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To do a website is actually running a shop, operating a company, how you operate your company, then you how to maintain your site, Baidu is very intelligent before writing an article, also did Baidu test, detailed look at the fact that Baidu is not stupid, do not underestimate Baidu! If you are the boss of a company, How would you treat your company? If I were the boss of a company, I would:

First: I will slowly start, not a breath to eat a big fat, daily normal work, every day to run their own company, so that the company will be warm, let the company become beautiful, let came to my company to let him feel that my company is beautiful is professional! Also do the site is the same, the site to do a beautiful point, do not let users feel disgusted And then what we do, let the user visit our website, let him know that we are a highly professional website.

Second: The company has become beautiful, the company has become professional, I want to change the company enough, and then recruit a lot of employees, and then the corresponding to find some customers, so that I can survive. The same site is done, should be looking for information to fill the site, to find some with my relationship with the site to cooperate, to find some links to the outside chain, so that other sites know that there is my site! Then let more viewers know about you.

Third: As a company, to the same company with their own good relations, not malicious competition, to grasp their own company's services, to use the strength of the company to admire those companies, so as to achieve the industry's outstanding or leading enterprises.

Similarly, your site should be like this, not with the same type of site malicious competition, to more they make friends, friends more road to go, the site of the same type of site more, the site optimization ranking will certainly go up! Because you have a lot of friends to make friends with you, your friends are supporting you, Baidu will feel that you are a lot of websites like the site, the natural Baidu will love your site! Do the site as a person, do yourself a good job, let yourself have a user experience, so that they have a lot of friends, friends support you, you do the site will be twice the effort, so sometimes the character is also very important!

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