about installing MONGO extensions on the WAMP integration environment and XAMPP on Windows

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Today to learn the next MongoDB, in the installation of PHP extension is a very easy thing, the result is not as simple as I think.

My integration environment is XAMPP PHP version is 5.6 x86. I turned on safe mode, so I need to MONGO when TS security mode extended x86 extension These are not very complicated. But when I put the downloaded extension into the ext directory, after opening the extension in php.ini. Restart Apache to find MONGO extension information in Phpinfo,

After their own repeated elimination, no fruit. The main is Apache error log unexpectedly did not report error. PHP.ini open MONGO Whether or not there is no error. Helpless under I tested the next WAMP environment. It is also true that we find our technology boss in the company today. I took care of it in minutes. I've been looking out for the boss with a cult eye. There are some thoughts about yourself. This is the gap. In the same time, people can do a lot of things. It's not that people are lazy because we all drag them down. Hey!

The method to be resolved. is an environment variable. I added the d:/xampp/php/ext/;D in the environment variable path:/xampp/php/;

Here to pay my download link:


Choose an extended version you should be aware that you are 1. The current version of PHP 2. And the setting of the thread Safety in your Phpinfo () enabled (on) Select the TS version of Disabled (off) to select the NTS version of 3. View your environment is 32-bit installed x86 ; 64-bit loaded x86_64.

Put the extension rename Php_mongo.dll into the Php/ext directory and open Extension=php_mongo.dll in the php.ini file. Reboot Apache to see if there are any in phpinfo ().

OK would have been a pleasant Sunday due to this little problem. The party has a lot of things. Also verified a sentence, theory and do things are different.

about installing MONGO extensions on the WAMP integration environment and XAMPP on Windows

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