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Some time ago I and a friend to do SEO has been arguing for a long, because I am now doing Baidu bid promotion, he joked and I said I was a "SEO renegade", do SEO is to save this kind of promotional costs, how can I put a good SEO do not do it to give Baidu to send money? In fact, I believe there are many seoer, especially just contact SEO not long. At the very least, I had this idea at first.

Then I started thinking, why do I have this idea? Think of it down to two words "cost" or "cost". A few years ago, SEO began to sweep over the network, which is a series of speech-oriented: Want to bite on the internet cake, do seo most affordable. Why? Because many people misunderstand Google's "SEO is free". SEO is free, then there is better than this marketing means it? So for a time SEO became hot. The SEM method of bidding promotion is regarded as "Wolf Tiger" by some seoer.

Is that actually the case?

Give an example to illustrate. For example, I am engaged in the bucket water industry, the industry's key words are not very popular keywords, so relatively these keywords to do optimization is also easier, with some conventional means or can let the keyword in a short period of time to rise in the rankings. However, a short time is also required one months, if it is a new station that will take a longer time. And, before said SEO has become very popular now, no that industry will be lack of SEO professionals, want to stabilize the home page ideal position rankings, even if not hot keyword also need long-term attention to pay a lot of effort. Now what industry competition is fierce, if you do not progress means that you are back, SEO is the same. And a person's energy after all limited, you can highlight the ability to do five or six main keywords, do ten or twenty long tail keywords in the top three--as far as I know can do such a seoer has been very good seoer, even if it is the key words of the unpopular point. For me such a technology is not so high seoer, to achieve such a result is to take a long time to work hard. Well, here's the question. Our enterprise scale is small, have no specialized seoer team, I am a person alone melee, want to reach before said effect need to pay attention to the website every day, time-consuming also consumes dint, so my salary calculate is not the cost of SEO? Someone said, that more than a few people, the effectiveness of the team combat results quickly. Yes, really fast, but you need to pay several times the salary to do, and do not specialize in SEO outsourcing company, you ask so many employees to do SEO, and so on the site rankings rose, stable does not need so many people to operate you are not to hire more employees to resign? Not realistic, huh?

Is the employee's salary a SEO cost? And it's hard cost. Again, the soft cost, For example, our company just made a new website, we are the water industry, immediately to the bottled water sales season, if I want to spend a few one months or even a few months to make a few keywords to do the first few, the sales season is half past, until then day Lily is cold. So the loss of customer measurement is not the soft cost of SEO? Again, the keyword heat is not high, it means that a single keyword search engine potential customer number is not high, and considering the conversion rate of the site long tail keyword needs to do a lot of. Take the bucket water industry, the water delivery industry belongs to the life service industry, so do the long tail keyword is definitely need to have a geographical nature of the key words, how many districts in a city? Each with the beginning of the key words such as Shenzhen Nanshan water or Lo Wu water delivery company and so on how many? These keywords can bring a lot of customers, But it is very necessary to do a lot of this kind of keywords to achieve the desired results. So obviously I do not have so much ability to do all these words up, or I will take a long time to do it, so that the loss of customer measurement is not the soft cost of SEO?

So SEO is a cost, and not like some organizations or individuals said SEO is free.

Since there is a cost, then as a qualified seoer, do not very justly say I am SEO, is to do free promotion, for PPC (by point Billing) category bid ranking promotion means, I am very dismissive. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the regional service-oriented enterprises, do SEM (here I narrow understanding for the promotion of the bid) is actually a very good choice. As an employee, bringing real profits to the company is the primary criterion for a raise. As for you do SEO or do sem, in fact, the boss will not be too different, because he knows, want to get the proceeds must pay the cost, he is considering only at the same cost which way to bring more benefits. Or say bucket water industry, I can do 400-500 keywords to Baidu, perhaps a lot of targeted keywords are not too many clicks, but what does it matter? Anyway, there is no charge, and such a keyword, but there is a click, is certainly very promising to achieve sales goals of the click. Long tail keyword definition comes from "long tail effect" (long tail effect, English name long Tail Effect. The bulge in the middle of a normal curve is called a "head"; the relatively flat part of the two sides is called "tail". New competitiveness from the perspective of people's needs, most of the demand will be concentrated in the head, and this part we can call the popular, and the distribution of the tail of the demand is personalized, fragmented small demand. And this part of the difference, a small amount of demand on the demand curve will form a long "tail", and the so-called long tail effect is its number, the accumulation of all the popular market will be a bigger market than the popular market. In my opinion, SEM is a good way to do long tail keyword marketing, why? Because the long tail keyword is cheap. But because the number of large, I do search engine optimization will not have so much time to do every long tail keyword, and there are many long tail keyword is a small number of clicks.

Of course, I do not say that doing sem is better than SEO, after all, some industries do bidding promotion you can not afford to hurt. The sky-high cost of clicks to do SEM is definitely a huge mishap. Only we can find a certain industry SEO and sem balance point.

After reading this article, we can think about whether their industry to do sem than simply do SEO more appropriate, if it is appropriate, may be decisive and your boss to apply for fees, of course, on the SEM is also a lot of things need to be optimized. But as long as it can be more effective, I am sure your boss will not be stingy with your salary plus a sum.

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