Busy with Windows 10 migration? Don't forget the security of Windows 7!

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Many businesses are already ready to migrate to Windows 10, and for IT administrators, the security of Windows 7 cannot be overlooked. Since Microsoft officially stopped mainstream support for Windows 7 for more than a year now, and its extended support will end in 2010. Windows 7 has been ingrained in the corporate network for many years, but the time has not left people. Since Windows 8 is not popular, many companies are already migrating to Windows 10. But how will the security of Windows 7 stand in the next few years as you focus on the latest and best operating system? Will it continue to get attention? Or does it end up being ignored and discarded like Windows Server 20,031? Even if the Windows 10 migration Army is coming, make sure windows 7 is secure-this is still critical. Avoid these windows 7 security errors I've discovered one thing these years, as businesses move from system to system, they simply and rudely upgrade everyone, without addressing the urgent need to support previous releases. This process of thinking is often, "we make the specification according to the new version." "We all know what's going to happen in reality: The time to upgrade to a new system is always longer than expected, and it's often more difficult than it envisions." If the old operating system is missing out on malware protection or patching, it must first address these issues. However, everyone's focus is on the excitement of migrating to Windows 10, often ignoring the security of Windows 7. I also found that security documents were treated as such. The idea of an enterprise is that once a new operating system is deployed, everything should be ready. In fact, in addition to auditors, many policies, standards and procedures are not yet formed and are overlooked during the upgrade process. Therefore, the safety hazard is buried. For administrators, it is important to document the issues that need to be noted during the upgrade process, including malware protection, passwords, system logs, and monitoring-including Windows 10 and Windows 7. I have always believed that the newest is not always the best. I have also had this experience, the modern car built a useless computer, even including my long-term favorite band of the latest album. This, of course, also applies to computer software and operating systems. While I think Windows 10 will be a major desktop operating system in the enterprise domain, IT administrators must ensure that their existing security standards are in place to protect Windows 7 security. Even after the end of support, it continues to be the target of malware and attacks for a long time.

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Busy with Windows 10 migration? Don't forget the security of Windows 7!

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