Project manager qualification process

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I, Project Manager Possess the following ideological qualities:

1. Be healthy, energetic, honest, honest, adhere to principles, and be fair;

2. Proactive, innovative, rigorous, realistic, and enthusiastic;

3. Hard work, loyal to duty, honest and honest, good at criticism and self-criticism;

4. Good professional ethics and team spirit, law-abiding, dedicated and conscientious.

2. Basic capabilities of the Project Manager

1. participate in the Project Bidding and contract signing process more than twice. Be able to meet the project management requirements to be implemented, and master the project standardization management system architecture;

2. Familiar with national laws, regulations and policies on project management, familiar with local regulations, policies, systems and requirements on project management, and familiar with all basic internal management of the enterprise.ProgramAnd rules and regulations; have comprehensive capabilities such as professional technology, management, and economic knowledge that adapt to the scale of the project.

3. Strong security awareness, Cost Awareness, quality awareness, and corresponding project management experience and performance, and a keen emergency response capability for handling incidents;

4. Strong language skills, text processing skills, negotiation skills; Organizational Leadership and project team building; ability to process internal and external interpersonal and public relations;

5. Have a level 3 or above project manager qualification certificate or a Level 2 or above registered Construction Engineer Qualification Certificate, and have received special training or re-education from the project manager;

3. Project Manager Selection procedure:

1) pre-audit

Submit your resume and detailed written documents of the project to the Department of Administrative Affairs within three working days from the date of the company's document announcement for internal evaluation in the first round, the review takes one business day;

2) Project Evaluation

After receiving the corresponding notification, the personnel who pass the preliminary review will be responsible for the second round of project evaluation by the production department. The main content of the project evaluation is to conduct a two-day independent assessment of the project to be started, including project analysis and planning, project budget, project staffing, and project duration budget;

3) Result Analysis

All the materials and questions of the project evaluation personnel should be reviewed by the production department and the shareholders' meeting. Two Candidate project managers should be selected for the on-site debate and the project contract quotation and construction process should be finally modified, the company's review criteria are those closest to the company's financial budget standards, and those with reasonable schedules are eventually selected as project managers.

4) publish results

5) sign the project target responsibility letter


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