Experience and summary of telecommuting at home (why I decide to work more at home)

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At parse.ly, we are proud to have a distributed development team. Our cto,andrew, also wrote a wonderful article on why a complete distributed team is feasible. Our Two-thirds team is in the United States, Canada, Europe and other fields. But we also have a "headquarters" in New York, which is where our business teams usually work.

It all started in New York under the "Sandy" hurricane. The outside town was disconnected from our office in Manhattan and the subway was shut down. This means that all employees in New York have to work from home for a whole week. This article is not about the impact of this on the Parse.ly development team, but mainly about my experience and feelings from working in the office into Home Office.

When Andrew and I first started this company, for more than a year, we all worked at home or at a coffee shop. We can't afford to rent an office, no way, when we need to get together, we meet somewhere in the city, and the rest of the time is at home. In retrospect, it was inconceivable that we would have done so much in such a bad working environment. We don't even have a big apartment, we all rent with someone else.

When we need to meet, it's hard to find a place with WiFi to work. Many of the meetings were meant to be an efficient discussion, but the result was no wifi turned into inefficient brainstorming. 2009 did not have a lot of opportunities to work with other startups, and it was hard to find a place to start or meet like-minded people. This is to prove that although the office environment is very important, but not necessary. Parse.ly was founded in the worst of circumstances, and now I am proud of my achievements.

Both have obvious reasons for whether they should work from home. After the hurricane, I summed up a lot of positive and negative factors. However, one of the biggest realizations is that Home Office requires a good self-control.

The easiest way to keep your work discipline at home is to develop daily habits. Toms Baugis, a parse.ly engineer who lives in Berlin, said in an article published in Lifehacker that daily habits can improve the ability to work efficiently. I found he was talking about the crux of the matter.

A few days before the hurricane's Home Office week, I was almost as lazy as a weekend. When I have a free weekend, I usually get lazy and do things slowly. And those days I found myself at home can only do some trivial work, do not accomplish too many tasks. I quickly concluded that this is because the job requires form and I am not in the right state. I am still in the lazy weekend mode, not into the usual working mode. I quickly made some minor adjustments to help me get into the right rhythm. Take a shower before you start working, and then go out for a cup of coffee and write three things to do in the morning. This helps me get into the status of preparation and set the goals that I need to work on now.

One of the biggest complaints I've heard from many people who work from home is that there are too many distractions at home. TVs, refrigerators full of food, comfortable beds, video games, no direct work pressure (from co-workers and bosses), etc. Distractions are in every corner of the room, waiting for you to take the bait. If you can't control yourself, they must be winners.

Looking back on the days when I founded Parse.ly, I remember thinking of these distractions as a good thing. They become the tools I use to Pomodoro time management methods. I use a variety of pomodoro time management tools to help me achieve maximum productivity. Pomodoro time management means to divide large tasks into small pieces. I used to use this method when I was working at home, but then I found out I didn't need it anymore. Now back home, I found out why do not need to work, because there are things to disturb you. Pomodoro Time Management method can help you to use these interruptions, let you hug them. You can work for 30 minutes and then eat a sandwich for 5 minutes. Or work an hour, then play 15 minutes of computer games. In general, work and play are all in one place-it's amazing.

Because work requires a form, your body and brain will learn to think that this form is "at work". If you limit yourself to exploring different working environments, this may affect how you think about the problem. At home, you are fully in control of your site, you can change your environment at will, but also change the way the brain works. Working on desks, sofas, outdoors, cafes, and workplace choices can have a strong impact on your handling of the work at hand. I have found that the more rigid the working environment (for example, at a desk, office chair), the more I tend to do practical work, and to ponder over some questions that need to be explored, I will choose to be outdoors or on the couch.

Finally, I almost forgot that working from home means having more time. I spend almost 1.5 hours a day on my commute. Work at home saves 1.5 hours, and this 1.5 hours can do a lot of things, such as work, exercise, leisure and entertainment.

Working from home is a reason. I admit that I can't focus as much as I do in an office job. However, after a few days of adaptation, it was found that working from home was not only feasible, but also had many benefits. I made a plan and decided that I would have to work at home for a day or a week. Because there are meetings almost every day, I can't take more time. In the next month or two, I will continue to write more experience.

You are welcome to talk about your own tips and ideas for working at home. Machine learning algorithm and artificial intelligence

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