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Introduction to Windows Live writer and XML-RPC

(An article written very earlyArticle, Throwing it back up)

Windows Live writer is a tool released by Microsoft to edit and publish blogs without a browser. It supports HTML and simple image editing and uploading, which greatly facilitates blog editing and publishing. currently, Windows Live writer supports large blog services outside China, such as live spaces and blogger. If you want to use Windows Live writer without using the services in the support list, you only need to add XML-RPC support to your blog.

XML-RPC is a remote call service similar to WebService, But it supports more platforms than WebService, windows Live writer and many other offline blog editing and publishing tools use XML-RPC to call the blogProgramMethod.

This document uses ASP. net is used as an example to add XML-RPC support for Windows Live writer to the blog. This allows us to edit, publish, and modify blog entries in live writer, if your blog is on another platform, see

Http:// to find out how to implement XML-RPC on your platform. although the methods for implementing XML-RPC on different platforms are different, the steps for adding interfaces supported by Windows Live writer are similar.


For the ASP. NET platform, first download the components supported by XML-rpc in the, decompressCookcomputing. xmlrpcv2.dllCopy to the bin folder of the ASP. NET program andMetaweblogapi. CSCopy to the app_code folder (of course, other folders of the ASP. NET program can also be copied )..


First modifyMetaweblogapi. CSFile. This is one of the interfaces supported by Windows Live writer, but you must add a method to it to normally support Windows Live writer.


Add a struct:


Public StructUserblog {Public StringURL;Public StringBlogid;Public StringBlogname ;}

This is the structure used to save the blog Information

ThenImetaweblogInterface to add a method:


[Xmlrpcmethod ("Blogger. getusersblogs")] Userblog [] getusersblogs (StringAppkey,StringUsername,StringPassword );

XmlrpcmethodThe method name specified in XML-RPC cannot be changed. The. client cannot identify and call the method.

The interface file is ready. Now the interface method is implemented.

Add an ashx file in the root directory of the ASP. NET program. Suppose it is rpc. ashx. The following provides an example of rpc. ashx:


 <%  @ Webhandler Language  = "  C #  "  Class  =  "  Rpcservice  "     %>     <! --  Registration type  -->    <%  @ Assembly name  = "  Cookcomputing. xmlrpcv2  "     %>     <! --  Register cookcomputing. xmlrpcv2.dll for implementation of XMLRPC  -->    Using  System;  Using  System. collections;  Using  System. Web; Using  Cookcomputing. XMLRPC;  //  Introduce XMLRPC    Using  Cookcomputing. metaweblog;  //  Introduce imetaweblog Interface    Using  Dataaccess;  //  Introduce your own blog program to access namespace    [Xmlrpcservice (Description =     "  Metaweblog XML-RPC Service  "  )]  Public     Class  Rpcservice: xmlrpcservice, imetaweblog {  # Region  Imetaweblog Member    //  Retrieve blog site information     Public  Userblog [] getusersblogs (  String  Appkey,  String  Username,  String  Password ){  If  (LOGIN (username, password ))  //  Verify the username and password. You must implement this method in this class.    {Userblog blog  =    New  Userblog (); blog. blogid  =     ""  ;  //  Just a blog. This is not required.    Blog. blogname  =     "  Lifebeta  "  ;  // Blogname. Just write it.    Blog. url  =     "  Http://  "  ;  //  Blog URL      Return     New  Userblog [] {blog };} Return     Null  ;}  //  Add blog      Public     String  Newpost (  String  Blogid,  String  Username,  String Password, post,  Bool  Publish ){  If  (LOGIN (username, password )){  //  Use your own dataaccess      Return  Dataaccess. addblog (post. Title, post. description,  4  ,  ""  ,  False , Datetime. Now. addhours (  12  ). Tostring ();}  Return     Null  ;}  //  Edit blog      Public     Object  Editpost (  String  Postid, String  Username,  String  Password, post,  Bool  Publish ){  If  (LOGIN (username, password )){  //  Use your own dataaccess. Note that post. title is the title and post. description is the Blog content.    Dataaccess. editblog (convert. toint32 (postid), post. Title, post. description,  4  , ""  ,  False  );}  Return     Null  ;}// Obtain a category  Public  Categoryinfo [] getcategories (  String  Blogid,  String  Username,  String  Password ){ If  (LOGIN (username, password )){  //  Omitted    }  Return     Null  ;}// Get the article  Public  Post getpost (  String  Postid,  String  Username, String  Password ){  If  (LOGIN (username, password )){  //  Omitted    }  Return     New  Post ();}  // Obtain the latest published article  Public  Post [] getrecentposts ( String  Blogid,  String  Username,  String  Password,  Int  Numberofposts ){  If  (LOGIN (username, password )){  //  Omitted    }  Return    Null  ;}// Publish a media object  Public  Urldata newmediaobject (  String  Blogid,  String  Username,  String  Password, filedata file ){  If  (LOGIN (username, password ))  Return     New Urldata ();}  Return     New  Urldata ();}// Custom Method    Public     Bool  Login (  String  Username,  String  Pass ){  //  Used to verify the user   }  # Endregion  } 

OK .. this is almost the case .. enter this ashx in the browser to check whether the above implementation method list and data type are available, just like the local test page of WebService. however, XML-RPC cannot be tested locally. now you can try it with Windows Live writer.

Use Windows Live writer to publish a blog

Like adding other blog sites, You must select metaweblog (custom) when selecting the blog service. Enter the path of the ashx file for the script address.

Success! Because the XML-RPC solution prepared by others is used, it is quite simple to implement it. because live writer is still in beta stage, there are still some imperfections ,.. we look forward to the official version of live writer ..

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