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In this example, we want to change it to a more secure setting-24. Now, if you are smart and you have set up your statistical policy to change your key every 42 days, instead of 30 days, 30 days will allow hackers to know exactly when your key will be changed. Therefore, set a random number between the two. So let's talk about 42 days.
If you remember 24 keys, it takes three to 1/2 years. That is a good key list. Note that the policy in the database will be precisely defined. I click okay and you will notice that the 24 keys are remembered and the computer is set to 24 passwords remember under the database settings. Now the enforce password history is no longer marked in red.
Now let's take a look at some of our other nodes. We will carefully browse and set event Records. You will notice that I click my settings for event log. In this example, I will click on my audit policy and extend my system node to show all the services to be protected; expand my file system node, that will allow me to protect any folder or any object, as we once could.
It is not in a casual way, that is, to accomplish the goal in a variety of ways. Now you can do something like an independent part in the management console. One interesting thing is that since you can do it in one place, there is no reason to continue to have a loose security policy.
What we need to do now is to take another look at our key and see the maximum key age. Recall that we have discussed the key age. We have set it to 42 days, which is good. Double-click it and make changes. Now let's set it back to 31 days. Note that 31 days is the database setting, but the computer setting is still 42 days
Note that those are in the direct content and that is why the Red Cross is displayed now. Our minimum key length is now set to zero, which is not good. We don't need an empty key, so we change it to 8 because 8 is a good number of loops. You can set it to any number as needed. Once again, we click the okey, and now what is really important is that we will click the perfect key.
This means that your key must be a mix of numbers or symbols without uppercase or lowercase letters. By creating this special requirement, you have greatly increased the time that hackers may use Log Crack or something like this to Crack your key. Then we click enable and then click okey.
Then, this restriction is provided. Some users will select a key such as Friday13. When Keys expire, they cannot be used again, because we have set Windows 2000 to remember the old keys, so what we need to do is to set them as more difficult.
It may also lock our administrator account, if the administrator has typed this key too many times. As a security feature, an administrator can log on locally even if your account is locked.
So finally, close the last security loop and we will go to account lock and activate the lock threshold. Then the account will not be locked and we will change it to 3.
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