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Fever fish:Recently, some netizens often asked me how to renew my earphones. In fact, I have never been reluctant to deliberately hide a pair of headphones, because if it is done well, it is just a little faster to enter the status, such as hd600, it would have taken about two hours to get into the status every day. However, if you do not have a hard time, it may shorten the service life of your earphones and even cause permanent physical damage to your earphones, for example, when I found someone using sennheiser headphones, because of accidental power overload and too large amplitude, because the amplitude is too large, the fixed glue of the wire of the sound ring is removed from the impact of the vibration film. Although I finally negotiated with the general agent for free repair, it was confirmed by technical identification that the amplitude was too large. So I think it is better to let the headset listen normally and slowly enter the status, and it is also a pleasure to have a fever when the sound of the headset changes slowly, when you finally compare a brand new headset of the same model with your own headset, you will find that the sound quality changes so much, just as I have used hd580 for many years, when many netizens listen to the brand new hd580, there will be a kind of doubt-isn't the new version of hd580 different from the old version of hd580? However, the actual situation is that the newly purchased hd580 is almost the same as my old hd580 a few months later, because the sound is constantly changing as long as the headset is in use, it is impossible for the sound to remain unchanged after it passes through. It must remain unchanged, but the change may be small. I pay for the hd580 I bought in 95 years. The sound is slightly different from the hd580 I bought now. It is mainly manifested in the low-frequency band. My headphones are more soft and the middle-frequency and high-frequency are basically unchanged, more netizens like me to pay for hd580 and even propose to buy it, but I cannot afford it! :) But in the next two years, the two hd580 voices may be basically the same.
The earphone vibration film and the speaker speakers will have a service life, but because the earphone vibration film amplitude is very small, it is much smaller than the speaker's vibration film amplitude, so the life is much longer, if it is normal, your son or even grandson may be able to use it! However, if you want to enable the headset quickly and drive it with high power for a long time, the service life of the headset will be shortened. If the headset is improperly installed, it may cause irreparable physical damage to the headset, I can't regret it at that time!
Therefore, I suggest you try to get a headset that you don't have any experience with, and let it go into the status slowly. You can't eat hot tofu and listen slowly. The voice of your computer is changing slowly. how amazing it is!

These are my personal opinions. You are welcome to discuss them.

Unintentional sleep:"Hosts" mean that stable sound quality requires a period of use. If you listen for an hour every day, your voice will remain stable after about four or five months. The four or five months are the "Rolling Machine" period. The proper host will not damage the headset, but will only accelerate the stable sound quality. The term "stability" is used here, rather than "improvement". Some headphones (speakers) are not necessarily better open than brand new ones. For headphones, use the following method:
1. Use pink or white noise as the signal source
2. At the initial stage, the normal volume is continuously set for 24 hours.
3. Stop for 4 hours
4. Use high volume (ears are just unbearable) 8 ~ 12 hours
5. Stop for 4 hours
6. Normal volume for 24 hours
7. the earphones were "familiar" about a week later.
When you are on the host, be aware that if you are not sure whether the volume is too high, ask someone to help you listen. If you cannot stick to the headset for 10 seconds (not for preference reasons), the volume will be too high.

Amp:I just bought 600. Let's talk about my method. 2 CDs
CD1: 5 min white noise, 1 min glass drop, 30 min violin, piano concert, 2 min 80-25 kHz sweep, 5 min white noise, 3 min Apollo 13 takeoff, 2 min 80-25 kHz sweep, 10 min symphony, 5 min white noise, 10 min drum
CD2: 15 min pink noise, 15 min 20-20 kHz scanning, 5 min drum, 15 min white noise, 5 min scanning, 5 min drum, 15 min symphony
Play CD1 for 20 hours at 2/3 of normal audio volume on the first day
The next day, we played 2/3 of the normal sound volume for 2/3, 11 hours, and of the normal sound volume for hours.
On the third day, use the normal audio volume to play 4/3 for hours.
Play CD1 at a normal audio volume of 4/3 and 11 hours on the fourth day, and then play and 11 hours at a normal audio volume.
The fifth day, the normal volume of 2/3 to play CD2, 15 hours, close. 97 hours in total

At present, we have been able to hear the difference between 580 and 580-the low frequency is similar to 580, and it needs to be a little more dense. The medium frequency is not as dull as, but there are more details. The high frequency is not much different. The vertical depth is more powerful than 580, which is approximately the same.
Probably not yet in place ...... Let's take a look.

Bloody twilight:I agree with the landlord's point of view.
There is no need to cook,
I checked it. The foreign language is run in.
Sony e888, Hong Kong $38,
Similar to local standards,
The monthly salary is RMB 3000, and the cost is RMB 30-40 to buy a headset.

It is unlikely that I will run in for a few months because of a 30-40 yuan headset.

The reason is:
1) What is the theoretical basis of pot? Is it based on your own ears?
2) headphones have a lifetime of vibration. The method is the player's statement or the manufacturer's statement.
I like photography. I know a lot about photography, or even the so-called photography Masters about equipment maintenance or
The feeling of photography lenses is ridiculous for professional optical professionals.
3) I believe that the technology manufacturing level and finished product quality in developed countries are now available.

I don't know much about it.
But I know
The human ears have different feelings for the audio of 20-20 000Hz.
That is to say, the effects of the same amplitude and different frequencies on human ears are also different.
For different models of headphones, the frequency is also different.

[B] just as there is no film that correctly reflects the human experience in color.
No headset correctly reflects the color of human ears. [/B]

Therefore, I think if anyone who has a headset does not
Full-Frequency Scanning without scanning your ears.
In addition, the mechanical loss of the vibration part of the earphone is calculated.
Simply use a frequency or a piece of music to cook.

Isn't that easy?

For example, you can use Hz to boil the e888.
In this case, the response to Hz may be
If there is a change, then the evaluation determines how much time, how much amplitude,
In order to achieve the best mechanical performance?
And make sure that Hz does not affect this headset too much?

I don't know if anyone who agrees with the challenge considers this.

Even the old car needs to run in, which is actually the design and materials at the time.
The problem of process processing, now the car seems to have to run in.

I am a student, so I may have a doggy understanding of it.

Thank you :)

Bloody twilight:To: AMP
Currently, one car is not as original in processing technology and material selection.
Statement: I don't have a car, and I don't drive.
But from time to time, take a bus.

Views on the strange talk of friends
The following link may be helpful to you

I reiterate my personal opinion that high-end civilian headphones do not need to be burned.
The result is that each person's headphones are worn out to varying degrees.
If you think you are not convinced,
You can find the same type of headset memory spectrum response measurement that both think is open.
I think the results are definitely different from the response curves of each headset.
Instead of achieving a consistent Real Audio regeneration and restoration effect.

Fever, I think if it is fever, as long as you have an attitude to have
Understanding is right or wrong, but at least requires professionalism.


Gywolf:I think it is better to taste it slowly. I was dissatisfied with the sound quality when I first bought the s4.1 speaker, but after a while I felt much better, when I first bought koss35, I also thought it was called the bass, but after some time of use, I slowly heard the real sound of this ear plug.

Sea Tao:Haha !! Good. I agree with the landlord's opinion. However, fast food and ordering have their own advantages. Choose from each other.
I bought Fu koss35 yesterday. I didn't try it at the time. I thought I had to think about it for a long time and I just got it back. I was shocked when I got home: Why is the Bass so bad! At that time, I really wanted to cry.
Calm down and listen to the whole piece of wiway test disc, and then listen to 15 classic Gigi songs, then I listened to the first CD of Ma and the fourth section of the novel "Knight's line" (which takes about two hours) when I went to bed ). Now, you can listen to Dvorak from the New World & Czech suite. There is no such thing as yesterday's low-frequency buzz.
A friend of mine originally planned to buy a ten-meter headset. After listening to my koss35 today, I asked him to sell it to him thirty meters. I was dizzy. But we can see that. You know, he thinks 10 meters of headphones are amazing.

Glossary: (laodobaggio)
White Noise: indicates that the power of the frequency component in a piece of sound is uniform throughout the audible range (0Hz-20 kHz. As voice is sensitive to high frequencies, it sounds like a "Sand" sound. What the radio hears when there is no signal.
Pink Noise: is the most common noise in nature. The power of the pink noise frequency component is mainly distributed in the middle and low frequency segments. From the waveform perspective, pink noise is a fragment, and audio data has the same or similar energy within a certain range. From the power or energy point of view, the energy of Pink Noise constantly degrades from low frequency to high frequency. The curve is 1/F, usually drops by 3 dB every 8 degrees. Pink Noise is the most commonly used sound for acoustic testing. The waterfall or rain sound is pink noise.
brown noise: the power of the Brown noise frequency is mainly concentrated in the low frequency segment, and the energy descent curve is 1/F2, the waveforms are very similar. The sound of machines in the factory is brown.

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