20151031 Thoughts on Team building

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Today's team building, I feel very big. Work for a whole year, before also participated in similar sharing activities, is in the first company, Huaqiang North Mall, now think of each company in fact every place of people are very good, bad is just self-ADO. Now the mood is depressed, can not find their own bad reasons, to say the reason, the estimate is to say that the game, but definitely not only this one reason.

Once thought slowly grow up, people become more and more indifferent, to all things, think this is a good thing, what things are only with their wish, happy on the line, muddle through. I don't really know what I really want.

The two most impressive themes today: EQ and executive power. These two things are really what I lack now, or most of the things that most people lack. I almost all things will be silently in the mind to think, to think, seldom give practical action. EQ this thing, always by their own temperament to be accustomed to, always think that they are small, in fact, really big, how much to think about. If you do not act on what you think, you will always think about it.

Today, the game is supposed to run for the captain, and later to seize every opportunity to show, but also later to share the speech can be more opportunities to appear, but did not seize, or speak too little, talk this thing and do things, say more natural will say, since the past do not want to do, then now forced to do, Force yourself to change, or there will never be a breakthrough.

See people say words, hell say nonsense, this sentence heard many times, but it is difficult to do, their temperament this way, is indeed the character determine fate, but why not try to change, even if it is inundation first step.

There are so many people in the world, not every one is what you like, and you are not everyone's favorite, so that they become a person everyone feels like the talent line.

20151031 Thoughts on Team building

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