Automated rules settings for the Windows 10 Enterprise Batch Deployment

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After we have completed the partitioning of the disk, we need to set up the relevant automated operations during the deployment process to facilitate our automated deployment operations. Here we first introduce the rules parameters in a simple note:

Customsettings Automation parameter settings

[Settings] priority=defaultproperties=mycustomproperty[default]osinstall=yes             //whether the operating system is allowed to deploy to the target computer skipbddwelcome=yes       // Do you want to skip the Welcome screen skipcapture=yes          // Whether to skip mirroring capture skipdeploymenttype=yes   //whether to skip selecting a deployment type Deploymenttype=newcomputerskipadminpassword=yes     //whether to skip setting the local Administrator password adminpassword=skipappsonupgrade=no     // Whether to skip the Application Installation Wizard page skipcomputername=no      //whether to skip setting the computer name skipproductkey=yes        //whether to skip entering the product Key skipdomainmembership=no  //whether to skip the Add domain or workgroup skipcomputerbackup= yes   //whether to skip computer backup skipbitlocker=yes        // Whether to skip BitLocker configuration skiptasksequence=no      //whether to skip the task sequence (customizable) Skipfinalsummary=yes      //whether to skip the final summary after the system deployment is complete skiptimezone=yes         //whether to skip time zone and language settings Timezonename=china standard  time//time zone keyboardlocale=zh-cn     //keyboard area userlocale=zh-cn          //User Area uilanguage=zh-cn         // Language skiplocaleselection=yes  //whether to skip local selection skipuserdata=yes          //whether to skip user data configuration skipsummary=yes          // Whether to skip the configuration summary confirmation slshare=\\********\logs  //can specify the location of the deployment log to facilitate daily troubleshooting

Bootstrap parameter setting annotations:

[Settings] priority=default[default]deployroot=\\\deploymentshare$    //shared directory userid= administrator                         //Start management account Settings userdomain=*****                              //the domain to which the account belongs userpassword=*****                           // Account corresponding Password keyboardlocale=zh-cn                         //Keyboard Language Settings skipbddwelcome=yes                            //Skip the Welcome screen 

The procedure is as follows:

1. Right-click MDT Deployment Share Console Select Properties:

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2, the MDT Deployment share property basic information is displayed as follows:

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3. Select the Rules window and change the rules values as follows:

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4, set bootstrap related information to skip the input of the account information during deployment:

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5. Change Windows PE not to tick generate a Lite Touch bootable ISO image,x86\x64 settings:

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6. In the Features option box, tick Chinese (ZH-CN) Language Pack Chinese Language Pack to prevent us from being garbled during the deployment process:

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For the Rules Automation Setup to complete basically, the corresponding option values are shown in the opening annotations. If there is insufficient welcome to point out, thank you!

Automated rules settings for the Windows 10 Enterprise Batch Deployment

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