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Press "Win+w" to enter the WIN8 system's Setup Search interface (the touchscreen user can move from the right side of the screen to the middle and select search from the Super button menu), enter the keyword "firewall", the left immediately appear Windows Firewall, allow application through Windows Firewall, Check for related search results such as firewall status.

Keyboard users can also press the "win+x" key combination to open the Win8 Quick Link menu, turn on the Control panel-system and security-windows firewall, and quickly open the WIN8 system's own firewall settings interface.

Diagram: Select Windows Firewall from the Win8 Control Panel

Enter the WIN8 system with the firewall settings interface, we can see the current system firewall settings, such as the firewall is open, the current active network, notification status and so on.

Diagram: Win8 the main interface with its own firewall

The left pane of the Win8 firewall settings interface lists all firewall-related actions, such as "Allow applications or functions through Windows Firewall," "Change notification settings," "Enable or disable firewalls," "Restore Defaults," and "Advanced settings." Below we introduce separately.

Diagram: Win8 Firewall Setting the left pane action options

Allow applications or functions to pass through the WIN8 firewall

The WIN8 firewall supports detailed personalization for the application, allowing a user to independently allow a program to communicate through a firewall. Click "Allow application or function through Windows Firewall" on the left pane of the Firewall Settings window. Enter the "Allow Applications" interface, which lists the system's network applications and functions, where we can allow or block the communication status of an application or function in a private or public network by checking the checkbox.

If you need to add an application or feature that allows you to use the WIN8 firewall, click the "Change Settings" button in the upper-right corner, and then click the "Allow other apps" button in the lower-right corner to set the application or function that needs to be passed through the firewall.

After entering the Add application interface, we can manually select the application in the list of programs, such as some programs do not appear in the list, you can click the "Browse" button to manually select the address of the program.

Let's take a look at the custom settings for the Win8 firewall, where you can change the notification settings, turn on and off the firewall, and click on the "Next page".

Change notification settings turn firewall on and off

Click the change notification settings in the left pane of the Win8 firewall settings and turn firewall on or off to open the custom settings interface for the WIN8 firewall.

Here the user can set different security rules for the private network and the public network respectively. There are two sets of "Enable Windows Firewall" and "Shut down Windows Firewall" in each network, and if you need to turn off the WIN8 firewall can be set here, but for system and network security, it is not recommended to shut down the firewall.

Under Windows Firewall enabled, there are two check boxes, one is "block all incoming connections, including programs in the list of allowed programs," and the other is "Notify me when Windows Firewall blocks new programs." When a user enters a less secure network environment, you can select the check box "block all incoming connections" to prohibit all external connections, even if Windows Firewall is set to "exceptional" services that are blocked and provide tight security for computers in a complex environment.

Below we look at the WIN8 firewall advanced settings, please click on the "next page."

WIN8 Firewall Advanced Settings

If you encounter some more complex situations, such as a multiplayer game online, you may need to open a special port for game applications, so that the firewall can allow game information to reach your computer, you need to enter the WIN8 firewall advanced settings. Click on the "Advanced settings" in the left pane of the Win8 firewall Settings screen, which may require you to provide an administrator password or confirm your choice.

Options such as inbound rules, outbound rules, connection security rules, and monitoring are available in the left pane of the Advanced Secure Windows Firewall dialog box. WIN8 Firewall supports bidirectional protection, can filter outbound, inbound traffic, users can create firewall rules for various objects, determine whether to block or allow to pass.

When you configure a rule, users can choose from a variety of criteria such as application name, system service name, TCP port, UDP port, local IP address, remote IP address, configuration file, interface type (such as network adapter), user, user group, computer, Computer group, protocol, ICMP type, and so on , the function is very rich and powerful.

In addition, if you need to restore the default settings for the WIN8 firewall, click "Restore Defaults" in the left pane of the Win8 firewall settings interface, which is simple and convenient.

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