Cliché: Windows 7-Class security vulnerabilities

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This is a relatively old article, but now turned out, or will let you know about Windows security vulnerabilities. We recommend that you read the original software: how to ensure the safety of computers from the root, not poisoning.

At present, the Microsoft series of products, the vulnerability of computer security has 7 main:

One, the LSASS related vulnerability is a buffer overflow vulnerability in the local security system service, the previous “ shock wave ” virus is exploiting this vulnerability caused serious Internet congestion.

Second, RPC interface-related vulnerabilities first it will send an attack packet on the internet, causing the enterprise LAN paralysis, computer system crashes and so on. “ Shockwave ” virus is exploiting this vulnerability to destroy, causing tens of thousands of computers worldwide to be paralyzed, countless enterprises are lost.

Third, ie browser vulnerability can make the user's information disclosure, such as users in the Internet through the Web to fill information, if hackers exploit this vulnerability is easy to steal user privacy.

Iv. URL Handling vulnerability, this vulnerability to a malicious Web page left a backdoor, the user after browsing some beautiful pictures of the site, the browser home page may be changed or caused by the inability to access the registry and other situations.

Five, URL specification vulnerability, some of the virus spread through instant messaging tools, such as when the QQ chat bar in the presence of a stranger sent a link, if the click is easy after the Trojan virus.

Six, the FTP overflow series of vulnerabilities mainly for the enterprise server damage, a lot of time before the domestic information security is not in place of the site is black, the current hacker attacks everywhere, enterprises must play a good patch.

Vii. GDI + vulnerabilities can make electronic pictures become viruses! Users click on the page of beautiful pictures, small animals, and even email sent by friends Pictures are likely to infect various viruses.

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Cliché: Windows 7-Class security vulnerabilities

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