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The route of web Automation testing is this: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->webdriver API---> Development Automation Test Project.

The route of the mobile automation test is longer: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->android/ios development test base---->appium API-----> Develop Mobile Automation Project.


Appium test environment is relatively cumbersome to build, I believe that a lot of scholars have not started learning has died in the environment to build. So, first of all, I will introduce the whole process of setting up the environment.

1, on the one hand installed more things, on the other hand by "wall" interference to make this process more trouble.

2, I have some steps in this process is not necessary to do so, I temporarily do not know why, but then I do you must build up the environment.

3, my environment for Win7 64, the installation process is only applicable to my environment.

The first section installs the Appium

Appium Official website:

Easy to setup process, run a test now.

> Brew Install node # get Node.js

> NPM install-g appium # get Appium

> NPM Install WD # get Appium Client

> Appium & # Start Appium

> Node Your-appium-test.js

The official home page gives the Appium installation steps.

So, we need to install Node.js first. Node.js Official website:

Select the appropriate version of your operating system to download. Here I install with Windows 7 (64) as an example, and select the Windows Installer (. msi) 64-bit version for downloading.

Download complete, double-click to install, as shown below.

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