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Win8 has made breakthroughs in many functions. Today we will talk about Smartscreen filters. SmartScreen filter is a feature in IE that helps detect counterfeit websites. It is a built-in feature of IE8 and IE9. In Win8, this function is integrated into the operating system. SmartScreen is a security protection software in Win8 that can prevent malicious programs from running. However, it occasionally blocks legitimate applications, and SmartScreen sends the information to Microsoft, so it also involves some ** issues.

How SmartScreen works
By default, the Win8 system sends all information about the application you downloaded and installed to the Microsoft Server. The Microsoft server will return an evaluation of the application. If the application you download is a legal and common application, such as Firefox or itunes, Win8 will automatically run the application.
If SmartScreen does not have information about the application, Win8 will stop the application from running whether the application is a new malicious plug-in or a niche software. It also automatically prevents known malware from running.

The same applies to SmartScreen in IE8 and IE9. When you download an application, the SmartScreen filter of IE will send the application information to the Microsoft Server, and then the Microsoft server will decide whether to download the application.
In Win8, this function has been integrated into the system. SmartScreen can detect applications even if you use other browsers (such as Flash games, Google browsers, and Firefox browsers.

When running an unknown program
When you try to load an unauthenticated SmartScreen application, it will automatically pop up a message that is protecting your system to prevent the program from running. When you see this message, you will naturally be alert to determine whether the program is secure. However, sometimes legal applications are blocked.
If you are sure that the opened application is secure, click more information ".

Click the "continue to run" button to allow the program to run.

Questions about **
Because SmartScreen sends your program information to the Microsoft Server to check whether the program is allowed to run. Therefore, the media pointed out that this is a possible violation.

SmartScreen sends a small amount of data to the Microsoft Server when you run the program. This information includes the file name and a small amount of program content, of course, this small amount is compared with the database on the Microsoft Server. If the application meets security standards, it can run smoothly.
When you try to run an application under Win8, Microsoft will learn the name of the file and your IP address.

Microsoft also released a statement on the official website, saying that they do not want to create a database related to the applications that the user runs. The content is as follows:
We can confirm that Microsoft does not want to establish a database for user IP addresses and user program usage. Obtaining an IP address is necessary to link to the Microsoft Server. However, we will periodically Delete the relevant information and take measures in the background to protect users **. We will not use the data to contact users or send advertisements, nor leak the data to third parties.

We are certain that SmartScreen is a very effective security protection function, which can help users who lack awareness to prevent malicious programs from being attacked, whether or not to use it depends on your individual circumstances.

The method to block SmartScreen is as follows:
Shortcut Key Win + X-control panel-operation center-change Windows SmartScreen filter settings-do not perform any operation-OK.

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