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The world's first IT products E-commerce company, the United States New Egg (Newegg) technology group Chengdu Company yesterday officially opened in the High-tech Zone incubation Park, this is the new egg technology in Shanghai, Taiwan after the establishment of the third overseas operating agencies. It is reported that the new egg technology in the conditions of maturity, in Chengdu, the establishment of warehousing logistics distribution center.

"Maples's modem products and housekeeper software, the most promising to enter the new Egg International network retail platform." "New Egg Chengdu Company project manager Zhang Jianfeng revealed that the company has started and maples and other local it enterprises contact." New Egg Technology CEO Jin Jianwei expected that in the next year, Chengdu market sales accounted for at least one-sixth of the annual sales of new eggs, which means that local IT companies are expected to use the new Egg Network retail platform, in the international market to win nearly 1.5 billion yuan of sales orders.

Speaking of the preparations for the China headquarters, Jin Jianwei revealed that Chengdu company if the year to upgrade to China headquarters, will absorb a large number of local it talent. According to the preliminary plan, the new eggs will be added to the early next year, with 400 additional it talents, including software development, product services, customer service and market research, and are the target of new egg Yen Yi and snares.

    Data Link New Egg technology was founded in 1990, headquartered in Los Angeles, United States. Is the world's top ten consumer e-commerce companies, in IT products E-commerce companies ranked first. Global sales have now exceeded 1 billion U.S. dollars, with an average daily processing of 25,000 online orders.  
                                                                                                           ------Excerpt from: China Chengdu network

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