32-bit windows xp cannot use 4g memory.

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32-bit windows xp cannot use 4g memory.

Many of my friends are still using the xp system for various reasons, and there are very few 64-bit xp hardware drivers, so most xp users install 32-bit.

Now we have 4 GB memory. First, let's see how much memory the system recognizes.

Right-click "my computer" and select the first item-"general". You can see that the recognized memory size is 3.25 GB, Which is MB less. more than 700 mb of memory can't be said without it. We have to find it back.

First, we have to install a third-party software called SuperSpeed Ramdisk 10 which has a Chinese version. If the English version is poor, we can apply a Chinese version patch.

You can use Baidu.

After the installation is successful, open RamDisk Plus on the desktop

Click the Memory icon to set the Memory.


To view the memory first option.

If the page size is 4096, the total memory is 4 GB. Why is it 4096? Because 1 GB equals MB.

Click unmanaged to set

Click configure.

Check Enable use of unmanagedmemory


If your computer does not automatically recognize the memory, cancel the following two options: "Use System .... "" Automatically search... ", then manually enter the total memory size less than 4096.




Click OK to complete the basic settings.

Now we want to add ramdisk (virtual hard disk). After setting, the plus sign on the left has become brighter.


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