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Few users do not need to share the Internet when installing ADSL Broadband. There are mainly the following ways for ADSL to share the Internet: refer to other articles on this site for Specific Lan construction methods)

Ethernet ADSL sharing with routing

Adsl modem with Ethernet interfaces generally has built-in PPPoe virtual dialing software, which provides routing and firewall functions. As long as you connect to a switch or hub, you can easily build LAN multi-host internet access without a server. The following describes how to share the Tianyi HASB-100A.

Enter In the IE Address Bar, press enter, and enter the username: admin and password epicrouter To Go To The setting page.

Select "PPPoE LLC" in "encapsulation ".

Fill in the "PPP" field with the user name and password for dial-up Internet access. In "DNS" Settings, select "Auto Discovery + User Configured" for "DNS proxy selection", and fill in the DNS server address.

After you submit "Save settings and restart", the adsl modem automatically restarts the dial-up.

Connect the LAN port of the adsl modem with the UP-LINK port of the hub or switch, and connect other computers to the common port of the hub or switch through the NIC. The ADSL Router is generally integrated with the DHCP server, automatic IP Address Allocation is supported, so you only need to set the client Nic to automatic IP Address allocation. You can connect to the Internet with the ADSL cat shared by multiple machines.

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