Five Zang and five-sound five Zang detoxification method (five-sound work)

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Five hearts: liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidney
Tone deaf: Shh!, ah, Hu, 呬, blow first is the lungs detoxification, hands over, aloft in the top of the head, lift the anus, inhale, issued "SI" this tone, attention is not from the throat of the sound, but from the chest inside out.

Come again is the spleen detoxification, hands in the place of your spleen, lift the anus, inhale, hair "HU" this tone

Liver detoxification, the hands of each other in your liver place, lift the anus, inhale, hair "XU" this tone,

Kidney detoxification, both hands in the place of your kidneys, lift the anus, inhale, send "AI" this tone

Finally, the blood detoxification, is the back of a wall, to the walls, hitting the part of the heart of the chest, but also lung Yu, and other places.

Do five zang detoxification, preferably in the air good, there are trees in place. Now is the spring, absorbing the vitality given by nature! Five Zang and five sounds how to preserve health

Chinese medicine doctor pay attention to look, smell, ask, cut, in which the smell not only refers to smell, also includes listening to sound. "Yellow Emperor Internal Sutra" put forward, call, laugh, Song, Cry, groan for five, respectively corresponding to the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidney this five zang, listen to five voices, you can probably understand the situation of five zang, can say five is the window of organ health.

Angry love shout irascibility Wang. Liver, in the Chi for anger, in the voice for the call. If a person is always angry, but also yelling, may be the liver out of the problem, is generally irascibility too sheng, can be appropriate to eat some help fire cold food, chrysanthemum tea, shepherd's purse, loofah are conducive to shu liver detoxification. The usual habit of "changxuduantan" people, may be liver-Qi knot, bupleurum, mint, sage can shu liver Yu, anti-gas knot. The "six-word tactic" mentioned in the health-preserving law, often hair "hush" pronunciation, to irascibility Wang, liver deficiency, eye diseases have health effects. Immediately will be angry people read a few times to hiss, also helps to adjust their emotions, to maintain peace of mind, so as not to anger hurt the liver.

Laughter is more than a heart. Heart, in the Chi for joy, in the sound for laughter. People will love to laugh, laughter sounds very hearty, moderate laughter can dredge heart. If a person often laughs with unexplained laughter, it is possible that there is a problem with the heart. At the same time, excessive, excessive laughter will be consumed with grief. If you laugh a little more, say a bit more, you feel flustered, gas is not enough, more for the heart of QI, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. The key is to learn to slow down the life, working time is particularly tense, work will deliberately slow down the rhythm. Sibu, Longan, Lotus seed, Lily, black fungus, all can benefit Qi Xin Yang Yang Yin. Six words, often read "ah" pronunciation can fill the heart, on the treatment of palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness is also good. Mood fluctuations, moody can eat some hawthorn dry, sour things have convergence effect, can stop the heart qi too lax, protect the hearts, but also can ease the liver stagnation, let mood calm down.

Singing does not have the spleen deficiency. The spleen, in the Chi for thinking, in the voice for the song. Therefore, if a person sings loudly, the spleen should be more healthy. Conversely, if a person is sick with the spleen and stomach, sing a song will be low voice, no confidence. In life, the irregular diet will upset the temper. The key period of nourishing the spleen in the long summer (beginning of July ~ August), combined with spleen, Qushu, wet and other methods to adjust, you can eat some mung beans, lotus seeds, Loofah, tangerine peel, duck meat, crucian carp and so on. Six words, often read "call" pronunciation can cultivate temper, spleen deficiency, bloating, spleen and stomach discord, loss of appetite are beneficial.

I'm not crying. Lung is weak. Lungs, in the Chi for sorrow, in the sound for crying. Like the spleen, if a person cries loudly, it means that the lungs are strong. On the contrary, if the voice is always very small crying, it may be the weakness of lung gas performance, "The Dream of Red Mansions" in the Lin Daiyu. In addition, even if the cry can vent mood, but still do not often cry, cry ti Cross will hurt Lung qi, cry is sweating will move the gas, even tears itself will move liver-qi. The first job of raising lung is to keep the mood cheerful, not like Lin Daiyu as sad and sad desolately. In addition, every morning and evening chew the walnut kernel, 2 pieces of ginger, can also raise lung qi. Six words in the tactic, often read "four" pronunciation can help the external sentimental wind, fever cough, shortness of breath and shortness of the symptoms of treatment.

Always whined kidney bad. Kidney, in Zhi for fear, in the sound for groan. If a person always whining, may be a kidney problem, because the vitality of the kidney, the overall health of the people will not be too good. However, when people moan in extreme pain or happiness, they are the manifestation of the body's vitality. Kidney to pay attention to the maintenance of the waist, a long sitting injury meat, office workers to activities, stretching, rubbing waist back, all help to raise the kidney. Kidney-Nourishing food has mutton, leek, longan, Yam and so on. Six words, often read "blowing" pronunciation can alleviate the weakness of the legs and legs, hot flashes of night sweats, dizziness and tinnitus, impotence, such as premature ejaculation symptoms.

Five Zang Detoxification method (five sound work) Preface:in jade Jiao Dragon there see this work method, so on the Internet to find this information hope for the people who need to help. Pingyin Secret Yang Gong (five voices)

Wang Hongde Lectures

The right Pingyin secret Yang Gong, also known as the "Five sound health" or simply "five sound". Yes, one, two, three, four, Hi, five. Five characters of five sound as the leading, five words na to five zang, Guan Dual transport, dynamic and softness, the merits of a set of health and maintenance of Kung Fu. The vegetarian question. Angry Babel theory: "Yin Ping Yang Secret, Spirit is governance." Yin Qi Smooth, Yang Qi, is the body's life activity state in the best state of health.

This work through the body guidance, pranayama spit, sound God emotional magic, internal and external repair and other methods organically combined, play to regulate and balance the body yin and Yang Qi machine, the effect is peculiar. The origins of the work law trace back to more than 1400 years ago, by the Sui Dynasty Buddhist Tiantai Zong Sage Master, is the roof of the ICH on behalf of the Buddhist Body Health magic weapon, but also the roof tantra diligently this one. Another in its "Enlightenment stop View" of the six words used in Buddhist meditation method,<< Enlightenment View >> the Nineth Law chapter "thought, with six kinds of gas cure." That is to think and call the six-Qi cure. What is six kinds of gas, one blow, two call, three Hee, four Ah, five Hush, six 呬. This six kinds of interest is in the lip mouth, want to heart convenient, turn side and sit, cotton micro and use. Ode Yue: Heart attached ah kidney belongs to blow, the spleen breathes lungs 呬 holy all know, the liver is hot to hiss word cure, Sanjiao backwater place but say hee. can cure all diseases. And this work together as a move a static magic cure the Dharma. Another "Yellow Emperor Internal Sutra" records five Zang Na, can adjust the body according to the change of sound, in the acupuncture point of access to the "lesions in the voice, take the Sutra" theory, but in modern Chinese medicine, but has long been lost, only to smell its name. In modern times, Mr. Jiang Weiqiao advocated in the meditation of the six words of the tactic received very good results, as well as the horse auditorium of the six words and guidance of health-preserving surgery together, but also by the Community's wide recognition.

Five sound health, through the five pronunciation can produce energy sonic, dredge and enhance organs qi, nourishing vitality, through the whole body meridians, adjust the bodies of Jin blood essence, meteorological return Yin Ping Yang secret power.

The five-sound work, originally a accepting of the religious interior, is a method of adding and holding lines. The religious meditation is considered to be the present of the law community. So solemn and incomparable, before the practice to put Xiangan, Buddha, Guru like, Crystal Ball, Tong Ling Jade, but also to flower traders, fruit, rice, salt, sugar, gold and silver jewelry, as well as incense, Buddha, please Buddha, for the Buddha. Then seal, hold the curse, please the Dharma Master, the power of the line, first to repair the Buddha "that mo om ah hum".

We have here and do the suggestive discussion, if according to the religious practice, it is necessary to scrupulously abide by the law of Buddhism. The "Ah" in the five Voices is the total mantra in the Buddhist mantra, the highest and greatest spell symbol, capable of all demons and karma. Read ' Ah ' when you see the Buddha from the door down into my body, Buddha shines, sitting on my lotus, the whole body according to the GTL thorough, I with the Buddha body, while the body of the gray gas drive out of the body, into the underground infinite depths. If so, the effect is really better.

Among the students who practise health, there are also those who do not believe in Buddhism. Read "Ah" the idea of the word, you can do "there is a round and huge fireball like the sun from the sky, from the top of the door into the body, along the middle vein landing under the Hara."

According to Buddhist theory, without the ascendant of the division, unauthorized role, as the theft of law. In the Buddhist Tantric Sutra: "Recite this curse 37 times, that is, when all the mandala is done." Chanting spells are printed in various ways, such as body prints. If you make fingerprints, recite the mantra method, easy to get into the test. If he has not entered the altar, he shall not make all fingerprints. If a man recite this curse, he will enter the altar in the same way, and it shall not be stolen. "The great Tibetan secret wants to cloud:" According to the teaching said. All the mantra prints. Must be studied. If not into the empowerment of the altar, the act of fingerprints, stolen legal crime. Do not, if the Tathagata before the statue, chanting this mantra 21 times, that is, to see the Buddha, that is, the same into all the mandala, all the law, have been achieved. "Therefore, before I passed the law, I have already told the Buddha, and do the great empowerment method of Blessing Hui, so that all the people can hear the sound of touch, everyone can practice." Not according to religious rules, but also respecting teachers the stereotypes of heavy law.

I took the succession of the First Division of the practice of the master experience, made the appropriate changes, remove its internal heavy-weight religious part, and easy to repair, suitable for the public, so I specially designed this set to regulate the transformation of the life of the project of the health of the law. Work method to the meaning of the gas, to form the guide gas, with sound, QI, sound gas, the divine intention, the air sound phase transport, is specifically to regulate the body yin and yang, Cheong Qi and blood, reinforcing the actual situation of the organs, to attack the organs disease, so that the small five-shaped human body and the world of five-shaped corresponding to Therefore, it can also be called the "small five-dimensional tonic method." ”

The action is simple, targeted and powerful, the treatment of internal medicine, bone hyperplasia, neurasthenia, gynecological, endocrine dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases have good curative effect. In the excitation element true, the adjustment of the whole body of the gas machine has incredible effect. In the acquisition of this work, the need to always do shape and soft-cut, heart-dependent. When you are thinking of practicing, you have a wonderful sense of the inside and outside of your body.


Natural standing, the legs of the outside and shoulder width, legs slightly bent, the hands naturally droop in the two body side, the tongue to the palate, visual front, the whole body relaxed, natural pranayama for several minutes.

This type is also called infinite type, a word pile, stand well after, the whole body to relax. While the nasal breath pranayama, while the heart read "I am in the body, the head of the sky, foot, and the world of everything into one", adjust the ego, such as hanging overhead, heel into the ground, the world to me as the medium. Slowly will quickly forget everything, a read into the deep work state, six vibration. The whole body should be like floating, feeling sink non-sink, to empty the wonderful sleep. If the moment does not reach, can take time to specialize, for the future fast access to the functional state lay the foundation.

starting : Right foot slightly outward, to two feet inside and shoulder width.

The first section of the epoch

action: nasal inhalation, hands from both sides of the body gently lifted, as if the floating wood rising, flat shoulder into a font, and then turn the palm, palms face up, exhale, hands up to the top of the head, two arms straight, fist, inhale two arms with the dark force on the lead, and outward to the fist, following the loose fist change palm, palm facing two side; At the same time mouth spit "ah" pronunciation, a mouthful of breath, restore into a form.

Read "Ah (ā)" pronunciation tactic, think "a round and huge sun-like fireball from the sky, into the body, landed under the Hara, if there is Buddha down in my body, Buddha shine, sit on my lotus, the whole body according to GTL thorough, warm and carefree." At the same time, the body's gray gas drive out of the body, into the underground infinite depths. Can be repeated three-nine times.

efficacy:The voice of "Ah", the centring, the heart disease, including the hearts and all the diseases of the mind.

Gong Li : Heart refers to the heart, in the thoracic cavity, diaphragm above, there is pericardium defenders outside. But the heart not only refers to the heart, but also the mind, the mind refers to the human mind, mental, conscious, conscious, subconscious. According to the Buddhist theory, the heart makes everything, and all diseases are also intentional. So the cure should be cut into the heart. The Buddhist "miscellaneous" book 36th also said: "The emperor said Gatha asked Buddha: Who holds the world?" Who 拘牵 the world? What is a law that is made in the world? Gatha replied: "The heart holds the world, the heart of the world, its heart for a law, can be made to the world." ”

TCM thought that the heart is the Lord of God, the pulse of the pope, plays the role of the dominant life activities, therefore, "vegetarian asked the secret code of the spirit of the monarch" called the "crown."

The physiological function of the heart mainly has two aspects: one is the main blood, the second is the master consciousness, and with the tongue, the face and so on have the connection. The heart and the small intestine are each other.

The main blood of the heart, including the main and main veins two aspects. All the blood in the body runs in the veins, relying on the beating of the heart and conveying it to the whole body, exerting its role of nourishing. The normal beating of the heart is mainly dependent on the QI. Strong QI, in order to maintain blood in the veins of normal operation, endless flow, nutrition throughout the body. Lack of heart Qi can cause many lesions in the cardiovascular system.

The mind master is conscious. In the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, God has a broad and narrow point. The generalized God refers to the external manifestation of the whole human life activity. The narrow sense of God, that is, the mind of the Lord's consciousness, that is, human spirit, awareness, thinking activities. In the theory of Tibetan image of TCM, People's spirit, consciousness and thinking activities are not only attributed to five Zang, but also mainly belong to the physiological function of the heart. "Vegetarian Q-ling orchid secret Code Theory" said: "The heart, the monarch, the gods out of Yan," "Vegetarian asked the evil guest," said: "The heart, organs of the Great Lord also, the spirit of the House also." The physiological function of the heart God is normal, then the consciousness is clear, the mind is quick, the spirit is abundant; there is a pathological change in the mind, which can affect the mental consciousness, the abnormal performance of the mind, visible insomnia, many dreams, mental restless, very delirium, or see slow reaction, forgetfulness, depression, and so on clinical manifestations of coma.

In the face, it refers to the physiological function of the heart is normal, as well as the rise and fall of Qi and blood, can be revealed from the change of facial color. If the gas is exuberant, the blood is full, then the face ruddy luster, the QI is insufficient, then can be seen pale, dark stagnation. The heart is enlightened in the tongue. The tongue is the seedling of the heart. The function of the tongue is the main division of taste, expression language. And the function of taste is normal and the correct expression of language, it depends on the heart of the main blood and heart of the normal consciousness function. The function is normal, the tongue is ruddy, the tongue is soft, the language is clear, the taste is sensitive. The mind function abnormality, see tongue Qiang, or aphasia and so on.

This section of the Act, the shape of the action to double palm has two side slowly lifted, to the heart through the middle finger leading hand three yin Samyang through the air to do lifting and closing, to nasal polyps spit "ah" word tactic, surrender the day after tomorrow led to Nadis Celestial globe, Interior meteorological to God House.

section II, Crane Head review :

Action: The nasal inhale, hands from both sides of the body gently lifted, with the shoulder phase flat, to the chest around, arms, the left hand, the right hand outside (lesbian opposite ' right hand, left hand outside), visual front; turn right at the same time, mouth spit "boo" pronunciation, two legs do not move, Visually, over the right elbow tip, stop for about 3 seconds, inhale the nose, restore the body to the front, and then turn left. So repeated, left and right to do three times, the body to restore the front.

receiving: The two arms from the chest, separate, upward outward circle, hands from both sides of the natural whereabouts of the body, Qi Shen Hara, restore the style, static breathing for a moment.

idea: when the nasal inhalation, the idea of Cyan Qi, into the body, exhaled hair "hush (xū)" pronunciation, you can view the black gray, dark red gas spit out, the focus of the stress on the rib site, the rib for the liver and gallbladder meridians (phase Gate, Zhangmen) intersection. At the same time can be observed in the foot of the Yin and yang gall bladder meridian , from the outside of the toes, the ribs, the outside of the arm, the neck of the wind and the side of the face parts; heel to the back of the neck of both sides of the bladder through the tighten swollen weather changes.

efficacy:"Hush" pronunciation, return to the Liver meridian, the effect of soothing liver gall bladder. Dredging liver stagnation, liver-qi. Applicable to liver-qi stagnation of the chest tightness, two threatening pain or channeling, chest tightness not shu, or nausea and vomiting, belching swallow acid, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and diarrhea, the whole body channeling pain and other diseases.

Gong Li : Chinese Medicine believes that the liver is located in the abdominal cavity, under the diaphragm, right under the threat, hepatobiliary not only the anatomical parts of the adjacent, the liver meridian and bile through each other, and both in the physiological and pathological relationship between the two, that is, "liver and gallbladder phase table."

The function of the liver is to secrete bile, the main drain, the main Tibetan blood, the gallbladder is responsible for the storage and excretion of bile. Bile from the liver of the essence of the Metaplasia, pooled in the gall bladder, in order to help the digestion of diet, bile metaplasia, excretion by the liver of the drainage function to regulate.

In pathology, the imbalance of qi and blood yin and yang is manifested as liver-qi stagnation and deficiency of yin blood. and the liver Qi machine stagnation and the actual situation of the fire will affect the gallbladder on the storage and excretion of bile, so that the bile condenses into stone or refining juice into stone. At the same time, patients with cholelithiasis will be depressed because of illness, while emotional depression leads to poor liver drainage. Therefore, the liver and gallbladder of TCM are cause and effect in pathology, interacting with each other

Hepatic drainage, refers to the liver-Qi has unblocked, clear body air machine role, including promoting the operation of fine blood fluid transport, spleen and stomach of the air, secretion of bile excretion and emotional ease and other functions.

This section is heavy on the dredging of hepatobiliary gas. "Hush" pronunciation of the liver meridian, supplemented by guided limb movements can effectively germinal liver by nerve.

Here we also want to explain this. Through the practice of this set of work, the person who has reached a certain level will be aware of the five zang of the meteorological divisions, each with a spirit. The spiritual person can judge his own spiritual achievements according to the spirit of his soul-printing, and at the same time, it will lay the foundation of the higher-level practice, the first stage is the experience of meteorology, and the high-level cultivation is the cultivation of God-phase. "The Yellow Emperor Internal sutra" in the "vegetarian question." "Xuan Ming five Qi" also pointed out: the heart of the Tibetan God, lung, Tibetan soul, the spleen, Tibetan meaning, kidney Tibetan zhi "" This shows that the human body five zang among the gods! ”

The liver is the main emotion, the good movement, the easy rise, the gall bladder is the pure intestine, the Xi Qingning, the silence. We usually exercise choose at midnight (Night 11-1) work, because at the beginning of the world from the yin to Yang, the body of the bile through the first should be the day and move, hair growth yang Qi. If a person at this time work meditation environment, Yang Qi will be normal, for "nerve ascend all things ann, if people at this time to stay up (sleepy), then Yang Qi hair growth insufficiency, directly affect the vitality of viscera."

section III, the Sleeping Lion sighs :

Action: nasal inspiratory, hands in front of the body lifted, upward outward circle, both hands landed in front of the lower abdomen, and then, ten fingers Cross, at the same time, the right foot to set up a formal, two hands up, to the front of the palm, palms forward, and then mouth spit "o" pronunciation, while both hands with the dark strength. After inhaling, take palm in front, then mouth spit "warm" pronunciation; double palms push forward, so repeat 9 times.

Accept: Palm Front, lift up to the top of the head, will cross the hands of separate, from the body side natural whereabouts, Qi Shen Hara. At the same time, the right foot to move out, restore the style, static pranayama for a moment.

in the Sound of "O (āi) ", think of the pulse of the spleen and foot of the lunar, starting at the end of the Osashi, through the inside of the white meat, after the nuclear bone, on the low ankle, on the kick inside, after the query bone, before handing over the yin, the upper knee shares before the low, into the abdomen, belong to the spleen, the stomach, the diaphragm, pharynx , and even the tongue was scattered under the tongue. Import spit, Heart Read all of the heart of all the anger curse unlucky gray gas all spit, blast push double palm move forward, heart swastika abdomen comfortable incomparable.

Efficacy: Spit "o" word tactic, to the spleen meridian, there is adjustment of the spleen and stomach discord, sorrow gas knot, the efficacy of the spleen-benefiting Qi. According to personal circumstances, such as the abdominal swelling is often full, chest anger knot, you can do more than a few times, after each do feel the throat of the following depressed gas to eliminate the exhausted.

Gong Li: here is the spleen, not the spleen in the anatomy of Western medicine, but includes the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and other officers of the comprehensive function. In daily life because of too much toil, thinking too much cause not to think diet, the spleen and stomach weakened, eventually leading to a series of symptoms of deficiency of qi and blood, spleen disease.

Chinese Medicine says the spleen and stomach is not only for the acquired, the Sea of organs, the officer of thought. The hub of the gas machine is the main movement of the spleen, and governs the whole blood, regulates the blood circulation, so that it operates in the meridians and does not overflow in the function of the outside of the veins. At the same time, the spleen and stomach disorders are closely related to emotional diseases, and in turn, mental emotional factors can affect the spleen and stomach diseases. The spleen and stomach function is normal, biochemical qi and blood exuberant, the marrow sea is abundant, the thought is nimble, the learning memory ability is strong; otherwise, spleen deficiency transport, biochemical Qi deficiency, or the spleen and stomach junction abnormal, gas machine rise and fall abnormal, the influence of Qi and blood metaplasia, fine is not enough, learning and memory ability will inevitably decline. Therefore, TCM advocates that the spleen should be maintained throughout the year. The main two functions of the spleen in Western medicine are hematopoietic and immune.

The fourth quarter, the Lion wakes:

action: nasal inspiratory, right hand fist, on the right waist, fist heart upward, the left hand lift, change palm placed in front, palms facing forward;

Exhale, at the same time mouth spit "hi" pronunciation, left palm with dark strength forward, air sinking into the next hara. So inhale, take palm, exhale, push the palm, do three times altogether.

Then inhale, left palm to the top of the head, palms facing up, to lift the arm, legs do not move, turn to the right waist swivel, bend, arm pointing before the extension, from the left side of the outside to draw the arc to the right foot outside, to grasp the fist, lift to the left waist. Right fist change palm placed in front, exhale, at the same time mouth spit "hi" sound, the right palm with dark strength forward, air sinking into the next hara. So inhale, take palm, exhale, push the palm, do three times altogether.

Then inhale, the right palm up to the top of the head, palms facing up, to lift the arm, legs do not move, turn left waist swivel, bend, arm pointing before the extension, from the left side of the outside to draw the arc to the right foot outside, to grasp the fist, lift to the left waist.

Left and right repeatedly do three times.

Mind : inhale, sucked into the white air filled the chest, exhale read "Hi (hēi)", the view wants to spit dark gray qi, refers to lung hand lunar meridians, from childhood abdomen, walk middle energizer chest, through the arm side, from the end of Osashi. And true gas from the tongue, through the middle Hara sank into the next hara.

effect: spit "HI" sound, return to lung meridian. With Lung Qi, and Zong Qi, strong real gas effect.

Gong Li : Let's get familiar with the understanding of lung function in Chinese Traditional medicine and Dan Tao. The lungs have two physiological functions: main gas and main channel. The lungs of the main body of Qi, refers to the lungs have presided over, regulate the qi of the whole body function. One breath calls "one interest", life lies in the breathing room. Its specific embodiment in the following three aspects:

1. Breath Breathing Qi, also known as "lung Division breathing", refers to the lungs have the function of the host respiratory movement. Lung is the main organ of human respiration, and it is the place of exchange of gas outside the body. Through the respiratory movement of the lungs, inhale the natural refreshing, exhale the turbid gas in the body, so constantly rehan transpire, maintain the normal life activities of the human body. We try to practice in the fresh air and avoid taking deep breaths in areas where the air is cloudy.

2. Generation of the Zong Qi.
Zong Qi is a part of human Qi, it is from the spleen through the digestion of food, absorption of the subtle substances in the chest, and lung inhalation of the white light of the atmosphere of the combination of each other. After the formation of the Zong Qi, and then through the lungs of the mission and the heart of the blood function and scattered in the body, in order to warm up the various viscera and tissues, maintain its normal physiological function. As the natural gas is a necessary condition for the generation of the QI, it relies on the respiratory function of the lungs to inhale, so the normal respiratory function of lung division directly affects the generation of human body QI, and also affects the formation of the body gas. The breath of fresh air and Zong Qi constitute the source of the sun we nurture.

3. Adjustment of the gas machine.
The qi of human body is running endlessly, depends on and the lungs of one opening and descending. Directly affect the whole body of the air-motor movement, and lung respiration also reflects the rise and fall, and the length of the breath, thickness, slow-promoting phase of the body's QI has an important impact on the movement. Therefore, the operation of the whole body of the air is smooth or not, with the lung Qi Xuan and the lungs of respiratory function are closely related. such as lung gas respiration function and form normal, then the qi of the internal organs and meridians of the whole body with the movement of lung Qi and normal lift and exit. It can be seen that the lungs play an important role in regulating the movements of the body gas. The phase of the observation is cut by the respiration phase of the sight nose.

Lung also has the main channel, auxiliary Heart Line Blood, "Yellow Emperor Internal Sutra" in "lung toward hundred veins" theory, "toward" is "converging" meaning, the whole blood is converging in the lungs, is the lung auxiliary heart Blood Structure Foundation. The warm and movement of gas promote and regulate the function of the body's water and liquid transport and excretion. Determines the functional health relationship of the heart, kidneys, hepatobiliary, and the appearance of the fur. Life is between a breath, if the breath stops, the human life ends. A breathing pattern that can reflect a person's health status. Therefore, we practice beginners, we must pay great attention to the importance of pranayama in practicing qigong. As for the Qigong pranayama phase, we have another special explanation.

Section Fifth, the observation of kidney Yu:

action: Two eyes micro-closed, hands from both sides of the body gently lifted, the jaws of the hips, four fingers close together in front of the thumb in the back, click the Kidney Shu acupoint. Inhale slowly with the nose, at the same time, the abdomen to lift the yin to shrink the anus, the gas inhale the chest, after the gas is full, the second mouth spit "hey" pronunciation, outward exhalation, exhale, the idea of guiding gas sedimentation in the lower abdomen, and from the band Pulse irrigation to the kidney Shu cave; inhale.

Mind : when inhaling, the view wants to suck into the world between the black of light gas full in the chest, exhale "hey (hāi)" Word, think of this gas through the hara, sedimentation to the lower pubic, and then separate, through the band vein, penetrating into the kidney Shu points on both sides.

efficacy:"hey" pronunciation, kidney meridian, there is a kidney-yang, to treat all the acquired kidney Qi deficiency disease effect.

Gong li: kidney is located at the waist, so "Yellow Emperor internal Sutra" said "waist for the kidney House". Kidney essence, sperm energy, blood, kidney and the human body is true yin, Zhenyang the fundamental, so the kidney and sperm, qi, blood, Yin, Yang and other important life substances are closely related (about fine, qi, blood, Yin, Yang, five elements, organs, etc. see the theory of Qigong and other notes). Due to the kidney essence of the parents, from the innate, is the human body and nourish the new life of the original substance, so that the kidney as the human "innate". Kidney Acupoint is the opening and closing of the kidney qi cavity. We often start from this point in our own life repair or healing.

In the kidney-related health and convenience, kidney main growth and development, such as middle-aged to old age, kidney essence is declining, the function of organs is declining, there are hair off, tooth drop, back camel, deafness headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, unresponsive, such as the phenomenon of aging, reproductive function is gradually lost. A series of pathological manifestations, such as stunting of children, low intelligence and soft bones, are syndrome of kidney Qi deficiency.

Kidney main qi, kidney Yang qi Weak, gasification action is abnormal, can appear urine more, enuresis, urinary incontinence and other symptoms of transpiration, can also produce urine less, urinary closure, edema isothermal to promote abnormal lesions. If the kidney is weak, the gas function decreases, inhalation of gas can not be stored in the kidneys, there will be a lot of breath, shortness of breath, the movement is asthma and other pathological changes of the renal qi.

"Hey" word tactic, with a strong Yuanyang of the function of the acquired. Kidney Qi, also divide kidney yin and kidney yang. Between the two, both constraints, and interdependence, to maintain the normal function of the kidney plays an important role. Kidney Yin is also called "Yuan Yin", "true Yin", to be able to moisten the yin of various viscera, for a yin liquid of this, such as saliva in the mouth, men's sperm, women's menstruation and ovulation, for cultivation, are treasure, is medicine, is the big medicine of alchemy; The kidney Yang is called "Yuanyang", "Zhenyang", can warm each viscera yang, for a Yang Qi. Because Kidney yin Kidney yang is the basic body of yin and yang, so the kidney yin deficiency can cause other related viscera of yin deficiency, kidney yang can lead to other related viscera of Yang deficiency. From the clinical point of view, kidney yin deficiency mainly caused liver yin deficiency, heart yin deficiency and lung yin deficiency, the main cause of kidney Yang deficiency is spleen Yang deficiency and heart Yang deficiency. Conversely, Yin Jing and yang Qi in the kidneys also depend on the breeding and cultivation of other zang-fu organs, so as to keep the filling and not decay. Therefore, other viscera of Yin Jing or Yang qi deficiency, the day will also be involved in the kidney, or wear the kidney in the Yin Jing or Yang Qi, or so that the kidney is not hidden and the essence of the loss, resulting in kidney Qi Yin and yang losses, which is "five zang injury, poor will and kidney" truth. Mend your body to make a kidney.

If middle-aged often practice this method, have impotence kidney, delay or eliminate menopause syndrome, have longevity, anti-aging effect.

Sixth Quarter Unity of Heaven and Man

action: Physical and mental relaxation, natural standing, hands from the body side to chest lift, hands, into the worship style. Two eyes micro-closed, mandibular micro-receiving, tongue to the palate, natural breathing, to recite the mantra from beginning to finish "that Mo om ah hum."

idea: with one breath of his own, the whole body of the pores are also open a close. Inhale, open pores, the universe in the Great Dojo health information into the body, at the same time feel the body outside Kinggaw into their own body, as if into the Buddha shines, round ethereal wonderful, the beautiful realm of Heaven and man, in the light of the body also become clear bright; exhale, the pores of the body, The inhalation of health information into the body, you will feel the essence of qi, blood unimpeded ' disease gas is discharged outside the body. This takes about 5-30 minutes.

Efficacy: This section of the Pingyin is the essence of the secret Yang, and includes the normal University of grief corresponding heart, mining Reiki Dafa and Buddha shining round the empty pulp method, Fu Hui open the Big Empowerment method, which theory for the secret Menciu holding Mitsuyoshi, can be scattered in all the works of the law, here is not detailed. As long as mastered properly, can be in the short-term six vibration, six awareness, practitioners appear body sense and predictive function, the perception of high can directly produce a strong mind through the perspective and cosmic language, spontaneous changes in the fingerprint, his upper body and so on.


1. The scene of the unity of man and nature is a stage of refining the body and refining the spirit to reach the God.

2. Read the mantra "which mo ah hum" should be careful to understand the whole body gas machine, whether that part has a strong feeling or vibration, whether that part has heavy, tight, swelling, hemp, wood, pain, itching, cold, heat, sink, float and other feelings.

3. Heart and soul must relax, to understand the whole body of pores is really open, such as opening and closing degree is not enough, can again relax, mind full of Reiki become big, when the Kinggaw from all sides in the body, the internal view of what is abnormal inside. To take the health information collected back organs, and then carefully from head to foot within three times, such as which part has not through, not bright, can be the idea of God light or please add diligently to shine. If there is a local smart, gas machine Gudang, flesh vibration, everything can be natural. A lot of people at this time, will appear smart phenomenon, smart is the gas machine intersection caused, air convergence, will spontaneously adjust the body's gas machine Cheong, gas field round melt, magic.

Harvest: Open your eyes, rub hot hands, dry face, with the tiger Claw sparse Yu Head, pat the shoulder and legs, stamp stomp, walk for a few minutes, on completion of the work of a cultivation.

Five Zang and five-sound five Zang detoxification method (five-sound work)

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