current site in the search engine of the natural ranking in the way, in the domestic, so many years passed, SEO is still very fire, all kinds of SEO training is still hot, including a variety of Hundreds of thousands of of posts are generated every day, but most of them are running out of chains, Vuronge once did such a thing, in order to get a good site rankings, daily rush to the major blogs, forums, etc., send articles to soft, the purpose is to leave a few high-quality outside the chain, there are a variety of trading links to the site, the same very fire, Although the previous Baidu has announced the upgrade algorithm, the chain is no longer so important, but still can not change the vast number of seoer for the chain of obsession and heat, the fact that the domestic SEO really inseparable from the chain, a new online site, even if the station optimization of the good, even if all original articles, if no outside the chain of help, It is also difficult to get a good ranking in the domestic mainstream search engine.

Outside the chain for the importance of SEO determines the current status of China's SEO, decided the Chinese seoer bitter force of the current situation, daily morning and night hair outside the chain, change links, hair false original article, despite the bitter force, but still can not prevent hundreds of thousands of of the annual influx of novice to this industry, They are generally through to participate in SEO training or self-study seo to enter, the result is to do the training of the pots full of profits, while walking in the forefront of SEO is still hard, the vast majority of the future is full of confusion, a small number of development through several years of efforts and practice into a large company to do SEO There is a small part of the use of SEO technology to choose their own entrepreneurship, Vuronge is one of them, more is the transformation into the other Internet subdivision areas.

SEM is what, search engine marketing, SEM do is comprehensive and effective use of search engines to carry out network marketing and promotion, Sem pursuit of the highest cost-effective, with the smallest input, to obtain the largest number of visitors from the search engine, and generate commercial value. So what is the status of SEM in China? We are here to take the SEM as a bidding, relative to SEO, sem surface is relatively cold, but the inner competition is unusually fierce, cruel, take the bidding operation products, the industry can use to describe, in order to survive, in order to monopolize the market or to obtain greater sales, Peer attacks, DDoS attacks, customer service attacks, malicious clicks, order system attacks and so on, as well as price wars, grab orders and so on, there is no sufficient operating capital, no experienced team, it is difficult to survive in this circle.

The current situation of the traditional enterprise Operation Sem is, the effect is not very good, not ideal, one is not professional technical personnel, the second is too simple to understand the SEM, however, the bid promotion still can help enterprises get good sales, in addition, in order to avoid more enterprises to participate in this competition, Have entered the enterprise is often declared the effect is not ideal, advertising costs too high, too burning money, did not enter the enterprise so there is a deep misunderstanding of the bidding, often avoid and far, and the actual situation is, compared to other marketing methods, bidding promotion is absolutely the best choice, the average conversion cost is relatively low, and is controllable, For example, a small and medium-sized enterprises, the annual cost of doing SEO is 20,000, due to the instability of the SEO and Baidu's own factors, as well as the number of keyword restrictions, a large number of bidding rankings, resulting in the cost of the 20,000 we spend, may only bring us 2000 times the potential customers click, So the average per click Cost is 10 yuan, and if we take this 20,000 operation bidding, the specific click cost and click Effect is more easy to grasp, such as keyword click price how much money, we only need to promote the background settings can be, a keyword has no effect, can bring customers and generate transformation, Only need a few days of promotion can be verified, relative to SEO, greatly save time, and have a higher effect to ensure.

Sem (bidding) training for SEO training, not so hot, but also very lucrative, the current domestic bidding training only a few, for outsiders, even do not know their existence, the reality is that every year there are a lot of people to participate in their training.

With the pressure of Baidu and 360 on health products and imitation goods, the use of competitive bidding products to survive less and less, but, in the traditional industry, through the auction promotion, every year to earn a hundreds of thousands of, millions of is not a problem, or even to achieve the company's performance doubled, but do not understand, do not understand the bid is still at a respectful distance.

Finally summed up, domestic SEO surface hot, in fact, confusion, there is no uniform standards and rules, coupled with the uncertain time of the ventilation, the ranking is really elusive, the domestic SEM surface cold, outsiders talk about its color change, but the competition is unusually fierce, brutal, even for some people to bid like a cash cow, the more investment, The higher the return, for the traditional enterprises, it can be said to open the door to the golden key of marketing.

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