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The author of the February 14 "Sem of medical SEO eyes aimed at the user behind the search engine", focusing on the user experience from the perspective of the implementation of the various strategies of SEO. Have friends ask, medical seo or SEO should be what the main goal. I think this problem is not an individual can answer, this should be said to be a very big topic, even can be said to involve the whole SEO industry trend. The Times can create history, web1.0, web2.0 seo, mainly for the ranking, flow, weight, etc. depending on the nature of the data, web3.0 has also begun, such as dots, everyone, Pinterest Interactive site, seemingly does not need SEO factors, But does SEO disappear? This is really the question that the writer cannot answer. Whether or not SEO will disappear, but now SEO still has its value and significance, do a good job in the present, is our most important purpose.

 "Landing page--What can you do?"


"Figure 1"

Figure 1 is the Baidu Encyclopedia on landing page explanation, the reason why the screenshot is because I want to highlight two points. Note that the red box callout in Figure 1, first of all we want to make sure that our target is potential users, whether this page is through a pay auction or natural optimization, each of our pages should have a clear theme and strong will. In other words, only the goal is clear, the purpose is clear, transformation can be clear. Second, the second red box labeled content is "search engine optimization", where the "search engine optimization" and not only refers to the results of natural SEO, it also includes the optimization of the bidding promotion. Here I will not say anything more, in the author's opinion, bidding keyword optimization can be said to be a more profound than SEO and complex knowledge, title, description, matching, display, consumption, click, transform, ranking, data analysis, data monitoring, adjustment strategies, plans, modules and so on, etc. It takes a very complicated knowledge system to build up. I believe that for the optimization of bidding keywords, a lot of professionals have a more profound understanding, here I will no longer swim the eggs.

For PPC ads, its landing page purpose and purpose should be said to be very clear, is to bring transformation, and the conversion requirements are very efficient and accurate. Especially for the medical industry, PPC is the main dialogue and the source of consultation, can be said that PPC is the medical SEM industry life door, and landing page is PPC's life gate. Say again directly, good landing page even if the bidding rankings have no advantage, but can guarantee the efficient conversion rate, then its to the diagnosis quantity is also very considerable; in contrast, there is no good effective landing page, even the key words in the bid ranking again high, showing the advantages of the obvious, and finally to increase consumption, in vain.

"Landing page--take advantage of long complement"

Everything has two sides. Landing page Also, it has a natural SEO unmatched rankings and display advantages, but also, its disadvantages are quite obvious. The user's search keyword may be different from what he wants to achieve, but just as your bid matches this keyword, it is possible for the user to click on your bid link to produce an invalid consumption; even if the user's search purpose is exactly the same as the message you advertised, the user clicks into the On your landing page there is no need to stimulate or trigger the user's needs, but also ineffective consumption.

The landing page of PPC has the limitation of time and space, after the user clicks on the bidding advertisement to enter, if cannot raise his demand on this single page, that user is very likely to leave the page. In other words, our bid landing page, should be in a limited time, limited space, do the greatest possible, stimulate the needs of users to transform, in order to achieve the significance of advertising, which is also the landing page bidding mission.

The advantages of PPC are also the space of time and page for users to stay. This is actually not contradictory. Real data confirms that a user searches for the same keywords, respectively, through the auction ads and natural SEO into the same style of the site two pages, stay in the auction landing page time than the natural search results landing page of a long time, the scope of its page browsing is also more. It can be said that the bidding landing page because of such characteristics, we need to spend more time and energy to improve and improve it, so that it does not bear the burden.

and the medical industry bidding landing page, from the industry perspective and the purpose of the page, should belong to the reference landing page and compression landing page Fusion intersection. The reference landing page (Reference landing page) provides reference information to visitors who can display text, pictures, dynamic links, or other elements. A reference landing page is very effective for meeting the goals of an association, institution, or public service organization. The compressed landing page (Squeeze page) is typically used for direct marketing (directly Marketing), called a compressed page (or a list grab page, Squeeze page). This web page focuses on obtaining information about the user. This landing page has a very high conversion rate, and the information collected can be used for direct contact marketing in the future. Why is it that the medical industry's bid landing page is a fusion of both, as mentioned below.

"The medical profession-what kind of bidding landing page do we need?"

From a reference point of view, bidding landing page is an excellent way to promote the brand of medical institutions. If it is a specialized hospital, users search for disease keywords through the bidding link into the landing page, at this time of the page on the hospital text, pictures, dynamic these direct brand marketing factors must be less. Second, from the compression-type landing page angle, users also search for disease keywords through the bidding link into the landing page, must contain the potential needs for treatment of disease, then landing page, the focus should be on the treatment of the advantages of the disease, must be conveyed to a very strong message. Let's look at Figure 2.


"Figure 2"

Figure 2 is the keyword "prostatitis" of a hospital bidding landing page. The author thinks, the user searches "prostatitis" or the correlation long tail match word, its goal can contain the latent transformation demand. The landing page in Figure 1 conveys to us more information about the authority and comprehensiveness of the hospital's treatment of male disease. Such a page is biased to refer to the angle of the factors more. Here I can't judge a bid landing page good or bad, because whether it is the angle of search, or personal experience of the position, can not live in the situation to judge, so the content of this article is how to better improve the conversion rate of landing page, the comments and suggestions are for reference only.


"Figure 3"

The same is the key word "prostatitis", figure 3 is a typical compression landing page, conveyed to the user information including hospitals, experts, technology, dynamic, patient cases and medical equipment. These six points in the page layout of the proportion and the amount of information in turn are experts, hospitals, technology, dynamic, patients and medical equipment. What I want to say here is that no page can be copied completely, so is the bidding landing page of the medical industry. What we need to do is to target different kinds of diseases, different regions, different potential users and different transformation needs, to develop different emphasis landing page, through the actual consumption and conversion data to make comparisons, so as to find the most suitable for their own landing page. After all, "practice is the only criterion for testing truth." ”

Although there is no clear criteria to validate which page is the most suitable for bidding landing page, but I think, at present, it should be said that there are four kinds of pages, is not suitable to assume the burden of landing page.

①, article page

To the article page for the auction advertising landing page is the author's most recommended, but also the author has seen the most used.


"Figure 4"

Fig. 4 is a bidding landing page for "uterine fibroids" in a hospital. Why say the author least recommended to use the article page as a bidding landing page, the reason is 3:1, the page structure fixed. The whole station article page layout is identical and fixed, the whole page is most likely to convey the information area is the content area, other such as navigation, logos, banner, other articles title list can not give users enough to convey information, virtually wasting valuable landing page limited space; second, the article style monotonous. An article, no matter how many of the map, and no matter how many modifications, the text is always the main part. The user may stay in the article page through the natural search in order to achieve the purpose of browsing, but not in the entry through the PPC landing page to do more stops, once the user opened the page found large text, it is very likely to leave. Third, can not help users achieve the purpose. If a user searches for a keyword or long tail word in a disease and enters a bid landing page, there is a possibility of transformation, if present in front of the user is the article-oriented page, unless the page can meet the minimum but also the most urgent physiological needs (the author in the "SEM Medical SEO eyes target the search engine behind the user Refers to the medical site to give users the question of demand, otherwise, users will be because such as the number of words in the article, the expression is not clear, did not find the content to understand and so on, and so on, and can not produce transformation. Fully three points, I think that the most fundamental reason, or the article page as a bidding landing page, can not give users enough experience, can not fully express the transmission of information, more talk about meeting the needs of users.

②, List page


"Figure 5"

Figure 5 is a bidding landing page for a keyword, similar to a landing page for the content of the article, except that the user focus area is changed from text to a list of articles. It is still not feasible to make the list page a bidding landing page, whether from the page structure, information transmission, and stimulating the potential needs of the user.

③, website Home

In addition to the article page and the list page, the more common is the homepage of the site. The reason why the homepage is not recommended as landing page is because the purpose of the user search keyword is to understand the content related to this keyword. Specifically, for example, a user searches for "itchy skin", what he wants to know should include but not limited to the symptoms of skin itching, etiology, treatment, medication, treatment of skin itching hospital, treatment costs, skin itching complications, and so on, if the user click on the auction link found to enter a site's homepage, He had to look for what he wanted to know, and then through a layer, two or more links to the end to reach the destination page, so that the same as the user set the n threshold, and the home page, this is the first hurdle. So how many users at this time will be in your home page patiently looking for it?

④, Channel page, section page or topic page

The author is not a generalized saying that the Channel page, column page or feature page is not suitable as a bidding landing page, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions. First of all, if the Special Channel page, column page or topic page, its page structure similar to the homepage, but the content of the breadth and amount of information on the home page, depth is higher than the first page. This page I have seen many, almost all of the structure of the modular layout, a column of a column of line-by-row placement. As a page between the homepage and the list page of the site, whether from the user experience or SEO perspective, is not suitable for use as a keyword Landing page for medical bidding.

So what kind of page do we need to be a landing page?

First of all, we should make it clear that the landing page of the medical profession is intended to allow users to come to the hospital for consultation, and the second is to generate dialogue. So what are the elements of our landing page that need to be made clear? Our goal is very simple direct, is to stimulate the potential needs of the user to achieve transformation, then the user is concerned about what? First, whether the disease can be cured (or how long it will take), and second, how to treat (through what technical means can be cured); How much is the cost; the hospital's qualifications; The hospital has a cure precedent; distance itinerary or schedule. I want to stress here that the order of these six points is arranged in the most caring way. A user (potential patient) in the medical Industry bidding landing page is most concerned about the disease can not be cured (of course, there is almost no cure now, and the cost of treatment is a secondary consideration, which is also a special part of the landing page of the medical profession.

Now that we have a general idea of the content and order of our potential users, we have identified what we want to achieve, and the rest is to cater to and stimulate the needs of our users to achieve transformation. As shown in Figure 6.


"Figure 6"

"goal-specific, target-accurate"

Bidding promotion is the most important of the medical profession, even can be said to be the source of profit. Many people say how much consumption has increased and the transformation has not improved significantly. I think this is the problem of a boat crossing the river, we always come to think how to invest to attract users to the boat, but very few people to consider whether the boat's load has reached the limit, we should be for more users of the need to change this boat. The author mentioned that the user experience is the site of all the fundamental, competitive landing page for the user experience requirements more clear and profound, only fully meet the needs of users, can stimulate the user's needs, and finally to transform the user's needs to achieve our goals. This process is based on the need for a user experience of the four-dial high conversion bidding landing page.

I ning Xiao Le, buckle buckle: 604163270, welcome the medical industry sem people to discuss together! Another reprint this article please indicate the source (!

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